“Build what you wished existed.” @cindygallop Back in 2012 and in the years prior, I wished for 1. Open conversation about #perimenopause & #menopause that would reduce or eliminate the confusing and conflicting information—especially on the internet. 2. I also wished for a community where women could access quality information, women’s health professionals to support their journey and a place to feel less alone and more empowered to navigate midlife with confidence and ease. So I created MenopauseChicks.com & our private online community on Facebook #linkinbio Now, my wish list still includes the above + more open and accessible dialogue around all women’s midlife health questions—sexual health, brain health, bone health, heart health, mental and emotional health and more. And, [...]
Foto-Reihe : “Bluse auf Reisen” -Bluse auf Reisen in Köln- Der Sommer dieses Jahr ist wirklich wunderschön! Vielleicht genießen Sie ihn ja mit einer Reise – in einer unserer Blusen! Schicken Sie uns an unsere E-Mail Adresse : info@muellerundconsorten.de ihre MuellerundConsorten-Bluse auf Reisen, wir sind gespannt! öln #chick 📸Bernhard Lehn
We had a great morning at @leedsbuildingsociety in Stevenage, meeting Mary Petley, Branch Manager and Gill from @samaritanscharity. To celebrate Leeds Building Society’s birthday, they are kindly offering members of the public the chance to vote for the Hospice in a 2 week birthday campaign with a change of us winning £300! To cast your vote or for more information, please visit the Leeds Building Society Stevenage branch. #thankyou
The Advantages of Personalized Home Care Helps terminally ill patients receive health care within the privacy and comfort of their home. For our elderly persons who want to keep their dignity and safety at the same time, in-home care helps them function independently. Patients cope up well and quick with their illness when receiving care at their residences. The type of health care is tailored according to the health problem and other specific needs of the patient. The family can provide caregiving first hand. It’s a great relief to keep watch of the ill member most of the time.
From “The Love of a Cold, Wet Nose: Stories of a Hospice Dog. . . . Closed . The sign Was met With Disappointment . As I once again Missed my chance To get What I needed . That I must Wait again for the sign To change As I know it will . I chuckled as I Pondered the idea Of wearing A sign . An unmistakable Indication For all To see . “Open” Or “Closed” It would read . “Closed” may be Met With Disappointment . But just wait For the sign To Change . I Know It Will . For a free story from the book, click on the link @stuartstofferahn
I honestly cannot believe it’s been a month since I arrived to the city of dreams. It feels like a week although on the other side I feel like I’ve been here forever 😂 You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun ✨
The sign and artwork is up in Nashville! Only 10 DAYS until our Grand Opening and we could not be more eager to get products on the shelf! . . . Don’t miss our Grand Opening Party with Hemp Crust Pizza by @312pizzaco and Live Music by @alyssatrahan from 2-6 on July 28th! #wherestherelief
Day 1. I’ve finally decided it’s long past time to change my life. I’ve known this for a long time, but had every excuse in the book not to do it. But it’s holding me back and I’m sick of it. Let’s be weight loss pals and support each other!
💪let’s LOSE 12 POUNDS in 21 DAYS ??💪 👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆 . @a_new_k3n Everything about my life was contingent on my weight. Never enjoyed life and was in so much pain…I always kept a smile on my face…then in 2014 my dad passed away in front of my eyes and I ballooned to 341 pounds …he was 56. He passed from so many complications of his weight …that’s when I knew I was headed down the same path. Two years later I stand at 221 pounds after making the decision to change my life forever. . . . . #weightlossdiary .
Happy #humpday Just prepping for the farmer’s markets this weekend with one of our best workers 😉 And don’t forget, Tiffany will be at the Aspen Grove farmers market today from 10-2p! Come out and try a free sample! 7301 S. Santa Fe Dr. Littleton, CO 80120 .. .. ..
This is what happens when I become LOVE. . Since I am Patient and kind, I have the ability to tolerate weaknesses in others without readily expressing anger. I choose and pursue to be slow to anger because God Himself is slow to anger and abounding in love. I am not hot tempered or provoked when the situation is powerless, hopeless, stressful, painful, disrespectful, when I’m treated unfairly or when it’s someone else’s fault. . So when I become love, I AM NOT EASILY ANGERED . . . . . #1cor13 #wordsofwisdom
-4.1 lbs This weeekkkk!!!!! This was accomplished by sticking with my challenge! I caved and had 2 cookies, cheezeitz,salami and a soda Monday night but I did not let that hiccup ruin my week. I started my challenge over Monday and Still lost 4lbs! YAY!!!!! The most important change I think I’ve made is staying on track on the weekend by packing my own food wherever I go. That has helped me stay on track.
When you finally stop trying to get people to understand who you are is when you finally respect yourself. I am everything I have ever wanted to be. I have a father who taught me to be strong yet loving. A mother who taught me to work hard but always find time for the things you love. My parents are the reason I am who I am today. Their love and support for my bodybuilding and career is more than enough encouragement. I thank them every single day for the way they raised me. 🙏🙏🙏 I am my mother’s warrior and my fathers little girl. Together they made me a woman with an extreme amount of drive and dedication…. I [...]
Nelson Mandela wrote this very letter to Amnesty in 1962. “I must ask you to accept this note as a very firm, warm and hearty handshake from me.” As we mark #mandela100, his words continue to inspire millions of activists around the 🌍 with hope. ✍🏾🕯 #repost @ amnesty
#ajoi is part of the pauvertt and social exclusion committee of the @tabledequartiersud. Un aspect des réalités rencontrées sur le territoire est la sécurité alimentaire. This campaign aims to shed a light on one of the many hidden realities of the West Island. #makingadifference
MITOS RELACIONADOS CON EL VERANO…🌞. 1️⃣ Mito 1: Las bebidas frías son indigestas❄️… El cuerpo necesita ese aporte de frío para regular su temperatura, e hidratarse en verano siempre es una buena idea(Tampoco hay que excederse👀). 2️⃣ Mito 2: El helado es digestivo🍦…El helado🍨 tiene algunas cualidades nutricionales, pero facilitar la digestión no es una de ellas🙅🏻‍♀️. 3️⃣ Mito 3: El corte de digestión… “si nos metemos en agua fría después de comer, nuestra digestión se interrumpe”… NO❗️, la digestión no se interrumpe, a lo que se refieren es el hidrocución⬇️. Si nuestro cuerpo está muy caliente porque hemos estado horas tostándonos al sol, y nos metemos de golpe en agua fría la diferencia de temperaturas puede provocarnos un choque [...]
Nelson Mandela. Madiba. I only saw him speak twice and sadly I never met him but he continues to inspire me today on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Nelson Mandela was a leader that we could look up to, something sorely lacking in many places today. #100mandalas #mandela100
Pressure and Time! 💎 Thank you wonderful soulsisters for this morning. I had a great time and it was such a pleasure for me talking to you about pressure and time. And to see some definitions we have are similar others we even can learn from each other. . Where do you feel most pressured in? . 🔍Building up your business? 🔍Finding out what your business is? 🔍Looking for your ideal clients you want to work with? 🔍Receiving money? 🔍Spending money for your growth? . Love to read your thoughts 😊❤️ . . #love
Nelson Mandela faria hoje 100 anos. Deixamos aqui uma citação do histórico líder sul-africano: “Ninguém nasce a odiar outra pessoa pela cor da sua pele ou pela sua religião. Para odiar, as pessoas precisam de aprender, e se podem aprender a odiar, podem ser ensinadas a amar.” #mandela100 #mandeladay
GOOD MORNING, Squirrels! Ahhh HUMP DAY! . . I woke up today to an inbox filled with love and comments, like and shares. So beautiful to see people sharing their experiences with me and each other, cheering each other on and introducing one and another to other feeds as well as mine! 😃😃😃😃 . . This is what I want my feee to stand for, to help creat a safe space for sharing and celebration. For educating each other with facts and our perspectives. To have a sense of community that wants to inspire the world and to make a difference in the realm of human experience and Mental Health Issues! 😍😍😍 . . I can’t thank everyone enough! Let’s [...]
You know I work with UFC athletes, but did you know I work with the general population too? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You can hire me to be your personal nutritionist and I’m taking new clients NOW! Get a 💯 customized plan and support every step of the way. There’s only one you and your nutrition plan should reflect that! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you’re a fighter 👊🏻, contact me to learn how you can join the #lockhartandleith roster of fighters. We work with over 200 UFC athletes alone and are continually adding to our list of “worlds greatest’s”!
A 100 años de #nelsonmandela 🕊️🇿🇦 #repost @eluniversalmx • • • • • Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) es el gran protagonista de la Sudáfrica poscolonial🇿🇦, pero durante 27 largos años fue simplemente el preso número 466/64. ⚡A 100 años de su nacimiento, el triunfo del sudafricano privado de la libertad #nelsonmandela, #madiba, #mandela100, #mandeladay | Ilustración de @rosariolucash
‪”Aprendí que el coraje no era la ausencia de miedo, sino el triunfo sobre él. El valiente no es el que no siente miedo, sino el que vence ese temor” Nelson Mandela. : #100añosmandela‬ ‪Igualdad, justicia, libertad y paz… eso era Mandela, sigamos su ejemplo. #díademandela ‬ #NelsonMandela #mandela100
||you were not created to be alone|| • • • I am so blessed and thankful to walk through life with some of the most caring, selfless, sweetest, fun, and beautiful girls• • • • I can’t even begin to explain how my life has changed drastically through meeting these girls for the better. Having people there through the thick and the thin & to be there for me but also call me out when I’m out of line. Find those people who you can be real and vulnerable with• • • • Cannot wait to get the pictures back from this photo shoot!!!♥️♥️• • • • Ask… Is it Friday yet?? Haha this week seems much longer than most!• [...]
Just some greens to brighten up your morning 😍 . . . I get a lot of resistance about greens for #breakfast from clients/patients!?! But why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️ In fighting the chronic disease epidemic, we need to start thinking outside the cereal box ( #seewhatIdidthere 😉) Ever notice how different breakfast food is from lunch or dinner? 🤔 at least I speak for American culture… but I think breakfast is a perfect opportunity to load up on veggies to get your micronutrients and fiber in alongside your protein and healthy fat. Meanwhile in other parts of the world they continue to eat more traditional foods including fish, legumes, AND vegetables for breakfast. And yes dairy is a part of many [...]
happy birthday #nelsonmandela. You said a lot of profound things in your life, one of which was so relevant for me, today, right here. Thanks to you and a many courageous others, #allofus can enjoy the #freedom to sit on the beach and enjoy #sunsets in 100 #bekind
#repost @enlightenedcollective (@get_repost) ・・・ Tonight 7/18/18 @lia_the_sunstar will be sharing insights on how we can become more attuned to the most influential aspect of our humanity,Our Sexuality. Be sure to be there this Wednesday and every Wednesday for an enlightening, relevant and inspiring presentations and refreshing interactions based around one of the following 12 Channels Of Enlightenment. 1. Finding a Meaning For Your Life. 2. How to Take Action 3. Maximizing #health & #vitality 4. Harnessing #wealthy & Financial #success. 5. Mental Mastery. 6. Balancing Emotions. 7. Developing Intuition. 8. Overcoming Fear. 9. Embracing The Shadow Self. 10. Enlightened Sexuality. 11. Love & Relationships. 12. How to Serve The World with Your Gifts. ————————————————- Location: The Little 5 Points Community [...]
Mister Nelson Mandela na 27 JAAR !!! gevangenschap kwam u vrij en wandelde u de vrijheid en de geschiedenis in. 100 Jaar geleden werd u geboren maar u blijft een grote inspiratiebron! Verlicht onze harten, onze geest en ons verstand. Geef ons een beetje van uw moed, doorzettingsvermogen en inzichten, zodat wij in uw voetsporen – ieder van ons op zijn wijze – stappen kunnen zetten naar alle mogelijke vormen van vredevolle vrijheid voor onszelf en iedereen! Mister Mandela enlighten our souls, our hearts. Continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom 100 2018 #mandeladay100
These last few days have been so full of intensity that I had to step back and write a blog that helped me refocus on my home & family. I’ve been reading about Nesting through the summer, & really wanted to share my perspective as a mother who hasn’t had a new born in over 5 years. But here I am, Still Nesting. I encourage you mommas to give it a quick read and don’t be shy to send me your thoughts! I love and enjoy your feedback😊 💢GPS- click on “The Christian momma” link in my bio. . #home
Happy #humpday 🐫 Training is my “relaxing”; no time to waste!! ⌛️ My mental illness holds me back from performing as strongly & as much as I would like to… it is only in MY power that I try my best to push through it! 🙌🏼