These cuties went up on the blog! My son is anaphylactic to peanuts and store bought @twix are a big no-no for my him because of his sensitivity to cross-contamination. I love Twix … I love all food, desserts, sweets, savory… I love it all. I love the enjoyment in watching someone taste something for the first time. There’s something special about food. I’m just hopeless foodie at heart. Especially around Halloween when we are cleaning out candy for the Switch Witch, my son will ask about all the candy he can’t have. This is one (Twix) that I could tell he was very curious about since it didn’t have actual peanut in the ingredient. So I made these Twix Cookie Bars … the smile on his face was rewarding in and of itself when I surprised him with the finished product. The look on his face as he ate one, went back for seconds, and basically finished off the entire baking dish to himself in just over 24 hours… priceless 💗 Link To recipe is in my bio: . . . . foodallergyblogger foodallergyfriendly foodallergylife #foodallergy foodallergies foodallergymom allergyfriendly kidswithfoodallergies foodallergyfamily candybar twix peanutfree treenutfree nutfree eggfree soyfree

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