It’s already a great weekend! Stephen and I got in 16 miles. 🌳🌳🌳 8/11: Run 16 miles. Highlights: 🌿 still sick, coughing mucus out of my lungs. 🌿 88° F and sunny towards the end. Feel of 96° F. Other runners were also just plodding along. 🌿 walking happened. I did wear my Badwater hat to remind myself that I am not a wimp. 🌿 lots of cyclists and bikes. One little girl and her dad passed me and she said “hi,” and dad gave me a thumbs up. I really appreciated that and wished I could have responded better. They were moving quickly and I was kinda dying, though I was in a “high” moment. Running is mysterious. 🌿 I saw beautiful greenery and a black lizard with a blue tail and white spots and stripes. His little legs moved so fast, couldn’t get a picture of him. I also wished that I could move my legs that fast. And pictured it in my head. 🌿 stopped at water fountains and pumps to get my head wet. 🌿 thought about the Breaking Benjamin concert we’re attending next week. EXCITED! 🌿 Stephen ran ahead because I wanted to be my usual slow-self, but he was outside waiting and clapping for me when I reached home! He’s the best! 🌿 I immediately drank a pop (only happens during or after long runs) and a beer (happens daily), showered and watched my cat lay around. 🌳🌳🌳 Happy running!! . . . . ultrarunner ultratraining mountvernontrail runva heattraining badwaterhat longrunsaturday adventure runningisfun runningandbeer runwithhubby kindness beunstoppable noexcusesnolimits charitymiles

Map: Mount Vernon, Virginia