Colorcombos (#colorcombos)

Still swooning over the colors created by @auracolorist & woven together by me 🌈 #braids

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Feel like something is exploding #patterndesign #textiledesign #print #surfacedesign #surfacepa

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Decorating oval dishes of different sizes in the studio today, having fun with this color combo in p

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Balance Beam. πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

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β€˜creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence’ I forgot who said so. #patterndesign #text

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Can’t live a day without colors #patterndesign #textiledesign #print #surfacedesign #surfacepa

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How do you try to increase the size of your aura? I turn on the music and create. #patterndesign #

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Big and bold design ideas from Jayme's scrapbook (before Pinterest was a thing!)⁠ ⁠ #handdr

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β€’ MISE AU POINTβ€’ Profiter du week-end pour mettre au raccord ses recherches, et jouer avec les c

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Hello ma bois and girls ! A custom sketchbook (my hardcore sketchbook) I test some things on it and

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❀❀❀ . . . . . . . . . . . . #narukvice #prodaja #frendshipbracelets #vsco #srbija #vscosrbija

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#weekendvibesπŸ’• Wishing you a wonderful sunday! . . . . . . . . . . #sundayfunday #creativelifeha

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New coasters (in progress). I went in to this thinking I was trying a new color combo but it turns o

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The beginning of the year is always FULL of consultations with our engaged couples! ⁣I absolutely

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Still swooning over the colors created by @auracolorist & woven together by me 🌈 #braids

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Valentines Day programming to bring you this: 5 fun/unusual co

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m up on the @heffydoodle blog with a chimply adorable card inspired by

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us πŸ’ @casapinka will be here at 10:30am picking color combos. She

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My most heartfelt thanks to all of you who took time to comment on my recent post asking what you wa

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If you follow my stories you know that his week is Motivation week. The phrase is Work Hard Enjoy Li

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Reversible beanie!! Oh the color combinations that we can make πŸ’• #knitting #beanie #reversiblebe

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The candle on left was to be auburn (a gold color), the one on right was to be ruby in color. It’s

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Chirp chirp. This one’s for my grandma who passed away this week and loved cardinals. She was an i

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What is your favorite color on color combo? --- A little out of my element wearing all the colors to

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Saw this in a retail store recently. This is a great example of what NOT to do when you are dealing

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Just a little something that I’m hoping to get after photos of later on! #colorcombos #lzbdesign #

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The good kind of #Wednesday blues come in color swatches πŸ’™ #colorinspiration #navy #fabrics #colo

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Unique color combinations makes for beautiful earrings! #uniquejewelry #popsofcolor #colorcombos #ca

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Smokin Skull stopped in his tracks ! #illustration #art #smokingskull #skull #smoking #smoke #goldte

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Say YES✌️ to our great promotion!!! Buy 2 @ 50% off on selected makeup products and up to 50% of

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Alright my bois (and girls) the special drawing is here but why is it special you would tell me? Bec

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Orkan Sabina i niΕΌ Ciara nadal w Pl, mam nadziejΔ™, ΕΌe nas nie zawrΓ³ci ;) dzisiaj ruszamy na feri

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I think these vintage lampshades I found are all too perfect with the lamps (thank you @desertpoolho

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Would any of y'all like if I put together a brief IGTV tutorial for my color palette workflow i

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Posted @withregram β€’ @tracymatawil C H A R L O T T E 🌸 ( @dyreedee) Wedding Reception Makeup &a

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Quote from Picasso in Jayme's scrapbook.⁠ ⁠ #handdrawn #bellanonnaquilt #designinspiration

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