Nature Art (#natureart)

A beautiful Female Nuttalls Woodpecker from an October morning walk reminds me that this is the very

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Heidi’s spirit animal. 😂

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🍀🌿🌵🌱🍃Grateful mode! Agradeciada 🍀🌿🌵🌱🍃

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🍂Haustið 🍂 Just love 🍂 #iceland #autumn #autumn🍁 #nature #nature_good #nature

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Northern Parula. #northernparula #warbler #clarksville #wildlifeart #naturear

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Is schon ziemlich oft ziemlich nett hier. #rostock #zuhauseistsamschönsten #mitdreckigenfenstern #hom

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I'm doing an experiment to see if I can preserve leaves using glycerin and a variety of paint v

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Neither do I

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Inktober No.13 - Howling Wolf Which of my pictures do you like best? Tag someone who could like thi

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Red-breasted nuthatch. The reference photo for this painting was taken by Evan Rabeck over at @erab

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In the eye of the storm🌫 4' x 7' on site $1000 Instagram special today $700! Dm for mor

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En 2015 @gerardbalg reliait deux tours emblématiques avec un cordons de 200 boilles de lait #landar

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West Kildonan Elm 26 x 26” Thankful for my brother that let us have this amazing piece-it’s in s

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Happy Sunday 🌼 it's my only day off work this week and I'm excited to spend the day get

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