These are the biggest challenges I’ve seen with my clients, including what my husband and I faced ourselves when we made the switch to LCHF a few years ago. What have been yours? . •Understanding what a carb is and where it is in foods (the banting food list is a great guide to help here, but there are many others too) . •Knowing how low you have to go with your carbs to create the fat metabolic pathway. There is no magic number and genetics, gender, lifestyle, age & current state of metabolic health will all influence this. . •Changing your mindset to be comfortable with going against the dietary guidelines, including the ‘everything in moderation’ mantra. . •Managing others reactions/comments. When you’re first learning, it can be easy for your confidence to take a dint when others pass judgement on what you are (or are not) eating. I never get into an open discussion (unless they ask for it 😋). If what they’re doing is working for them, then I leave it at that. I promise that all gets much easier to handle. 🤗 . •Making it work in the context of YOUR lifestyle. Not according to how a certain blogger or doctor says it should be done. If it doesn’t fit your life, it will be very easy to throw in the towel before the magic happens. Making it work for you is the fun part. . •Only focusing on the food, and ignoring other areas that can be affecting your health. Stress is a big one. For some help with dealing with and letting go of stress, head to Irene Lyon @irenelyon. . •Not addressing emotional eating. If you eat to deal with your emotions, it is so important to address this. In my experience, learning what to eat is the easy part. It’s the other stuff that’s hard. Again I reference @stephdodier and also Kathryn Hansen’s Brain Over Binge. She has a podcast too (brain over binge). . Lastly, not having the patience with yourself and your body as you find your way. Changing a lifetime of beliefs and behaviours is a long,

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