Tornado Disco Country

Tornado Disco Country

From craggy mountains to wicked skies, nothing makes my heart sing more than photographing the wild wonders of our planet. Today I’m switching gears back into storm mode, and I’m excited to share some of my recent extreme weather images (plus a few throwbacks) on the @Lightroom channel this week. AND! This week @kellydelay and I will also be dropping a few videos on what it’s like to chase — and the full rundown on how we process our photos in @Lightroom. I can’t WAIT to share more with you, and I’m stoked to be an #AdobePartner once again. This twister was snapped in Dodge City, KS back in 2016.

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Cathy @obdragonrn Cathy Scary!

Yenita Hasli @regina_yhasli Yenita Hasli Woooow, awesome👍👍👍👍

Julian Deck @jdmdeck Julian Deck 🙌 Wow the light in your photos is delicious 👍

Chelsey @dohrnc Chelsey Awesome picture! Do you know of any great #adobe training courses for beginners? Would love to gain some knowledge on the software. 🙃

🌸すごいだね🌸 @sugoidane 🌸すごいだね🌸 I really get amazed by this pic! I was remembering that the other day I was talking with my boyfriend @rosvlio that one of my dreams is take a photo of a tornado, and make me feel so happy that another woman photographer (like me) did it so it inspire myself to do it, btw @elisabethontheroad I saw your pic posted on Lightroom and I took a look and I love your pics! I already follow you!!💕🌸🌸😌👍🏻

Christer Bergström @crille51 Christer Bergström Wow! Great shot👍👏😀

Muhammad Mabrur  Huda @jepret_upload Muhammad Mabrur Huda Wawwww amazing😍😍😍😍😍

Rhonda Kingen Photography @rhondakingenphotography Rhonda Kingen Photography Awesomeness 👍 Love your work! Great to connect with you! 😊

Alan B. Santiago 📸📹 Alan B. Santiago 📸📹 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Ivo Baldzhiev @ivobaldzhiev Ivo Baldzhiev That's just a dopeee shot!! 😍😍👏🏻

John Wood @john__m_wood John Wood This is beautiful !

 @random.shots_01 🤯

hash.zeppelin @hash.zeppelin hash.zeppelin Wow! Amazing shot!!!

aezus @qizzea aezus kkkall me baewatch