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  1. gwanloveen says:

    Galway Bay, the prom: my happy place. . Started regular sea dips with @daskitty yesterday – we began the habit this time last year after our canvasses for #repealthe8th . And the work goes on for #abortionrights. Was thrilled to meet the lovely @lorrainegrimes57 after my solo sunset dip tonight. Gave her a big hug of congratulations: today @aacwest9 persuaded #galwaycitycouncil to support a call for national legislation for #exclusionzones. Well done! 👏 Thank you for your work. 👏 Thanks too to Labour, Sinn Féin and the two independents who voted their support. . Chats with Michelle and Lorraine got us thinking of all the marvellous people who campaigned, canvassed, marched, wrote op-eds and anthologies, and led from the front; and all the hundreds and thousands of quietly audacious people who wore a badge going to the local shop or to work, and shared stories with family and friends. We all #repealedthe8th We helped create a kinder Ireland. . Let’s remember the kind folk when we cast our votes for #le19 and #ep19. And #voteyes in the #divorceref, because that’s the sound thing to do. . Thus ends the #prochoice political broadcast; normal service of books and blooms resumes in the morn. . . #repeal #oneyearlater #freesafelegal #abortionaccess #togetherforyes #salthill #mnawesome #kathydarcy #autonomy #reproductiverights