Ashley Adams, Psy.D., obtained her Masters in School and Community Psychology and her Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from Seton Hall University. She also obtained her Doctorate of Psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has worked as a school psychologist for the past nine years and specializes in assisting children in areas such as self-regulation, anxiety, anger management, coping skills, social skills, and depression.
Erin Herman, Psy.D., obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Muhlenberg College, then continued on to Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology to receive her Doctorate of Psychology in School Psychology. She specializes in assisting school-aged children in areas such as managing anxiety, anger management, coping skills, self-regulation, and depression.
George Asfendis, Psy.D., has been a Certified School Psychologist for 18 years. He has an extensive background in the assessment and remediation of school learning and behavioral problems. He helps school-aged children and their families overcome problems related to anxiety, depression, and adjustment to the increasing demands of today’s schooling. He also coaches parents to be leaders of children.
Dr. Kenneth Lichtman, MD, has been a practicing Board Certified Psychologist for more than 35 years. His primary area of expertise is general psychiatry. He has also has an in-depth knowledge of psychotropic medication, specifically in the recent advances in combination, augmentation, and supplementation strategies, including the use of light therapies and vitamin supplements as well as biological additives.
Janis Waters, LPC, RPT, obtained her Masters of Arts in Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University in 2005 and Masters of Education from Rutgers University with a concentration in Learning, Cognition, and Development in 1996. In her work with children and families, she provides directive and non-directive play therapy and parent-child relationship therapy utilizing techniques from developmental attachment models, as well as trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy. With her extensive training background, she is able to assist children as young as the age of 3 express themselves and work through any concerns in a fun and creative way.
Sneak peak at New Day Collaborative’s outdoor space! Perfect for having a therapy session, eating & relaxing! Also, we will be located on the 2nd floor overlooking the pond. Some of the offices feel a little like you are sitting in a treehouse. 🌲🌿🌞
Aquilo que você não fala, pode se transformar em sintoma! 😱 Não guarde tudo para si mesmo! 🙊 Muitas vezes, falar é o melhor remédio! 💬 Procure um terapeuta! 😉 . . 🔹Fernando Florentino de Oliveira – Psicólogo CRP: 06/144091🔹 ▫Atendimento Clínico de orientação Psicanalítica para todas as idades▫ ⏰ Atendimento com horário agendado: 📞 (19) 99742-5579 📩 . . úde
Losing our loved ones is a painful process. Over time, we reestablish our routines and our lives in this new way, however still missing the presence of those that were always there before. I have found comfort and choose to honor those I have loved and lost in ways that keep them with me. I think about them all the time and can imagine the words they would say to me in different circumstances. I like to keep up certain traditions that either we did together or ones that they started that I’ve now taken on. I also like to honor them and celebrate them on their birthdays. Yesterday, July 15th, would’ve been my grandma’s 104th birthday. While I haven’t [...]
Oh what a beautiful morning it is, when we can utilize music to come alongside every single patient & find an individualized way music can benefit them. Today’s #interventionmonday is a way to use the guitar to increase stimulation through a preferred entry point (in this precious kiddo’s case: her feet!) The picture does the job for us in explaining how to set it up, make sure the child is comfortable as this often assists the client into a calm, alert state. This intervention provides a nice way to sensitively & gently wake up a client, or to assist a child that may need some extra time transitioning & is sensitive to environmental stimulus. Transitions are hard, but music may [...]
Bridge Beauty is delighted to welcome Molly to the team, she will start with us at the beginning of August 💕🌸🎉 Molly will be our Junior Therapist and is already fully qualified in Manicure, pedicure, shellac, eyebrow shaping, make up, hair up and spray tans. She will be working part time with us as she finishes her Hair Dressing Qualification and studies for her NVQ level 2 in Beauty Therapy to gain an extensive knowledge of the industry. I will be announcing special offers for the month of August with Molly very soon. I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming her to Bridge Beauty 🎉 #expandingtheteam
Case of the Mondays? 🤦🏼‍♀️ • Many of us experience a spike in anxiety starting Sunday night and carrying into Monday. The mind races and the panic rushes in. We feel short of breath, tense, and worried. Sound familiar? • My question/invitation is this: what can you do to calm your BODY? Notice I didn’t say: calm your mind. Do you need to talk a walk? Can you try a breathing exercise, or bring your attention to your breath? Want to give a meditation app a try? Why not start on Monday? How about an extra glass of water instead of a second cup of coffee? Anxiety is fueled by caffeine! Can you give your pet some love and let [...]
Want to stay in the city this coming weekend and learn new self-defense strategies? Come out to Mind Body Defense at 4143 N. Broadway, Chicago for a FREE women’s self-defense workshop this Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 11:00 AM. Torriente Toliver has graciously agreed to host another workshop for Blessons Scholarships For Women! Last January’s workshop booked up fast and was incredible. Don’t wait to book your free ticket. Hope to see you there! @mindbodydefense @herblessons #freeworkshop
Focus first. Engage each set with a goal in mind, a goal of how your set should look. Will you maintain positioning or lose it? Control the weight or let it control you? These are important things to envision before each and every set. _ A little throwback, shoutout to my boy @yokedup ! @mi40_gym muscle camp was real!
And the matching Mid Century Stanley Credenza! Such an iconic style and perfect for so many different spots in your home! I have a similar piece in our entry! Flaws on top surface, minor dings, and some discoloration through – still a total gem! (Happy to send pics) Would also be a great piece to paint the exterior! $350 (18D/64W/30.5T) ————————————————————— DM/Call/Text Allison with questions or to purchase!
I’m so excited to be heading to Canada later this week for the rest of the summer. Looking forward to time with family & friends, reconnecting and making new connections. 🌵 I will be available for in-person and online Holistic Counselling sessions and would love to hear from you. 🌵 Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas for collaborations, events or workshops ⭐️
Man, when I look at that picture on the left, which was 2 Easter’s ago.. I cringe!!! I never realized in the moment, how fluffy my face was!! 🙈🙈. I post this because my transformation isn’t complete.. no where near it… however, I feel a world of difference from the inside!! 🙌🙌. ☀️Internal Growth by working on my self everyday with personal development, which is reading and listening to Audio books, listening to podcasts, and working with a life coach (versus therapy).. . Self care is HUGE YALL. Take care of yourself, Love Yourself, Be gentle with yourself. We cant be our best selves for our babies, our spouses, our friends.. or we can’t show up 💯 to school or [...]
I own @omahapsychotherapy, a group practice of awesome therapists in Omaha. _ The practice has been growing and building and we are so excited to share the great things going on with us. I am so proud of this practice and I am so grateful that I get to work with such amazing people. _ I spent last week updating our website to reflect some of the changes. More changes and updates are coming, but I can’t wait to share the great progress we’ve had so far, so I’m sharing it now. Check it out at And follow @omahapsychotherapy !
I was on a podcast with @practiceofthepractice talking about my road to establishing Nourished Energy and becoming a psychotherapist. It is a podcast on practice building but I get in some good nuggets on Intuitive Eating. Check it out, it is only about 20 minutes. I had so much fun doing it!…/
Mindful Monday —> notice your dreams – but not the sleeping kind. Your wishes, goals and hopes for yourself. What are they? What do you do with them and towards them? Sometimes we may feel like our dreams are too far off, or we’ll get to them “some day”. – Today, take a few moments and just notice what it is you want for yourself and your life. What small, even tiny, steps do you make towards them?
If you don’t give the dog a chance to lift, you may end up missing the beauty behind it. . . . Spending a week leading @younglife guys at Malibu Camp was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I saw lives changing, but saw my own life changing ten fold. Seeing this view spoke to a major lesson I learned, namely patience in all things. I truly hope to make it back one day. @miyounglife
☓☓ This weekend I celebrated my 26th year of life and here are my favorite 26 lessons I’ve learned so far: There is no set timeline for everyone. People who want to be with you, do. Family (or the people who really support and love you) are everything. Worrying doesn’t protect you from pain or disappointment. If you need to leave or say no, do it. Don’t be afraid to say yes. There’s more to life than a test score, winning a game or being accepted. Do not settle, EVER. Travel is experience. Simply your life. If you don’t use it, throw it away. Be with someone who you can be silly with and conquer the world with all at [...]
God is the source of your strength, light, and salvation, a very present help in time of trouble, and a friend for all times. He sees and knows your heart, he understands every single moment of your experiences. I used to doubt my strength, but God doesn’t give us more than we can bear. I was created to face every single thing I’ve endured, my current battles and everything challenging thing ahead of me. The good thing is, God is always by my side, guiding and protecting me. I’m not perfect, but I’m faithful. I am not afraid of the lessons. I’ve been through enough to know how strong I am and that no weapon formed ever prospered. Search me [...]
This is the North Star of my existence. 🌟 If we could all live our lives as our authentic selves so many of our problems, challenges, heartaches would be non existent. If you do anything for yourself, tap in to your authenticity. Do the work to figure who that is and what it means for you. Authenticity; real, genuine, true, accurate. You do you.
Rose Quartz’s powerful energy of love makes it one of the most important stones of our time, and one of the most important stones to wear and use. Its gentle energy helps fill the environment with love.⠀ All Types of Love, Compassion, Self Esteem⠀ Chakras: Heart, Higher Heart⠀ Astrology: Taurus, Libra⠀ 🐝🐝🐝⠀ Bee Loving:⠀ 🐝🐝🐝⠀ Bees and other pollinators transfer pollen and seeds between flowers, fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food. Many pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates.⠀ ⠀ “Save the Bees!” Bracelet Purchase = Donation to Save the Honeybees Foundation⠀ 🐝educating the public about pollinators⠀ 🐝researching solutions for helping them⠀ 🐝protecting natural bee habitat from threats⠀ ⠀ Every time you wear your bracelet, you [...]
——- hey hey! see that cute logo on my shirt? that was HAND EMBROIDERED!!!! that detail and how smooth the stitching is so incredible, and don’t forget, each stitch was made with love. if you want a custom, beautifully hand embroidered tee or anything really, check out @goodjuju.things !!! she is an absolute sweetheart and i am so crazy glad i get to be apart of the movement of sending good juju to everyone! 🐝🌱 ——- on another note, let’s switch the motto “save the bees” as some mainstream marketing ploy and ACTUALLY SAVE THEM!!! do you love flowers and nature, because i know i do! i also love coffee, apples and vanilla, which are a couple examples of bees [...]
Our kitchen garden is a haven for butterflies 🦋 and bees 🐝 at this time of year. Our wonderful gardener @stephaniehafferty is keeping them cool and hydrated with this pretty pool #repost @stephaniehafferty with @get_repost ・・・ I made this drinking pool for bees, wasps and other thirsty insects in the kitchen garden @rothbarandgrill today. The garden is full of edible flowers loved by so many kinds of hoverflies, bees and other beneficial insects. This little pool will help to keep them hydrated during these hot days. #wildlifegardening
Putting my series on pause to highlight some of the images I shot yesterday at #houstonhype 2. The second event hosted by @ludatheshooter. Great turn out with lots of young talent. It’s always good to get out and meet people. I had fun. @philonism
💍Behind the scenes of the photo session with Brandi and Chase. These two were so awesome to work with. Despite how hot it was in the gardens, we all had a lovely time full of so much laughter and smiles 🤗 — 🎩Weddings are one of my favorite events to shoot for. It’s always a great time. So much love and smiles throughout the whole room, it always puts me in a fantastic mood. Nothing is more important than capturing this special moment for two people and their family/friends. Seeing my clients in love with their photos is what matters most to me at the end of the day. I want to make people happy!!! I love taking photos because [...]
I love this girl and her joyful heart for people. Even though she can aggravate me to death, she can always make me laugh too. She is beyond beautiful and if any guy wants to be with her…you can’t, so back off PUNK!
Tão grata por todas as pessoas incríveis que estão chegando até mim! A cada ensaio é um novo aprendizado e uma nova experiência. São tantas histórias, cada uma com sua singularidade. A @fanycamila45 é uma menina/mulher tão doce, linda e com um sorriso sincero. Eu amei registrar esse momento dela! ❤️ Makeup: @belaacaroline