The Ocean Legacy Foundation

The Ocean Legacy Foundation

A few years ago, I bought plastic water bottles quite regularly, and I never considered where they went after I tossed them in the recycling bin. I got a Starbucks latte almost every morning before work, and the cup and lid almost always ended up in the trash. My life revolved around a 60+ hr a week job in LA and coming home to my boyfriend, and aside from playing beach volleyball on the weekends, I didn’t spend much time outdoors. I certainly didn’t know anything about plastic pollution, and even if I did, I don’t know how much I would have cared. I was a city gal with a city job, living in my city bubble. ⠀ My relationship and job eventually came to an end, and I now live on the road, which means I spend a lot more time in nature. While it’s one reason I’m more aware of my environmental impact, digital media has played a role, too. Articles on garbage patches, top ten lists on eco-friendly products and campaigns aimed at creating change catch our attention, but if we don’t actually CARE, will we act on it? While sorting through hundreds of pounds of marine debris today, I began to wonder. Do the people using plastic water bottles and styrofoam containers care? Or do they not know? If they did know, would they care? Beyond education, how do we get them to care? And if they live somewhere where clean water is not available, how do we help improve policy and infrastructure so they can do more? ⠀ Seeing the amount of marine debris at @theoceanlegacy’s warehouse today was depressing, as was knowing that there are thousands of pounds of backlogged debris that haven’t even been delivered yet. But watching the pile of one-ton capacity super sacks slowly get smaller as we threw more plastic in the shredder was encouraging. So was hearing the occasional burst of laughter from Chloe, the org’s co-founder, as was watching everyone work together to put a dent in the mountain of debris. If you want to help a nonprofit that is doing everything they can to solve the plastic pollution crisis, I encourage you to look into @theoceanlegacy. If you are interested in volunteering with us in Vancouver this week to sort marine debris, please shoot me a DM. ✌️

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Jenny @jennyfaraway Jenny I ask myself those questions all the time, and then usually get overwhelmed by the huge task of making people care and end up doing nothing. I'm from Vancouver, and while I don't spend much time there, next time I'm in town I will definitely look into volunteering with @theoceanlegacy. Thanks for this!

Fredy Herrera @fredy_herrera_ Fredy Herrera Incredibly talented!!

Mike Paget @catchthenextwave Mike Paget ♥️♥️

 @m4yflow3r You are doing a great job. Unfortunately I'm living in Germany, so it's at the moment rather impossible to hop over and give you a hand. However small the amount you put away may be in comparison to the huge amount still around: thank you.

C  marie @c_marie_58 C marie I have never understood why in America people buy so much water. With the exception of a couple of places tap water is just fine, why buy it ? Especially when you read some of that bottled comes from their tap. For years and years people have survived on tap water 😂

Conscious Adventures @gabaccia Conscious Adventures Big question, how do we get people to care? 💚 Each person is almost a world of its own so the solution has got to be multidimensional if we want to reach the most humans we can. Excited to check out @theoceanlegacy and wishing you a good time volunteering up in Canada ✌🏼

Michelle 🌺CA✖HI @organicaloha Michelle 🌺CA✖HI @elisabethontheroad yes thank you for that! I finds it so difficult hearing educated people tell me that they just don't care because they are lazy or for whatever reason. It also sucks to hear people poke fun of the movement such as making fun of straws etc.

Daisy Maria @daisymosqueteira Daisy Maria Beautiful

Suzanne Cruzen @suzicruzer Suzanne Cruzen @forminfocus We drove by that today; love the big fish! ✌🏼

Ritayan @writ_ion Ritayan You are an amazing photographer and I really like reading your captions! You writings really paint a picture. Please keep up the good work. 🙂

Celia Bessa @celuxa Celia Bessa 👌🏼

WonderBetta @wonder_bett WonderBetta Amazing pic 🙏🏻🔝😍

The Ocean Legacy Foundation @theoceanlegacy The Ocean Legacy Foundation Thank you 🙏🏼😘✨

Christine Vee @christivtahoe Christine Vee 💗thank you