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  1. george_marketandbrand says:

    #weekendpowerup Very little number of people know that beauty really comes out of ashes. We always love it when everything is just going awesome, moving smoothly without any friction….. Not knowing that: It’s when you are hurt that you find peace. It is when you are tired that you find rest. It’s when you lack that you find abundance. It’s when you are poor that you have the opportunities to be rich. It’s when you lose something that you tend to find it. It is when you are broke that you go hustle. I urge you today to love the ugly things going on in your life, knowing that it’s lasting only for a while. Allow yourself to get hurt, confused, lost, or any bad situation. Don’t be shy to hustle when you are broke. Instead of musing over your problems, wake up and utilize your challenge for the betterment of your life, love ones and the universe. Some people’s joy is attached to your ministry. Wake up to your responsibility. For us not to vote today, there is beauty in it, we just need to trust God to see it. Hey, have you listened to my podcast on “Understanding Online Business & Its Secrets” yet? No! Check my feed or Follow the link in the bio πŸ‘†πŸ‘†to access it. . . . #inec #naija2019election #nigerianelection2019