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Got this shot of a tufted titmouse today. I have not seen one of these beautiful little birds in abo

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A #Cheetah can go 0 to 60 mph in only three seconds which would leave many automobiles in its dust.

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Greater Kudu - aka the grey ghost of Africa. Patience is key to capture this large antelope. The big

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I believe this to be the younger Sibling to the Youngster feature in my post yesterday. Just look at

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The lynx is one of the most endangered animals with getting as low as 100 left. With the care to nur

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Réflexion sur l'eau Réflecion on the water

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Photograph by @shaazjung . . . . . . #wild #wildlife #naturelovers #naturephotography #photooftheday #ani

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They are large and seem so peaceful sleeping but never ever wake a bear, they could be hungry ;-) Se

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Greylag Goose enjoying scrummaging around on the field. Muddy Beak Alert! #Muddy #Beak #Geese #Geese

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Perfect full moon at Los Angeles 🇺🇸🌕 . . 📷:  @neohumanity . . . . #Wildlife  #wildlife

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#nicobarpigeon these are stunning looking birds and reckoned to be the closest living relative to th

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Posted @withrepost@wildlife_videos_ How Would YOU Caption This?🦁 Tag your Friends To see Thi

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