L O V E • This is the first year that I have wanted to celebrate my birthday in quite some time. . For me, there are many layers of guilt and shame that come with the journey towards wholeness. . One short year ago, if you had told me that I could convince even one brave soul to climb to the top of a mountain with me in the dark to watch the sunrise on my birthday, I never would have believed you. . I am eternally blessed by ritual–every morning, the rising sun that brings us a brand new message of hope and Joy: . • “Just choose again,” she says. “There are no stains on the quilt of your life, Dear One. Simply, choose again.” • . And, as we sat in our hippy circle at 7am this morning, and shared the things we are welcoming into our lives this year, a friend’s words struck me. . She said, “The love that you are seeking is searching for you, too.” . Know that. Believe that. . The very existence of that vibration in your being is evidence that you already have it. . If you feel that you are walking through the wilderness alone, lost in the thick of your life, dismayed at the choices you have made, I understand. . You are loved . The love you are searching for is searching for you, too–well beyond the proclivities of romantic love–the heartbeat, the golden cord that inextricably connects all creatures. . So, dig down. Deep into the reserves of your soul. For that is where the richest soil dwells. It has been quietly waiting for you to uncover these parts of yourself all along–from the day you entered the world and you drew your very first breath. . ••What a time to be alive•• . . . . . 🔮Quote from the “Live Awake” Podcast, with Sarah Blondin. . . . . . . . recover uncover wellness spiritual spiritualawakening woke staywoke spirituality birthday intention smudge cedar ancient wisdom ritual plant medicine wildwoman invoke lawofattraction inspire vibrate love climb mountain pnw goplayoutside grateful chasingsunrise yogi

Map: North Vancouver, British Columbia