sinan @karacasnn sinan #güzelcehisar #Bartın #Turkey a wonderful place in the world 👍

Нечипоренко Андрей @nechiporenko994 Нечипоренко Андрей 😇☝️💪👌🙏🧘‍♂️🌏💖

katy @kflono katy I want to go there with you @ana_canello

Jeff @mtcrowbar Jeff Most photographed place in Iceland.

Bradley_Samuel_II @bradleysamuel2 Bradley_Samuel_II That is pretty cool, what causes the water to turn that?? Anyways it’s an incredible place @wonderfulplaces_togo and photography @mblockk

bassi Antonella @antonella57b bassi Antonella 😮😮😮 beautiful

Alejandra @aleja_1952 Alejandra Woow!!!👏👏👏👏

P.Brault @p.brault666 P.Brault Turquoise water only 2 months a year so you need to b there when it happen. I was there in septembre and it was brown, gray cause of the rainfall that brings rocks and dirt from the glacier, but its one of the most amazing place in Iceland 💜💜

Avril Stewart Absolum @aabsolum Avril Stewart Absolum Gosh, so breathtaking.

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