Maine, the northeasternmost U.S. state, is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history and nature areas like the granite and spruce islands of Acadia National Park. Moose are plentiful in Baxter State Park, home to Mt. Katahdin, endpoint of the Appalachian Trail. Lighthouses such as the candy-striped beacon at West Quoddy Head, dot the coast, as do lobster shacks and sandy beaches like Ogunquit and Old Orchard.

Capital : Augusta

Abbreviation : ME

Population : 1.338 million (2018)

Governor : Janet Mills - D

Points of interest : Acadia National Park - Mount Katahdin

People also search for Maine: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland, Connecticut

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Maine is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Maine is the 12th smallest by area, the 9th least populous, and the 38th most ... Visit
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Maine eyaleti, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin 50 eyaletinden biridir. Avrupa'dan gelen göçmenler ilk defa 1607 yılında buraya yerleştiler. 1652 yılında Maine ... Visit
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Maine ranks 32nd among the U.S. states and 3rd for crime & corrections, with the lowest incarceration rate. It also ranks well for health care at 19th. Visit
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