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Figure 7 - 1 person (June 06, 2020)

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Figure 9 - 1 person, outdoor (June 06, 2020)

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Figure 10 - 2 people, text that says 'That feeling when you used to be Type A but parenting has made you Type IDGAF renting omens TE'

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Figure 11 - one or more people, sky, outdoor, nature and water (June 06, 2020)

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Change your perspective. Change your life. . Did you know that as humans, it’s engrained in us to focus on the negative?? So rather than celebrating the fact that we finished a workout...we focus on the fact that we couldn’t keep up with everyone else and it took us twice as long. Or instead of focusing on the fact that we made a healthy breakfast, we get down on ourselves for having ice cream for lunch. Or you were having a great day until someone said something insulting or criticizing you and now your entire day is ruined. Or you made a mistake and now you feel like a failure, but without mistakes there would be no growth and we NEED growth! . Has this ever happened to you? It’s called negativity bias, but I PROMISE we can rewire our brains to have a POSITIVE bias! It takes conscious work and effort, but what you focus on EXPANDS. Think about how your life will change when you start seeing the positive!

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8 weeks left of growing my angel πŸ¦‹ this time has been so strange and challenging. I hope the future is different. I hope the world you grow up in is full of love and clean air and mindful, open-hearted souls. your father and I can’t wait to meet you. your sister turns 2 in four weeks. then you will be with us, earthside, four weeks later. this time is so ripe with life and growth and renewal ∞

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Figure 15 - one or more people, people standing, ocean, beach, child, outdoor, water and nature (June 06, 2020)

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Figure 16 - 1 person, standing (June 06, 2020)

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Every day can be a better day, despite the challenge All you gotta do is leave it better than you found itπŸ’›

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Figure 18 - text (June 06, 2020)

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Figure 19 - 1 person, baby, closeup and outdoor (June 06, 2020)

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Figure 20 - plant and flower (June 06, 2020)

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"Our little girl hates riding in a stroller. She is 20 months and wants to be like a big girl. The trike bike was exactly what we needed to enjoy family walks. The bike is stable and very attractive. It has ample storage for water bottles and a diaper and wipes. The cup holder is a life saver and in a great place. I love this trike stroller." @bentleytrike

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