👫Tag a friend that needs to learn how to say no!. . 💩So many of my clients suffer from digestive health problems due to the levels of stress and anxiety. They take onboard everyone else’s problems, help others do tasks and often lack the ability to delegate. . ‼️This means that their stress becomes chronic with influences from both their work and personal life. . 🧠👉💩Chronic stress leads to digestive problems, lack of sleep and even depression. . 👌It is OK just to say no to the extra work or responsibilities. You need to look after yourself first, because if you don’t do this, then you will not be able to look after anyone anyway. . 🧐Think about your work – are there any tasks that are given to you but not in your job description? Or perhaps there are tasks that you could delegate to others. . 🧐Think about your personal life – are you ‘too’ emotionally available for friends, is there a toxic relationship there that needs to be axed or perhaps your family members could be doing more to help you with your children. . . selfcare selflove selfworth digestivehealth guthealth ibs ibsdiet irritablebowelsyndrome dietitian lowfodmap allergies foodintolerances bloating freefrom anxiety depression stress stressrelief stressmanagement workplacestress workplacehealth puttingyourselffirst mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness

Map: Girona, Spain