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It’s no news that fruits and vegetables are important for your health. What you may not know, though, is that...
Image: Women's Health Info: Best vegetables for sexual health [infographic]

9 Female Sexual Health Products That Make Your Life Better | Byrdie
Image: GG retail items Info: 9 New Products That Will Make Your Life (and Sexual Health) Better

To get the lowdown on DIY lube, we asked sexual health experts for the most popular substitute lubricants their patients...
Image: رياضتي المطلوبة Info: Whipped Cream, Baby Oil, and 6 Other Things You Should Never Use as Lube

Ladies, It’s Time to Take Control of Our Sexual Health
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We’ve always been good at talking about our physical health, and are getting better and discussions about mental health. But...
Image: Sexual Health Info: 5 Hacks For Feeling More Confident In The Bedroom

10 Sex Tips That Are Totally Worth Your Effort. These fun, easy tricks are your best bets to put your...
Image: health Info: 10 Sex Tips That Are Totally Worth Your Effort

We’ve all heard the term “Kegel.” You know, those squeezing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. Kegels are some of...
Image: Good for the Mind and Body! Info: 3 Kegel Mistakes You Are Likely Making

Sexual Health 101: The 8 Best Products To Maintain Good Personal Hygiene in Bed
Image: sexy Info: The Best Sex Positions for Women — Guaranteed to (Literally) Hit the Spot

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Image: Pure romance. Info: Sexual Health Is About Much More Than Sex

Image: Sexual health Info: Sexual Health Supplements

When it comes to getting off, the gender divide is so pronounced, it’s led some scientists and sexual health experts...
Image: Health Info: 6 Stories You Need To Read If You Want To Climax More Easily

For women sexual arousal is a slower, more unpredictable, complex and sometimes-difficult process. Not because women have different (and some...
Image: Womens sexual health Info: Sexual Arousal: The Difference Between Men and Women

How Long Does Sperm Live Outside the Body? - Sexual Health | HealthCentral
Image: Teaching Info: How Long Does Sperm Live Outside the Body?

There are many advantages to regular sex, but we’ve put together a list of the 8 Health Benefits of Regular...
Image: Get xpOsed Info: 8 Health Benefits of Regular Sex

Check this interesting and cognitive infographic and learn what foods are useful for male sexual health and can increase male...
Image: Fitness Info: Foods to Boost Libido in Men

How I Healed My Sexual Health Issues with Yoga + How You Can Heal Yours Too
Image: Info: How I Healed My Sexual Health Issues with Yoga + How You Can Heal Yours Too

7 Awkward But Necessary Things You Should Be Doing To Improve Your Feminine Health
Image: health Info: 7 Awkward But Necessary Things To Consider Doing To Improve Your Health

I'm sharing what I heard at a presentation on sexual health. How much of this did you know?
Image: Love, Life, Lust, Intimacy and Relationship Info: 13 Things I Heard at a Sexual Wellness Class

Everything you wanted to know about erection facts but were too embarrassed to ask. #men #health #facts
Image: Pure Romance Info: 30 Interesting Facts about Erections

Foreplay ideas and sex moves to surprise your man in bedroom because sometimes even in the most romantic relationships the...
Image: marriage Info: 37 Sex Moves To Surprise Your Man (Man Melting Stuff Inside)

Low libido is the most common sexual concern facing women. Here’s the causes and treatments to overcome this sexual issue.
Image: Women's Sexual Health Info: Low Libido in Women: Common Causes and Treatments