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  1. seancooper_c4 says:

    In a World that’s Dominated by numbers & Infatuated with Speed & Power, We help Athletes Sprint Faster, Jump Higher & Become More Explosive & Have Been Helping Athletes improve Performance for Years. •• BUT those aren’t the most Important Qualities we Train. My number 1 Focus for Athletes is to help them Improve & Become a Better TEAMMATE & Learn to COMPETE with Unwavering Confidence regardless of Circumstance. • • Athletes will soon be Civilians who will always be Part of a Team as well as Competitors in every phase of life. • • Speed is Necessary & Cool now being a Great TEAMMATE is necessary to Win forever. @c4sportsperformancefitness • @brian_fre13 🎥 #c4commit #c4athlete #sportsperformance #coaching #leadership #positivedawg #mambamentality #energybus #strengthandconditioning #durantok