Machining (#machining)

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Cutting aluminium for a prototype. Here, we are cutting 5mm deep using a 10mm cutter. Credit: IG Us

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Go on the table and grind this shit 🦖 . . #machinist #manualmachinist #machining

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Let's go fly a kite (that generates electricity). ———————————————

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Front wheel assembly of a Renault RS 19 formula 1 #f1 🏎️ Look at the details of those cooling

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#Quality and #CustomerService starts with our commitment to our #AS9100 & #ISO9001 Certified Qua

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Tutorial Gear Cleaning Brush ⚙️⚙️⚙️ #teknikmesinindonesia #engineeringlife #cncmachining

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Spring Mass Production.😱 ————————————————————————

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Ready for engraving and welding! Check out the final product coming soon!! #mig #metalfab #weldings

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Hydrostatic bearings are all in and ready for the bar to be loaded - That means it’s time for the

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Click the link in my bio profile -----> @cnc.worship to get these shirts * * * * #cncmachine #cnc

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Sending out a thank you to all those who stopped by our booth this weekend at the Big 3 Parts Exchan

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Timelapse of a Building Construction Model-Making. Follow @engindustry to see more technologies used

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Plunging in a form for broach teeth. Set up on a 5° angle to give them just enough bite. My trigo

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LoL one more time of "Infinity Ops", you see guys it's better than Apex Legos, I'

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Just a heads. Those fiber granola bars at the grocery store taste pretty good but do not eat more th

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How do you let people know you're fixing something but you're not all the way done yet? #

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And the shapes start to emerge from this 600 pound block of material #5Axis #cnc #machining #machini

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Shop slippers are easy to make and come in handy when you do not want to track oil and other shop cr

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A few loose ends to clean up, but otherwise I think the new controller is ready for the mill! #cnc

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Ughhhhhh!!! I hate mounting DRO scales....they're such a pain...metric hardware, getting the re

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Facing with XC machining just because you can. So fun to watch! Credit: IG User @stamoly_precision

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I almost forgot these on my camera roll from last week! Look at these pretty little cutoff curls of

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🔥Follow—👉 @futuristic.digitech . Via. @tempo_engineering . . . credit : youtube Workshop DI

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Proses pembuatan produk yang akan dikerjakan secara massal, tentunya diperlukan perencanaan yang mat

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Making high performance RX filtering. Quote number Q081419A. Part 3. Pass-Reject loops finished. - -

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Day 23 or @machinist_therapy_hotline #mthpad The shop was dark today with the exception of a few min

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This auto-scooping dog pooper scooper will help you clean the poo from your entire yard, and even di

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Hand powered tattoo gadget Follow— @emobilife . . . . . Credit : #tattoo #enginee

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How it’s made. Checkout how nice this water jet parts came out. Need parts made send your drawings

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How did they come back?!🤯🎥: Via @civilengineeringdiscoveries Tag someone who need to see this!

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Reduce noise in your #cnc system. Using line filter and even ferrite beads on your motor encoder lin

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Quick and dirty radius form tool from a 5/8" Gr8 washer. I heated it red hot and quenched it in

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#enlasredes #Repost @daddyyankee Bueno, usted sí tiene pulmones! @davidbisbal 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌

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#Repost @morningstar_mfg @download.ins --- You dream it, We machine it. 🇬🇧 #dreamwithoutsleep

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Time to wind down and get ready for the week ahead 💪 . . . . . #edc #edcgear #edccommunity #every

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Listen to what Cassidy has to say about her first day at Advanced Welding School. . Hit the BOOK b

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You dream it, We machine it. 🇬🇧 #dreamwithoutsleep #machine #cncmachining #doosangram #doosan

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أقتل جزءك الذي يخبرك بأنك لا تستطيع تجاوز أمراً ما .. . #e

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