Kit para 15 dias (30 pratos) para dar um revigorada na sua dieta. Refeições light e práticas, pra deixar mais leve seu trabalho do dia a dia, e dar aquela acelerada na reeducação alimentar. Emagrecimento saudável, balanceado e prático. Como sugestão, nós montamos um menu, equilibrando os pratos, para não ultrapassar 800kcal por dia. Quer fazer esse teste, e perder peso com tranquilidade? Peça o KIT LIGHT 15 DIAS, pelo whatsapp 2198096-0090 SER SAUDÁVEL NUNCA FOI TÃO PRÁTICO #reeducacaoalimentar #ra çãosaudável #nutrição #comidacongelada
“Everyday I try to bring it back to the community, share a piece of myself and how I think the world should be and help people enjoy day to day life. It’s that simple.” . . . Read Taylor’s full story at
Talk about motivating, right?! 👊🏻 I’ve been putting off starting a women’s group in my home or a local church for so long thinking I’m not qualified enough, unsure of the details, failing to simply take the first step. So much time wasted on fear! What’s one thing you would do TODAY if you knew you could not fail?? 👇🏻
Because Summer is still here and the last minute vacays are the best… So this is a MUST in my world…TRAVEL-SIZE Regimens! For a limited time, anyone who gets a Regimen has the opportunity to add-on a travel-size Regimen and receive a complimentary R+F-branded travel bag. And… From AUGUST 6-15th, I’ll add on our Sunless tanner or SPF 30 Sunscreen as a BONUS GIFT!🙌🏻🙌🏻 * 60 day money back guarantee * Keep up with your summer routine on the go * It’s a WIN-WIN!! #beconfident
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El secreto del éxito es persistencia por la meta. Cuando alguien desea algo debe saber que corre riesgos y por eso la vida vale la pena ⚡@colombiaentrepreneur 🔥 – – – 🔻 Motivación para que despiertes tu pasión y te pongas en acción – – – Etiqueta algún amigo que necesite ver esto 👇 – – – 4like #colombia
Continuando el post de ayer, a continuación te dejo 5 rasgos adicionales que describen a las personas #imparables. ¿Cuál de estos tienes tú? . #6 Mantienen una vida #equilibrada: A veces para seguir avanzando debemos dar un paso atrás. Si estás exhausto, infeliz e incapaz de mantener tu energía, probablemente estás colgando de un hilo. Ser imparable significa mantener un equilibrio saludable, y eso significa atender al cuerpo y la mente. Mantener tu salud física y mental es crucial para tu capacidad de buscar todo lo demás en esta lista. . #7 Se #adaptan al cambio: Las personas imparables no entran en pánico ante el cambio. Ellos entienden la importancia de ser flexible y aceptar nuevos desarrollos e innovaciones. Ser [...]
Getting braces has really forced me to go the extra mile when preparing my food…I’m trying to look at the positives people 😂 •• I haven’t been able to eat crunchy veggies because my teeth/gums have been very sensitive. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying one of my favorite veggies, so I problem solved💡 I took out the grater and shredded those babies up along with some beets because why not?! My hands were a pink disaster afterward, but this bowl was so worth it 🙌 Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but this is like some restaurant quality shiz 😆 •• Happy Monday lovelies, it’s a new week full of new opportunities! [...]
・・・ A veces es necesario salir sol@, tomar un poco de aire, respirar y pensar muy profundo para sumergirnos en la soledad y distinguir nuestros pensamientos y deseos, lejos de la presión de la sociedad. Darnos tiempo y espacio para salir de las expectativas, la presión y el miedo de no ser lo suficiente para otros. Anota en tu agenda un día especial para ti, SI!! Solo para ti, todos necesitamos tiempo para estar solos, ya sean solteros o en una relación, mamás o papas, jóvenes o ancianos. La “soledad”  intencional no es mala, es un tiempo para rejuvenecer el alma y hablar con uno mismo, limpiarnos de los deseos por cumplir de otros y llenarnos de los nuestros. . .fuente @psiqueactivac [...]
Si te gusta compartir lo aprendido, tienes pasión por servir y ayudar a otros a mejorar su salud y calidad de vida, tenemos el lugar perfecto para ti! Contáctanos y descubre los requisitos para accesar al fascinante mundo de @wellnessofgeorgia 😎🎉 #entusiasmo
Today we celebrated my Mama’s birthday with some @cocoandal cakes! Omg! These just keep getting better and better. Lemon poppyseed was new to me and it had so much lemon goodness. If you haven’t checked out @cocoandal and the wonderful, generous, kind soul @edengoesketo behind these culinary masterpieces you really should. Dairy free, wheat free, sugar free and keto friendly cakes that burst with flavour. I’m so grateful to know Eden and having access to purchase her delicious cakes.
Not keto, maybe low carb ish lol. When on vacation in a new place, I want to try the local “specialties”. So, I googled, and my options for “what Missouri is known for” came down to KC BBQ, or pig snouts 🤣 yeah I went with the BBQ. Danna’s came highly recommended by everyone, and it was less than a mile from where we were staying, perfect combo! We got the smoked pit plate, it’s basically a sampler of all their meats and sides– pulled pork, pulled beef, smoked sausage, half chicken, ribs, coleslaw, beans, onion rings, and something called a Memphis roll. Gambit got my beans but I definitely ate the coleslaw and onion rings #noragrets that shit was [...]
Not a pretty picture (I got hungry and then thought maybe I should share! 😂) but a delicious dinner for sure! Ribs with Keto approved BBQ sauce from my local Keto store! Side of broccoli and cheese “tater” tots made by #greengiant. Hadn’t tried the tater tots before- a little higher carb than most people probably want (and if you’re strict about ingredients, these are probably not for you!), but works for me and they were SO good! Totally hits that fry craving while still obviously being broccoli!
[got shots?] We do! ✊🏽✨ • Need a little #mondaymotivation? ~ Get your Monday pick me up with any of our handy + convenient pocket sized shots! . U P C L O S E & P E R S O N A L: • About Last Night Shot ~ loaded with our power duo ingredients; activated charcoal x watermelon ~ the ultimate detox and rehydration kick 🍉💦 • D-Up Shot ~ A mini city scout enriched with vitamin-D for maximum Immunity benefits 🍊☀️ • CBD + Kava Shot ~ Our de-stress shot powered by all natural calming ingredients to alleviate any stress and pain!🍍🌱 • Wellbelly Shot ~ All about belly health, a pre + probiotic shot all in [...]
#motivationmonday💪🏽 . Left pic was my highest weight to date, it was taken literally 2 days before my son was born. Sometimes I’ll look at the left pic as a reminder to how far I’ve come and how much I want to stay on track with my health and never go back to my old eating habits. I don’t consider myself on a diet since I started the ketogenic way of eating and intermittent fasting and I definitely feel that it’s a lifestyle change. I love the way it makes me feel inside and out and I hope to continue this way of eating as a staple to my health journey. ▫️ ▫️ ketowoe #weightlosstransformation
I rarely eat fast food but last night I finally had my first Flying Dutchman with grilled onions, mustard fried and pickles. As you can see when I got home I cover s it in sprouts, shredded lettuce and special sauce. It was delicious! My food intake yesterday consisted of 2 bun less burgers 🤷🏼‍♀️🍔🍔🥓 . . .
We’re back with our stories! Our hiatus was long due, cause good things take time. We’ll be taking you behind the scenes of our journey. The people behind this page have stories. Waiting to be unleashed. The fashion industry is going through the fourth revolution. The revolution, which will change everything from our manufacturing to our usage power. Whilst sourcing ethically this year, our journey took us to the rural areas of Bengal. Where no cloth is ever thrown out by the locals. Locals, who sew these pieces together to create new textiles. These textiles will surprise you.
Indigenizing: Reviving our indigenous cultures, practices, and ancestral connection to the land in contemporary spaces. The Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA) conference in Oahu was completely Indigenous Led. I am still vibrating from the utter magic that took place in these three days: knowledge, speech, song, chant, science, prayer, laughter, tears, data, praise, food, drink, embrace, love. I am so grateful for all of my Berkeley sisters and friends who reconvened at this astounding event and I can’t wait to be led by indigenous women into the future. Big mahalo to Aunty Kukui and Aunty Manu♥️🙌🏽🌱🌳 Pū ‘ai i ke aloha ā Kū ka’i ‘ia ka hā loa lā Pāwehi mai nā lehua Mai ka ho’oku’i a ka hālāwai lā [...]
It’s been a busy, no bra, no makeup, not yet showered, mum bun kind of Monday! 😁 . . Pretty much have everything on my list done and for my something fun I am spending the evening with my horsie friend 🐴 . . I found that although the gym helped my fitness levels, it didn’t give me the same enjoyment as the horses do and motivation was lacking so I’ve cut back on gym and started back to the horse riding and it’s soooo helped me to get myself motivated and in a good frame of mind 😍 i forgot how much of a workout riding is 😅and I’m really excited to share my check in on my diet [...]
En las teorías de Imagen y Poder del Dr Roberto de Vries, existen 5 diferentes tipos de discurso que ayudan a la personalidad a mejorar su forma de comunicarse con los demás desde cualquier aspecto (organizacional o personal), mediante códigos visuales, auditivos, táctiles, olfativos y gustativos. ⠀⠀ A través de sesiones de autoconocimiento se puede identificar en qué discurso e imagen se encuentra cualquier persona y cuál sería su impacto en el liderazgo desde el punto de vista de negociación y comunicación. ⠀⠀ ¿Apasionante verdad? ⠀ No obstante, por ahora nuestra tarea es: estar atentos en la forma en que nos comunicamos con los demás; cuál es el tono de mi comunicación, qué deseo dejar claro en mis mensajes y [...]
Monday morning and I am getting my week organized and getting focused on how I can maximize my opportunities. . Don’t get discouraged by what you think you can’t do, but take action on what you can do to help others. Take action. Move forward. . . . . #100to0
What creates killer instinct? 🥊🥊🥊 Have you ever wondered why some people dominate while others just participate? ⚽️🏀🏈 Sports are like a mirror. Competing, at any level, reveals a tremendous amount of who you are and what you’ve got. 🥋🥋🥋 The best of the best all poses athletic ability, God given. But what separates the pros from the joes is mental and emotional toughness. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 In baseball we had a term for guys that couldn’t handle the mental and emotional ups and downs…Mental Midget. 👁👁👁 Talent is cheap. Having a killer instinct is a learned and crafted skill. It takes overcoming your own limitations so when you see those in your opponent…you strike. Otherwise, you’ll hesitate. Take it easy on [...]
When it allllll comes together 👌🏽⠀ .⠀ Loving these arrow elements we created for @altaeventsco . An amazing event planning company who was seeking a little refresh. Each color corresponds with one of their services- corporate, meetings, fundraisers, and non-profits. Gotta love a good color code!
Plant update: I’ve divided my maranta and put it under this beautiful dome from @ikeausa. I really need to find a pot for this fiddle leaf fig so far he’s been chilling in this vintage vase. He is of the Bambino variety which means he will not grow as large as a normal fiddle leaf! I recently purchased 2 different calathea varieties for the foliage. I purchased most of my new starters from a seller on Etsy named fronde. They’re pretty great. 💚 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ #cacti
Nos gusta agosto, saber que estamos en plena temporada y darlo todo. Por eso no dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy… ••• Los viernes de agosto tendremos Violonchelo en directo y además de comer y cenar recuerda que también puedes venir a merendar. 🔝😋😋🔝 ••• #costablancaspain🇪🇸
What is the difference between physiotherapy and physical therapy? None! “Physical Therapy” and “Physical Therapist” are terms specific to the United States, and because we work globally, we have chosen to utilize the terms most recognized throughout the world. So in case you were wondering … that explains it. Happy Monday Orlando! 🌎
La devoción al #santocristodelagrita es una manifestación religiosa de profundo arraigo en #venezuela y se celebra cada 6 de agosto en la población andina de La #grita, capital del Municipio Jáuregui del estado #táchira, desde el año de 1610. . . . Todos los años, desde hace más de cuatro siglos, miles de peregrinos de diferentes lugares del país acuden a La #grita a honrar, venerar y cumplir promesas frente al milagroso #santocristodelagrita en la Basílica del Espíritu Santo y en el nuevo Santuario del Santo Cristo de los Milagros de La Grita. La celebración al Santo Cristo de La Grita destaca entre las Ferias y Fiestas Tradicionales de Venezuela y es una de las manifestaciones religiosas más grandes de [...]
Eu não vou embora 🎵😂 . Como tudo que é bom, dura pouco, chegou q hora de me despedir desse destino incrível! Amei conhecer Canoa Quebrada! . Ah, e a viagem fica ainda mais maravilhosa com hospedagem a altura, né? Por isso, indico o Ravenala Hotel Boutique. O quarto é incrível, estilo flat, ele hospeda de 2 a 4 pessoas. Super organizado, tudo novinho. As meninas da recepção são simpáticas e prestativas. O café da manhã é servido às 8h e vc pode pedir no seu quarto, já que lá tem espaço para ser ele servido (sala com mesinha, cadeiras, etc). Além de estacionamento privativo e área de lazer incrível (mtas plantas e piscina delícia!) . No Ravenala o quarto [...]
◾HORSE SYMBOLISM◾ Power Grace Beauty Freedom Nobility Strength Victory Honor Fertility Pregnancy Rebirth Loven Stability Wild Earthly wisdom Grounding Travel Quick change ◾Horse guide◾ 🔹Let go of what is holding you back. 🔹Let go of the reigns and let things move with their own will naturally. 🔹Look at constructive ways to support others while still taking into account your own needs. 🔹Be free, be you! #alicia🌻