It’s been just over 7 months since I started my keto lifestyle. I don’t weigh myself often (I don’t even own a scale!) so pictures is how I track my progress most of the time! I almost don’t recognize the me on the left 😳 I started this to loose weight, I’m sticking to it for my health! Follow along my journey.. and join me on your own 😉 . . . #lowcarb
HOERA 🎉 Vandaag bestaat mijn bedrijfje @biancards_diy officieel 1 jaar! Met dankbaarheid kijk ik terug op de fantastische workshops brushlettering (98!) en de leuke samenwerking met o.a. @dewedloop in Barneveld, @hetbakenkatwijk , @espeterhoeve in Barneveld, Den Hertog in Houten, De Rank in Veenendaal en de verschillende kerken en verenigingen. Ik hoop nog lang te mogen brushletteren, workshops te geven en kaarten te ontwerpen. Dank je wel ook aan al mijn volgers voor jullie support 😘 Keep on following! #1jaar
You alone truly knows what works for you. You alone hold the keys to the happiness that you seek. The day you stop conforming to popular beliefs and start doing you, is the day you start your journey of true happiness. #peace✌ #jug
Open Collaboration Art Night at Unexpected Gallery!!! Come and enjoy some fine arts and dance grooves from your man 🎧DJ J-ZAR🎧 don’t be afraid to get down, that’s the point!!✊ 734 W Polk St Phx, AZ 85007 Open Cyphers in the main gallery from 5pm to 8pm 7/21/2018 $5.00 cover (kids 15 and under Free) #art #4elementsofhiphop #befree
O #tbt de hoje à 1 ano atrás… onde comemorávamos 2 anos do Kitecabana Lounge… 🍾🥂🎂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 e o 🎁 quem ganhou foram os animais do @abrigosaolazaro com campanha para arrecadar ração 🐶🐶🐶 . . 🔉E nossa festa deste ano está se aproximando… 🛎🎉🎊 Participe você também levando rações para nossos melhores amigos… 🐶🐶🐶 e ganhe a camisa dos 3 anos… 🤙🏽💪🏾🤜🏽🤛🏽👊🏽📣 . . 🥁Como participar!? – Leve apartir de 5 kg de ração e adquira 1 camisa da campanha. 💚💚💚 Ou se preferir a quantia de R$ 30,00 reais que iremos converter todo em ração. 🤜🏽🤛🏽 Esse ano estamos com parcerias de distribuidores hehehe ☝🏾Magnus Rações e RRV distribuidora PET. . . . . ährungsberatung #nutrição #ernährung #segurançadoalimento #ausgewogeneernährung #alimentacao [...]
Awesome Future Goals.. Our trust life is when we are in dreams awake. We work HARD and Dream big and Believe ! We have the Proven Opportunity for our Big Dreams ! “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” #dreambig #livefree #opportunity #wellnesscoach #neverstoplearning #herbalifenutrition #youngentrepreneur #coach #coachlife #trainingforlife #fitentrepreneurs #beunapologeticallyyou
Our trust life is when we are in dreams awake. We work HARD and Dream big and Believe ! We have the Proven Opportunity for our Big Dreams ! “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” #dreambig #livefree #opportunity #wellnesscoach #neverstoplearning #herbalifenutrition #youngentrepreneur #coach #coachlife #trainingforlife #fitentrepreneurs #beunapologeticallyyou
Being Associated With Rich And Successful People … We Rise by Lifting others The Most Important Thing is To Enjoy Your Life -To Be Happy It’s All That Matters Becoming successful is more about being at the right time with the right opportunity. In today’s time 2 things that most people are looking for long term good health and opportunity to be an Entrepreneur. Good news my business offers both. And that’s the reason people with burning desire for living a better life do good with us. I m expanding and looking for more serious business partner. #opportunity #health #fitness #beyourownboss #entrepreneur #wellnesscoach #workfromhome @ WORK from HOME
•Hope- to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment. • I know I am hoping for some things in my life, in the world. It’s a want for something to happen or to be true. I rest in the Hope that my Savior is coming, and truthfully soon. I don’t want to burry my head in the sand with what is happening in the world, but I rest in the Hope that the Lord is coming to deliver His people from the world here on earth! Do you share this hope?
High Quality Rose Quartz Roughs, average sizes 6cm length. $8 each Rose Quartz’s calming and reassuring energy helps to comfort in times of grief. It also has the ability to dispel negativity energy and protects against environmental pollution.
Yes! Boundaries. The magick word! Especially for lightworkers. We want them, we love them and we need them. Too often we can be depleted of so much energy, which comes at a major cost to our loved ones and ourselves. NO, is not a dirty word. Stay strong and shiny. Blessings Dione. 💆‍♂️😊🙏🙌😊🤗😘💖 #selflove
Lunar Tickle : Waxing Moon, 20th July🌓 Continuing with the new format I introduced on the last Lunar Tickle. The central card is the driving force, the ⚡️ While those around it are talking to it in different ways, in different contexts. The top card being #1, moving clockwise, upto the left one being #4 . So for example, if you choose combination 3, it means it’s the combo of the 3rd card (bottom one) talking to the central ⚡️one. And yes, like last time, you can think of a theme (destiny/ health/ wealth/ love & relationships) before you choose your combination(s). • So then.. Close your eyes, take a couple of slow, deep breaths to centre yourself. Then open [...]
#repost @thandieandkay 🖤 #starpeopleish ・・・ “Dear @Forbes THIS is what a REAL self-made entrepreneur looks like. While the mainstream seems hell-bent on celebrating the vapid, the charlatan and the vultures I’m going to pause for a moment to share some real news… @patmcgrathreal was often the only woman of colour that I used to see regularly featured in @britishvogue when I was growing up. It was usually in the society pages – photographed at dinners or events. Always dressed in black, minimalist and demure. It wasn’t till I was reading about her involvement in launch of @armani cosmetics (2009?)(featuring the model Sasha Pivovarova) that I discovered just how influential Ms Mcgrath was. She isn’t just a make-up artist. She is [...]
Tell me about your #hustle. Are you #whiteboard jamming at midnight? WE ARE. Are you banging out late night #strategy sessions? WE ARE. #aurorabeacons is busting some serious #entrepreneur but in these last weeks before our official #launch date (August 15). We hustle for our . We hustle for our #servicebusiness rockstars. We hustle for our #dealership bosses. We hustle hard so that you can enjoy #yourbestlife . Tell me about your hustle!!!
It’s late #nofilter and my hubby and I are outside on the porch listening to the crickets (and baby monitor 😂👶🏻) but hey, I feel perfect 👌🏻. I feel like this is how I should document day 4. My nutrition is on point and I turned down Krispy creme and hotdogs today #majorwins . Being able to enjoy myself and those around me again is a huge plus. I know 4 days isn’t long, but I’m amazed at how incredible I am already feeling. My husband told me tonight that he is happy to have his wife back and see me smiling. Wow 😲 I can’t wait to see where this smile is at day 14, 24, 34, 44 and [...]
Failing forward! Thanks to a recommendation from Kitty @nustrength4122 Failing forward by John C Maxwell..I’ve been listening to the audible version of this book and wow. So good, and so relevant to many areas of life. I know so many people who give up because they failed once. Just once. Omg, I have failed so many f***king times I’ve lost count. Fail, dust off, reflect, learn, stand up and move on. Simple as that. Be strong.. stand up, keep moving forward .
Progesterone & Why We Love It 🌸 We hear a lot about oestrogen when discussing women’s hormones, but let’s talk progesterone. Progesterone is extremely beneficial and plays an important role in women’s health, and not just for or during pregnancy. Known as a “feel good hormone”, it provides energy, reduces heavy periods, stimulates bone building cells and muscle, is cancer protective, relieves anxiety, treats hormonal related insomnia, great for hair and clearing the skin resulting in fewer break outs. It is what gives pregnant women that lovely “glow”✨. It is essential for reproductive health, immunity, brain health, menstruation and detoxification. To ensure you have the right amount of progesterone, you need to be ovulating regularly. It takes a minimum of [...]
I don’t eat breakfast because I do intermittent fasting, so, I decided to have it for dinner: Locally sourced poached eggs, braised curried kale, collard, and radish greens, caramelized onions, red bell pepper, and loads of rich and salty whole milk queso fresco from a local Mexican mercado, topped with avocado and radish slices. Indian/Mexican fusion. #intermittentfasting
Hello there my lovely dreamers! This week I will be sharing the best designs of the #2000s . . . . #2000s interior decor has be heavily inspired by the #scandinaviandesign . Simple, neutral and open are the words that describe this era perfectly. One of the major style statements of this era was to have dark counter tops with light shutters in your kitchen. . . . LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this post with all of your #interiors fanatic friends! Also FOLLOW this #blogpage to get updates on my blog. Tap on the link in the bio to get to MY BLOG PAGE. . . . 4you1
Nutrition for beauty… enhanced elasticity. Gluten free rolled oats..Pear. Banana and turmeric cream spice bowl. This rich, creamy and spicy bowl of deliciousness is rich in silica from the oats, which helps with skin elasticity, and rich in anti inflammatory, antioxidant spices.
#30daysofdance2018 @kevin_paradox Day18 Challenge: Heavy Weighted Movement. Slowing down(not to be mistaken with slowmotion😉) has been a major weak point in my own dance for the past couple of years. So… Since a lot of my practice is based on slowing down I decided to give this one a try, heavy weighted movement. ☺💜
Kuckt euch mal an was meine liebe in nur 4 Wochen Disziplin geschafft hat. 😍😍😎 Die Waage sagt minus 4 kg und das Spiegelbild ist doch der Hammer nach nur 28 Tagen 😊 bin Mega stolz auf dich meine liebe… zeit für ihre Plananpassung, damit ihr körper immer weiter gezwungen ist sich zu verbessern . Einmal Blut geleckt will sie es nun richtig wissen 😊😊 #jedekannesschaffen #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #fitmum #fitness #fitmitjenny #summer
Good Morning ❤️ Respect is one thing I was taught growing up, respecting others comes naturally but one thing I have noticed is that many don’t respect themselves. Respecting yourself requires you to respect your body inside and out. Don’t eat crap. Don’t put yourself down. Get rid of negativity. Inhale positivity. Invest in yourself. Know your worth. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. . . . . . . . .
A BIG shoutout to @northshoremums 💕 We’re supporting their charity Smiles2U with @movemami #pregnancy & #fourthtrimester gift packs up for Auction (worth $500)! All for an AMAZING cause!! 💕 SMILES2U charity provides care packs to children and parents in the Emergency department of local hospitals across Sydney.. 😍👏🏼 So head over to their page and get bidding for a good cause MAMIs! ❤️❤️❤️
#first workout video since #2015. 😳. Trying to get my #groove back. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 1st vid is actually a bent over raise. 👀👀👀 2nd vid is squats with ball. Don’t use the #bounce of the #ball to assist in the #lift. Notice it’s a sit with almost a pause/rest at the bottom. You’ll really feel it in your #hamstrings…🤞🏽. And since I have a #hip issue, I can use the ball to assist me if needed. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Really hoping I can keep this up when I head back to work on July 30th.
Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses. So it’s a St. Ides kind of night. Complimented with a lil bit of O.J. and the Senegalese dish Chepuyap (made with beef) slightly different from Chepugen (made with fish) courtesy of my Godmother who obviously loves me lol real talk 1 million. With mad mad hot sauce. You already know. 💓🙏 #cosmicuru16 #2018 #fromstarvation
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Evolution has no sense of the future. Evolution works only in the present time; but #evolution had no idea that nearly yrs later technology and Web sites would arrive to take over our minds…. practically. Don’t you think this has messed up all of evolution’s hard work? 🌌🖤 #reachfortheskies
Your mind creates only what you think, Fear is nothing but a mere illusion preventing you from reaching true success 🙋 Set aside your fears, Aim for financial success 🙋 DM me 📩 to get equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a successful investment.The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and as a speculator. This means that he/she should be able to justify every purchase he makes and each price he pays by impersonal, objective reasoning that satisfies him that he is getting more than his money’s worth for his purchase. Binary options/ forex trading…. Here we leave no stone unturned to help our clients realize maximum profits from their investments… With an investment of [...]
Trail blazing through thursday because today is #allrideza day🤘 New EP dropping at 6:30pm this evening. This week we’re going full enduro as we bring you the course preview from the upcoming @endurowesterncape taking place next Sunday. Highlights include flow, rocks, raw, gnar, berms and line choice! Be sure to watch, share and subscribe via WILD AIR TV. The link is in our bio🔥 ——————————————————— #nature