• Home sweet home • Deux ans tout pile! On t’a trouvé par hasard (même si il n’y en a pas vraiment), on a signé les papiers pour que tu sois à nous, on a décidé de t’agrandir et de te redessiner de l’intérieur, on a organisé tes travaux, on a mis toute notre énergie et tout notre temps libre à ce que tu sois belle, propre et lumineuse ⭐️ On a eu des moments de découragement extrême, des envies de tout abandonner, on a même oublié de s’aimer à un moment, on s’est perdus nous- même, on t’a mise de côté.. Rien n’est facile dans la vie mais toute difficulté laisse place à de la lumière ensuite..! ✨ Aujourd’hui, [...]
Q: “At one point you mentioned that this is the only planet that has religion.” Bashar: “The idea you call religion, in the sense that you somehow don’t think that the capacity for the relationship [with Infinite Creation] exists directly within you, and place that capacity within someone that you follow –- that we have rarely discovered anywhere else, and never in the form that your society exhibits it. The notion we find most different is the apparent belief in a disconnection between yourselves and the Infinite Creator..that God is outside of you, instead of the fact that you are God, that you are made of God, that everything is God, and that there’s no separation.” . . #nofilter perception
So Hampton Court Palace and gardens are beautiful – what a way to spend a summer afternoon! I love walking round heritage sites and having picnics with friends and families, a reminder that we should all do more of the wonderful things that make us who we are 🌻💚☺️ . . . .
Would you like to do a collaboration???? Like @tracywaitecreative & I??? And did you see my stories? Tracy entered an art exhibition on the weekend at the Etheridge Shire Show, some of her paintings from our collaboration won best in show and other prizes! Fantastic!!! Would you like to put your name on a list to collaborate, you could write a brief description of what you like doing & contact someone on the list (or be contacted) to do a collaboration. You would decide between yourselves what the collaboration would be, the time frame etc. one rule be kind and respectful to each other💕 I’m thinking the easiest way to do this would be leave a comment. You could be: [...]
🍃🙌🏼 Thieves every day 🙌🏼🍃 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One of the biggest encouragements of switching to Young Living was their Thieves line. Knowing there are healthier options to benefit our bodies instead of causing cancer and sickness from harmful chemicals in most cleaning and daily products we use. It’s something we don’t think about because it has long term effects… something we don’t always experience until many years ahead and then we realize how we should have made a change. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Well today is the day. Your health is worth it! Start your transition with the Thieves Starter Kit! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Think about all the future money that could be spent on doctor visits, hospital visits, etc…. Be proactive about your families health. [...]
Training effectively doesn’t mean you need a lot of equipment or even a gym! If you don’t know how, just follow me and you’ll find more then enough inspiration and advise, on how to get in shape, train for skills or sculpt your body however you want.
I definitely chose to play golf cause it’s a sport where I can eat food while I play 😂😋 What’s your favorite thing to eat while playing?? 🍓🍇🍌🥑🥪 I love @scns.sports.foods #glutenfree bars, but I also love to eat a turkey and avocado sandwich! 😍 #ambassador
Are you talented, tenacious and totally raring to go? Then I’m your girl! I help women just like you; attract your perfect clients, reach your ideal income and live your dream lifestyle. Eliminate money worries, busywork & insecurities. I offer something truly different, a way to succeed strategically. It’s not just about actions, it’s about environment, it’s about energy, it’s about mindset. I’ll get your mind, your surroundings, your life and business into alignment, detox your limiting beliefs, re-awaken your passion, re-energise and magnetise success.Visit the link in my bio to learn more.
This month has felt like a wild ride and it’s only August 6!!! Seriously my birthday month has always been a bringer of huge change and reflection. Idk why it’s just always that way 🤷 My business is on fire already and I’m so excited to see how far we’ll rise this month! Real Talk: July was rough. I was off my game and really struggled to get on track after the holiday 🤦 A lot of things at my day job were changing and I was just not in the right mindset. In July I actually worried for the first time if I would hit my smallest goal. I share this bc it happens to all of us at [...]
Ride the waves of Summersville Lake for the annual Sewell Mountain Sailing Association Mountain Mama Hospice Sailboat Regatta. There will be sailboat and kayak races the weekend of August 17-19. To register or for more information contact Bob Rodak at 304-437-0251 or rprodak@suddenlink.net
Something I feel makes me unique is the way I see the good in others before the negative. I realize not everyone does this. Not everyone views people the way I view them. I always look at the person’s soul and how they treat others and themselves. Even when people around me are in pain and a darker season, I know their circumstances aren’t their identity. I can see the beauty and light within them. People’s abilities to shine when they are facing darker times is so beautiful to witness. Not always will people embrace the light and love and goodness within themselves, but the ones that do, create life changing impacts on the world around them. I truly believe [...]
Nettle Leaf is an incredible adaptogenic herb that I take daily. _ Adaptogenic means it supports our body & helps us adapt to stress. _ The adrenals & liver are responsible for a huge part of our hormones. _ So this herb helps to support our adrenals & liver. _ Nettle also helps our endocrine system, our Ovaries & Adrenals are apart of our endocrine system. _ So it helps us with hormone disruption. _ It is the ultimate reproductive support herb. _ Nettle stimulates the follicle-stimulating hormone which enhances egg production. _ Nettle also rids our bodies of toxic estrogens. _ Nettle is high in silica & is amazing for bones, teeth, hair, nails, skin, ligaments, joints… _ Nettle [...]
This weekend I felt the best I have since getting my stem cells & it felt so good to be able to do some things I haven’t done in months. It was so wonderful to have enough energy to go out for dinner & spend time walking round the park in the sunshine. I went to sleep on Sunday night feeling really positive & encouraged by my improvement & having such a lovely weekend, seeing glimpses of my old self & enjoying the things I love to do • It is often said that after every high comes a low & after a bad nights sleep I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a [...]
Principais cuidados com o Pós operatório: é importante procurar um profissional especializado em Pós Operatório 🙋🏻, pois assim você estará segura como reagir em casa situação. 👉🏼Drenagem linfática: auxilia a eliminação de líquidos e toxinas do corpo, que podem se acumular depois de uma cirurgia, contribuindo para a redução do inchaço. Embora a massagem seja bem leve logo após a cirurgia, no caso da formação de fibrose será necessário aplicar maior vigor. 👉🏼Ultrassom: pode ser utilizado em conjunto com a drenagem linfática. O aparelho provoca a agitação das moléculas, fazendo com que as fibras se reorganizem e suavizem as fibroses. 👉🏼Endermologia: consiste em uma massagem profunda feita um aparelho a vácuo, massageando os tecidos por meio da sucção. Essa técnica [...]
💀😷 A cirurgia craniomaxilofacial é uma das áreas de atuação da cirurgia plástica responsável pelo diagnóstico e tratamento de doenças e deformidades do crânio, sendo elas congênitas ou adquiridas. As principais condições tratadas pela cirurgia craniomaxilofacial são: fraturas ou traumas da face e suas sequelas; deformidades congênitas sindrômicas, como as Síndromes de Crouzon, Apert, Pfeiffer, Saethre-Chotzen, Carpenter, Binder, Kleeblattschädel, Treacher Collins, etc; deformidades congênitas não-sindrômicas, como as fissuras labiopalatinas, fissuras raras de face, microssomia hemicraniofacial, etc; anomalias vasculares, como hemangioma; discrepâncias maxilo-mandibulares e síndrome da apnéia-hipopnéia obstrutiva do sono; deformidades nos ossos da face; tumores crânio-facial. Por ser tão abrangente no sentido profissional, a gama de tratamentos também é bastante diversa. Cada caso deve ser examinado cuidadosamente durante a consulta [...]
📣📣📣ALERTA DE TEXTÃO EXPLICATIVO📣📣📣 As meias de compressão ao fazerem pressão nas pernas ajudam o sangue a voltar dos pés para o coração, funcionando assim como uma espécie de bomba que atua contra a força da gravidade e auxilia no regresso do sangue. Este tipo de meias são indicadas para casos onde existe válvulas deficientes ou veias obstruídas que dificultam a volta do sangue até ao coração, sendo indicadas nos seguintes casos: Histórico familiar de varizes; Insuficiência venosa; Histórico de trombose na família. Veias varicosas ou varizes: Histórico de Síndrome pós-trombótica; Sensação de pernas pesadas, doloridas ou inchadas; Necessidade de ficar muito tempo em pé durante o dia; Passar grande parte do dia sentadas. Entenda porque ficar muito tempo sentado [...]
As the Good Shepherd, Jesus cares for all who hear His voice and place their faith in Him. By following His commandments, we can be assured of His protection and provision in this life, and eternal life with Him, which no one can take away. #motivation
🎫: “”DESPERTARES” (1990) de Penny Marshall (1942 🇺🇸) ROBIN WILLIAMS interpreta a un neurólogo basado en el célebre divulgador científico Oliver Sacks. A finales de los años 60 prueba en pacientes catatónicos un medicamento experimental. Este provoca que “vuelvan a la vida” por un tiempo. 💊💊 ROBERT DE NIRO, del que se puede decir que carga la película a sus espaldas, es uno de los pacientes cuya conciencia emerge de las profundidades oscuras de la enfermedad y con él nos estremecemos tras el shock psicológico de haber perdido 30 años de vida y de la aparición de los efectos secundarios. 🏥 A pesar de ser un producto hollywoodiense estándar, con su caída en el estereotipo y en la lágrima fácil, [...]
SNUGGLE TIGHTLY the ones who will put you in yo place. . Those who inspire you to stay on course when it’s so easy to derail. The ones who wait for you when your bunk knee causes ya to gimp through Nashville and who will climb the ladder at 12:30am to linen your bunk bed. Most importantly, surround yourself with the people who will feed and fuel your dreams & goals….. . Two years ago these ladies decided to trust me with their health goals, and out of that, a community of nearly TWO THOUSAND and climbing was born. Solid reminder that you never know who is looking for a solution that you are meant to provide. @gfmamablessedx2 @raylene.hanson.ramos . [...]
Here at Dominionatw we’re well known for our results when it comes to teeth whitening and that’s the reasons a lot of people come in for their teeth whitening with us. ~ Listen to our client share on her experience here with us and swipe to see her before and after results. ~ Book your appointment today!!
You ever stop & think how lucky you are to be YOU!? . It has taken me years to be happy with ME. Now that I’m nearing 40, I’m finding it easier to accept my flaws, strengths, & weaknesses. . It isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it. . If it wasn’t for my tribe & my new round love of healthy living, I’m not sure how I’d be feeling. . If you are looking for a tribe to be part of, or a guiding hand in the right direction, then let’s chat!
It was a solid weekend on my feet running trails and roads at all times of day. It’s getting so close and I’m getting so excited to let it rip! Cheers to a recovery day today and another fully loaded week ahead! 1200
First time lifting weights over 315 lb in 1.5 years! 🤠 Excited to see how quickly I can work back up to 500, I’ll be experimenting 🧠 with some targeted nutrition to optimize the anaerobic performance potential of the #ketogenicdiet (which tends to be its Achilles heel). I’m currently messing with UCAN (superstarch), Kegenix (ketone salts), and creatine and liking the results. Happy to answer Q’s, comment below. P.S. Anyone trying to build a nice set of 🍑 #gorillaglutes (guys and girls), see the exercise in the 3rd video. That’s the key! P.P.S. Thank goodness @crunch.seminole FINALLY opened. I’ve been training in my garage (hence the
Getting back to high fat eating after a week of vacation was not as big of a struggle as I expected. I enjoyed every second of vacation, but by the last day I was sick of the energy crashes + constant bloating I felt. Also, I missed my fav breakfast! If you haven’t tried the combo of avocado, salt, evoo + hemp hearts you are missing out!! 🥑
O primeiro passo para mudar pode ser dado hoje! Aprenda a importar produtos dos EUA para revender e conquistar a sua independência financeira.💰💰 É possível comprar Moda masculina, feminina, infantil, festa… Calçados, enxoval, perfumes e até suplementos para revender! Tudo direto dos EUA 🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸 Visite o site do nosso perfil @importar_hj #empreender
Dantų sveikatą gali įtakoti keli faktoriai: paveldimumas (genetika), asmeninės higienos įpročiai ir mūsų mityba. Kokį maistą vertėtų rinktis norint išsaugoti sveikus dantis? Pieno produktai ( #varškė, #kefyras, #natūralus #jogurtas be cukraus, sūriai – ypač kietieji) – prisotina mūsų organizmą kalciu, kad dantys būtų tvirti bei papildo racioną A, B, D vitaminais, fosforu, magniu, kaliu, geležimi, baltymais ir pieno rūgštimi. Visi šie mikro ir makro elementai ne tik stiprina dantis, bet ir maitina nervų sistemą bei dalyvauja hemoglobino sintezėje. Brokoliai – sudėtyje turi kalcio, pasižymiu stipriu antibakteriniu poveikiu, saugo nuo periodontito išsivystymo. Žalumynai ( #salierai, #krapai, #petražolės, #salotų lapai, #svogūnų laiškai, #mėta) – šios žolės savo sudėtyje turi kalcio, gaivina burnos kvapą, pasižymi antibakterinėmis savybėmis. Kieti vaisiai ir daržovės ( #obuoliai, [...]
Did you know that soy is an excitotoxin, mostly genetically modified, and high in MSG? Soy is marketed as a “healthy” protein alternative and a healthy ingredient in general. Take Asia for example, their diet does consist of soy, but there is one big difference. Their soy is fermented and most soy in the United States is UNFERMENTED. Unfermented soy can wreak havoc on your gut, hormones, and basically your entire body. Soy contains protease inhibitors, which suppress key enzymes in our bodies that help us digest protein. Soybeans contain more protease inhibitors than most foods. It is also an excitotoxin, a toxic ingredient that causes excessive stimulation of your brain and can cause a seizure, stroke or even brain [...]
I used to be scared of wearing leggings because you could see my cellulite right through them🤦🏽‍♀️ Trust me, still got cellulite! But once I started thinking about becoming strong rather than just skinny- I started to see true change in my body and mindset. I stopped restricting myself, and started giving my body everything it deserves 👸🏽
. Nerde kurduğum onca #hayaller. Nerde kendime verdiğim o sözler, nerde? Hmmm… Sanırım baktığım yerde. Sanırım şu ilerideki, üzerine yürüdükçe uzaklaşan şeyler, hayallerim. Evet evet o. . Spoiler: etiketledigim “yer” de ulaşamadığım hayali bir yerdir. . #where are all the #dreams that I have #dreamed ? Where are all the #promises that I have given to #myself ? Ummm… #guess it is my #eyes . Guess, these flying #things are the #hopes of #mine which I couldn’t even #achieve . #yeah, right… These are my dreams… Were…
Oggi sono andato da Target Softair a San Marino, naturalmente ho fatto un pò di acquisti (mettero le foto pian piano)… ho avuto l’opportunità di comprare questo rescue tool dedicato alla Gendarmeria di San Marino, questa versione del rescue tool è in edizione limitata ed è stato realizzato grazie all’impegno e la caparbietà dello staff del @target_softair #victorinoxitalia . . . . . Follow my friends @edc_life_italy @jack_survivalist @rough.n.tough