A BIG shoutout to @northshoremums 💕 We’re supporting their charity Smiles2U with @movemami #pregnancy & #fourthtrimester gift packs up for Auction (worth $500)! All for an AMAZING cause!! 💕 SMILES2U charity provides care packs to children and parents in the Emergency department of local hospitals across Sydney.. 😍👏🏼 So head over to their page and get bidding for a good cause MAMIs! ❤️❤️❤️
#first workout video since #2015. 😳. Trying to get my #groove back. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 1st vid is actually a bent over raise. 👀👀👀 2nd vid is squats with ball. Don’t use the #bounce of the #ball to assist in the #lift. Notice it’s a sit with almost a pause/rest at the bottom. You’ll really feel it in your #hamstrings…🤞🏽. And since I have a #hip issue, I can use the ball to assist me if needed. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Really hoping I can keep this up when I head back to work on July 30th.
Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses. So it’s a St. Ides kind of night. Complimented with a lil bit of O.J. and the Senegalese dish Chepuyap (made with beef) slightly different from Chepugen (made with fish) courtesy of my Godmother who obviously loves me lol real talk 1 million. With mad mad hot sauce. You already know. 💓🙏 #cosmicuru16 #2018 #fromstarvation
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Evolution has no sense of the future. Evolution works only in the present time; but #evolution had no idea that nearly yrs later technology and Web sites would arrive to take over our minds…. practically. Don’t you think this has messed up all of evolution’s hard work? 🌌🖤 #reachfortheskies
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Trail blazing through thursday because today is #allrideza day🤘 New EP dropping at 6:30pm this evening. This week we’re going full enduro as we bring you the course preview from the upcoming @endurowesterncape taking place next Sunday. Highlights include flow, rocks, raw, gnar, berms and line choice! Be sure to watch, share and subscribe via WILD AIR TV. The link is in our bio🔥 ——————————————————— #nature
When you run out of things to say, take a pause and listen. When you run out of reasons to feel, take a pause and connect better. We are our habits. We make mistakes and defend; we sell ideas that others don’t like and assume they like; we assume we are helping and others have a different view. Sometimes we are indifferent, sometimes we are indolent; sometimes we are worst misers and sometimes we are reckless spenders. We have a large heart that brings its own pain. We have a stupid mind that in worst times can ask questions unexplained. We are ourselves not easy to understand and we hope the other person understands! Sometimes when it’s not working, take [...]
@Regrann from @nutricionistaevandrodoriquetto – Um levantamento feito com mais de mil #homens e #mulheres, publicado no jornal Daily Mail, aponta que os que saem da #cama mais cedo são mais #magros, saudáveis e felizes do que os que gostam de acordar tarde 😴. . O estudo conduzido pela Universidade Roehampton, em #londres, pesquisou a relação entre hábitos de sono e #saúde e descobriu que madrugar diminui os índices de depressão e ansiedade, bem como colabora para o hábito de tomar #café ☕️da manha, que tb está associada a boa forma. . . Segundo o pesquisador Jorge Huber, pessoas que dormem tarde e acordam tarde não são necessariamente menos saudáveis do que os que madrugam, mas as estatísticas apontam benefícios para [...]
Fact: Getting regular, consistent facials helps to keep your skin in optimal condition, along with at-home care done daily. The two go hand in hand for glowing, healthy, radiant skin! 😍💎 The benefits of facials every 3-6 weeks include: better product absorption with professional exfoliation, extractions, massage to relieve tight muscles, fluid retention and toxins, deep cleansing, and changes in the skin from hormones, stress, and/or seasonal changes to name a few!!! Take time out for YOU! You will be glad you invested in your skin, it’s the only skin you get and it’s the largest organ! 💛 * * * * *
Don’t judge a book by its cover… same goes for churches. Some of the most plain & simple exteriors may surprise you with the most lavish & magical of interiors ⛪️ (most of the time it’s because the church spent so much $$$ decorating the inside of the church that it ran out once it came time to do the outside!) . . . . #doors
Ihr Profil: •Sie sind eine Gastgeberpersönlichkeit und haben eine für das Tätigkeitsfeld relevante Ausbildung (z.B. als Restaurantfachfrau/-mann, Fachfrau/-mann Systemgastronomie, Fachkraft im Gastgewerbe) •Sie arbeiten gern im Team, unterstützen Ihre Kollegen, sind zuverlässig und zeichnen sich durch Ihre kommunikative und freundliche Persönlichkeit aus •Sie arbeiten selbständig, effizient und sorgfältig: auch in stressigen Situationen •Sie sind Dienstleistungs-orientiert, achten auf ein gepflegtes Äußeres und können auf jede Kundengruppe und Situation stets richtig und angemessen reagieren •Sie besitzen eine hohe Beratungskompetenz und geben den Gästen schlüssige Kaufargumente für alle Produkte, die in der Karte angeboten werden Unser Angebot für Sie: •Ein interessanter und abwechslungsreicher Arbeitsplatz mit leistungsgerechter Vergütung •Arbeiten in einem motivierten Team mit flachen Hierarchien •Sorgfältige Einarbeitung und regelmäßige Entwicklungsgespräche •Die Möglichkeit eigene [...]
Just started taking my omega fish oil from @janeiredale again. Will track for everyone how well and fast it heals my skin. Look at my thumbs. Since losing my thyroid to cancer I’ve had a lot of trouble with dry skin. The Omega supplement from Iredale is one of the items that really help my dry, cracked, skin. Love it for my hair and eyelashes too. 😉❤️
The David is widely considered to be the epitome of male perfection. This one, in front of the Medici Palace, was specially made to resemble the original perfectly. The other one in the photo is a statue… . . . Follow us around the world @traveltartare . . . #statueofdavid
Today is my daughter’s 7th Birthday! 🎉 . Kirra and I have been through so much together. I can still remember sitting in English class in high school and feeling her kicks. I carried her in my belly as I cheered at basketball games and at my Junior Prom, she was by my side as I picked out my wedding dress and she danced with me on my wedding day. Kirra moved with me several times before helping Matt and I select our first home, she welcomed her baby brother into the world immediately after he was born and she continues to be a fantastic big sister! . Kirra is wise beyond her years and is going to be an [...]
Mini rant ahead: Today is one of those days where I feel like all my energy was zapped from me. I recently left my job because it was too physically demanding, today someone asked why when I was going to go to the gym and then do the 1,000 steps, like just skip the gym and go to work!? My answer: I don’t choose when I have energy, but when its there I like to use it (and excercising makes me feel good!) most mornings apart from muscle spasms that happen every morning where my legs or shoulder get really stiff and jerk around I was having a great day. Now. This afternoon I am super grateful to be sitting [...]
It’s so easy to feel like we need to rush back into feeling “normal” after birth. We are constantly told that we need to look, feel, and act a certain way as new moms. But what if we embraced the season that is that 4th trimester? Better yet, what if we embraced the body and mind we have today, regardless of how many weeks, months, or years postpartum we are? Imagine the healing and growth that could occur! # If you’re looking for a safe space to start begin or continue this process, join us for the BIRTHFIT Breath & Flow Postpartum Series starting August 9 at 10:30am. More information and sign-ups are linked our profile! # #postpartumseries
I never used to like running, thought it was boring & I would blame the outdoors for making me get outta breath too quickly 🤔🤣 No Alyssa, you were just out of shape. I love love love my home workouts, but I also love blasting music, & running outdoors now. I tend to jog, then when the beat drops/chorus comes on I sprint! Speed intervals 🤗 try it!
🔜 El plan perfecto para el sábado 28 y domingo 29 es en el Mercadillo de las Palmas, como siempre te esperamos con tu familia y amigos. Aquí encontrarás oferta gastronómica, bebidas, postres, ropa, bisutería, accesorios, música y mucho más. Nuestra cita es aquí 👉 Av. Las Palmas #26156 (frente al Centro de Eventos LOFT). Mayores informes (311) 389 59. ¡Hey! nos vemos en el #cerveza @cboxcoworking @viviaccesorios @mercadillo_laspalmas
Não é novidade que o sono tem grande importância na vida de qualquer indivíduo saudável. Uma noite mal dormida pode trazer diversos malefícios à nossa saúde, como falta de concentração, queda do sistema imunológico e, além de gerar estresse, irritação e ganho de peso, pode atrapalhar na execução adequada das suas atividades diárias por cansaço extremo ou sonolência. Em casos de privação de sono crônica, pode ocorrer até o aumento do risco de desenvolvimento de hipertensão arterial, diabetes e AVC. Além disso, é durante o sono que nosso organismo trabalha para eliminar todas as substâncias tóxicas produzidas por ele. A Nutrição tem papel fundamental na qualidade do sono. Cada alimento possui propriedades e substâncias específicas e se consumidos nos horários [...]
Você já ouviu falar desse açúcar? O açúcar de coco é uma excelente opção para aqueles que desejam substituir o açúcar refinado. É uma opção de adoçante cujo sabor é bem próximo do açúcar comum. Observe seus benefícios: 👉🏼 É um açúcar natural e não processado/refinado, sendo assim suas propriedades nutricionais são preservadas e ele deixa de conter apenas “calorias vazias”. 👉🏼 Possui uma grande quantidade de vitaminas e minerais como: potássio, magnésio, ferro, zinco e vitaminas do complexo B (B1, B2, B3 e B6). 👉🏼Sem conservantes. 👉🏼Possui baixo índice glicêmico (IG=35), enquanto o açúcar refinado possui IG=68. Isso significa que o açúcar de coco, diferentemente do açúcar refinado, não vai elevar nossa glicemia de forma brusca, sendo excelente para [...]
Sem sombra de dúvidas❗️ Sabemos que o consumo de bebidas alcoólicas já está completamente normal no convívio da maioria das pessoas, mas será que o maior problema disso tudo não é o excesso e a frequência que as pessoas estão bebendo? Esses malefícios atingem todas as pessoas, principalmente quem visa estética e desempenho físico. Ao ingerir a bebida alcoólica, o fígado produz uma enzima (ADH) que metaboliza o álcool e o transforma em acetaldeído, substância tóxica que se liga às proteínas modificando suas estruturas e alterando sua absorção. 👉🏼Pode haver também diminuição da absorção de vitaminas e minerais, dentre as quais podemos citar: B1, B2, B6, B12 e C, importantes para quem pratica qualquer atividade física, principalmente a musculação, por [...]
A alimentação pode ser uma grande aliada no aumento da produção de testosterona natural do seu organismo. Existem alguns alimentos que podem te ajudar a incrementar os níveis de testosterona no sangue através do fornecimento de vitaminas e minerais essenciais para que potencialize a sua produção, dentre esses alimentos podemos citar: 🥑Abacate: Por possuir gorduras monoinsaturadas, fator que melhora a produção natural de testosterona por serem precursoras (que ajudam na produção) da mesma. 🍗Carnes magras: Frango, peixe e algumas carnes vermelhas como alcatra ajudam na produção natural de testosterona por conterem vitaminas e minerais essenciais como vitamina B6, B12, Zinco e Magnésio. 🍳Ovo: Contém gorduras boas como o colesterol HDL, ômega 3 e vitamina D, também essenciais para a melhora [...]
It’s Constant battle with the person in the mirror. Having your mindset focused on you makes s**t happen, not concerned with what other’s are doing or how they’re doing it.Been a good year so far, can’t wait increase my calories surplus 😋. . . Those who Been following the process seeing it unfold since the start of year, and reach out to me i appreciate the feedback!🙌. . Let’s go!!.💯 . #iam1stphorm #biceppose #1stphorm #100to0
Special Package in honour of the longest eclipse of our century: The July 27th Blood Moon total Lunar eclipse! Balance your Sacral chakra with: – The Cleopatra orgone pyramid – The Sensual Goddess Bracelet PLUS, – A 1 Question in-depth intuitive reading This package is valued at $110 and Is yours for $67.95 + shipping Only 1 available! Free delivery within Peace River, Alberta Message me for details 💕 #bloodmooneclipse
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💪wanna LOSE 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS ??💪 👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆 . Tag a Friend To Show What’s Possible! 😱 Your thoughts on this Stunning Transformation? Follow @weightlossfitplan for more! 👌 📸 Pic by @gi_fitnyc — “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects everyone differently, and for me my weight was affected. This is why I was never able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried. My weight has affected me emotionally and physically throughout my life. I received the gastric sleeve surgery in June of 2017.I am a proud fighter of PCOS, obesity and bullying and hope to inspire and help others fight it as well. I am finally happy and confident with myself, and to know that I have [...]
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