Dallas Keuchel (#dallaskeuchel)

The reigning champs ⚾️🔥 @astrosbaseball @kidkeuchy60

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@kidkeuchy60 | Game 1 | Chop On 🅰️⚾️ . . . . . . #atl #atlanta #atlantabraves #mlbplayoffs

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Dallas ➡️➡️ Chicago

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Gio Gonzalez swiped off the free-agent market yesterday, so Dallas Keuchel is the top starting pitch

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1yr/$13M deal ($20M pro-rated, so $13M from here on). #DallasKeuchel #AtlantaBraves #Braves #Atlanta

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It’s playoffs time astros fans!! Wish we were at today’s game! @saltwater_with_brittany #altuve

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Knowing the NL East just got even more competitive! 😅 #metsfan #dallaskeuchel #braves #mets #lets

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According to Jon Heyman, The Twins are looking into both Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel, as of Mon

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I tried to convince #Houston #Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel to come to NY... ⚾️💨 . #alcsbound

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It’s hilarious how these cheaters think they decide when they get to move on from this scandal. No

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💯! I hope the game is redeemed this season regardless of who wins the series. #chicagowhitesox #p

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REPORT: Oakland Athletics right-hander Mike Fiers acknowledged Thursday that people have threatened

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Jim Crane should stop speaking 😂 #jimcrane #houston #houstontx #houstonastros #astrosbaseball #jo

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I personally think they should be stripped of their title and shouldn’t be recognized in official

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- ¿CUÁL HA SIDO EL MEJOR MOVIMIENTO PARA TI, EN LA #MLB ? En la temporada muerta de la @mlb han s

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Another fan submission features Dallas Keuchel throwing 🔥 in the bullpen. ⁣ ⁣ Big thanks to @

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It‘s been a busy winter in the MLB #HotStove —— 📸: @mlb

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【自由球員】你知道今年休賽季主要的大咖FA花落誰家嗎? 在Nicholas Castellan

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Dallas Keuchel se disculpó por haber participado en el sistema ilegal de robo de señales que se di

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So what did you guys think about this? It's a strange apology in my opinion but I guess he spok

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O arremessador Dallas Keuchel (Chicago White Sox), que atuou pelo Houston Astros entre 2012-18 e foi

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Dallas keuchel firmando autógrafos con su nuevo equipo los white sox #dallaskeuchel #mlb #deportemu

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Dalllas Keuchel became the first player who apologizes for 2017 Astros' sign-stealing scheme #h

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CHICAGO — #DallasKeuchel became the first member of the 2017 #HoustonAstros to offer a public apo

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Keuchel pitched for the Astros back in 2017. Do We Believe Him? 😒 Full Article Link In IG Story #

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Allow me to present to you...my reaction at reading that #dallaskeuchel has apologized for those #ch

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Did he really just... 🤭 — Follow @ClutchPointsMLB#DallasKeuchel #Houston #Astros #HoustonA

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Why is @kidkeuchy60 , a pitcher for the @whitesox apologising for the @astrosbaseball sign stealing?

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#ATodaMecha Dallas Keuchel es el primer pelotero vinculado al robo de señas en ofrecer disculpas. E

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Dallas Keuchel ( @kidkeuchy60 ) becomes the 1st former/active Astros player to apologize for Houston

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Left-handed pitcher Dallas Keuchel signs with the Chicago White Sox on a three-year contract.

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‪Listen into Around the Bases with Bubba & Mo EP 120 as they talk some of the major #MLBHotSto

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The Chicago White Sox signed LHP Dallas Keuchel to a 3 year/$55.5 million dollar contract back on De

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美聯中區球隊皮繃卡緊咧?!😱😱😱 這陣子一路聽下來白襪的季後積極補

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- The Chicago White Sox and prized outfield prospect Luis Robert agreed on a six-year

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Now with the six-year, $50 million extension of top prospect Luis Robert, the future certainly looks

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Happy birthday @kidkeuchy60! - Tags (Ignore) #southsidedaily #chicago #whitesox #chicagowhitesox #

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@kidkeuchy60 signed a 3 year, $55 million contract with the @whitesox last week. After some big spen

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The Chicago white Sox have finalized a deal for Dallas Keuchel. The contract is three years 55.5 mil

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Medias Blancas firman a Keuchel por US$55.5 millones por 3 años CHICAGO.- Los Medias Blancas de Ch

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He is going to be goated 💯 #baseball #mlb #pitching #braves #dallaskeuchel

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#Deportes Chicago (AP). Los #MediasBlancas de #Chicago y pitcher #DallasKeuchel, ex ganador del Prem

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OFICIAL: A LA CIUDAD DE LOS VIENTOS 🌬 Dallas Keuchel 🇺🇸 llega a un acuerdo con los White S

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Los @whitesox hacen oficial la firma de Dallas Keuchel por tres años y 55.5 millones de dólares. E

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Since I last posted the sox signed Dallas Keuchel and Edwin Encarnación. Keuchel was signed to a 3-

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Per Jon Heyman, The White Sox have had discussions with Yasiel Puig & Nicholas Castellanos thoug

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White Sox are looking dangerous. Do you think they will make the playoffs?⬇️ / / / / / #mlb #bas

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El equipo de los Chicagos White Sox ha sido el equipo más activo en la temporada muerta. Vía @lib

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#MLB || ¡Nueva casa para la cotorra! Edwin Encarnación firmó con los White Sox por $12 millones

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En mi opinión el equipo que se ha reforzado más en lo que va de agencia libre son los #WhiteSox, e

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Christmas and holidays came early, check out my newest @therunnersports published article on Dallas

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Dallas ➡️➡️ Chicago

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Per Joel Sherman, The White Sox are “very interested” in Edwin Encarnacion, though today was his

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Nuevo video en nuestra biografía #HyunjinRyu #BlueJays #DallasKeuchel #Chicago #mediasblancas #tor

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Per J.P. Morosi, The White Sox remain interested in Nicholas Castellanos following their signing of

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Dallas Keuchel a new @whitesox, 3-year, $55.5M deal. Vía: @mlb

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Dallas Keuchel llegó a un acuerdo con los Chicagos White Sox por 3 años y US$55 millones. #Alerta

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Little late but @kidkeuchy60 is heading to the south side of Chicago. Are the White Sox the best tea

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⚾️💰 Keuchel to White Sox. 3/$55.5 with a vesting 4th year that could take to 4/$74. . #dallas

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