I think when someone is in a deep state of concentration, they are at their prime and it is such a beautiful sight to witness. I notice this a lot with my toddler. When she’s very much in the ‘flow’ of her activities that’s when her beauty strikes me the most. When my husband is deeply in thought as he reads or writes, or playing piano, those are the moments I fall in love. People are meant to move and do things, and that’s when their beauty shines, imho. noretouch honest photography empower empowerment nomorebodyshaming bodypositive bodylove selfcare beautybeyondsize mybodymyrules effyourbodystandards allbodiesaregoodbodies nojudgementzone celebratemysize femmeography healingart youareenough takeupspace selflove beyourself inspiration music dance movement selfdiscovery journey justbe bodyappreciation 📸 Nikkita | Seattle, WA 2014

Map: Seattle, Washington