I’ve always tried to be kind, to see the best in others and show empathy when someone was going through a tough time. 💜❤️💜 • Because kindness is what connects us and helps us feel just a little less alone👯‍♂️ • What traits do you admire in others? – – –
One of my favourites in clinic today. Small enhancement and respecting the facial proportions of beauty. . . . . . Aesthetics is very individualised. We provide in depth consultations that are personalised for you. Our aim is for our clients to feel relaxed and have time to consider treatment options. Consultations are free and there is no obligation. Cosmetic injectable procedures are medical procedures and it’s important to do your research. Contact us if you would like to come in for a chat @iuvenis.aesthetics. We are a nurse led specialised clinic. We offer anti wrinkle treatments, hyperhydrosis, bruxism injections, lip fillers, cheek fillers, liquid facelifts, medical microdermabrasion,skin peels and microneedling. Call or message to book a consultation. . . [...]
raw probiotic bread for our avocado bruschetta! that´s one of our favorites! ? Essa é nossa bruschetta de abacate sobre cracker probiótica! parece fácil, e é! mas esse é um dos pratos mais demorados para fazer. Começamos pelo nosso probiótico! Essa bruschetta é feita de kimchi branco, um fermentado de acelga coreado que leva 7 dias para fica pronto!!? Depois germinados o trigo sarraceno, que é o outro ingrediente da bruschetta, 1 dia e mais umas horas! Então preparamos a receita da bruschetta que vai ao desidratador por umas 24 horas até ficar bem crocante! Depois de pronta preparamos aquele queijinho branco que vc vê debaixo do abacate. Ele leva 2 dias para ficar pronto e é feito com um starter [...]
Finding healthy food on a cruise! Yes it’s possible. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats cooking for yourself and hand picking fresh produce when you shop. But if you’re on a vacation, and have the luxury of not having to cook and prep all your meals, by all means enjoy! It is possible to stay close to your preferred diet and habits though. I am of course eating #plantbased but I also aim to eat things I normally enjoy and my body won’t feel confused by, while staying clear of processed foods as much as possible. Processed in this sense means anything that has been stripped of its natural properties, dyed, artificially harvested, sweetened, full of preservatives, you get the [...]
Both Boogaloo Academy Directors Anita and Jheric are in New York right now for the Dance Teachers Summit. They have been taking courses the past 4 days to learn the latest advancements in dance and business, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this upcoming season. 🤗
Un settimo posto in classifica che per noi vale come un podio… questo è il risultato dei nostri ragazzi ottenuto con costanza e impegno in questo Campionato italiano delle società 2018 presso il Tav Foligno su un totale di 40 squadre partecipanti da tutta la penisola! Chi sono i nostri campioni: Mauro Bosi – Cat. Eccellenza Nicola Dalla Croce – Cat. Seconda Gian Marco Benedetti – Cat. Prima Alessandro Valentini – Cat. Terza Flavio Bassi – Cat. Terza Alessandro Rubbi – Cat. Terza Junior Complimenti ragazzi! Siamo orgogliosi di voi! #weloveconsultarmi Stay on
Good Sunday morning friends! I am off to visit my cute Grandma today and probably head to the pool later because it is going to be hot again. Love summer weather 🌞. Shown in this picture are some paintings that are available in my shop as prints. { link in profile}. Enjoy your day!
This might sound really crazy and quite simple but as a brand do you “talk to” your people…. We all get so caught up in marketing, creating our products and doing 100 other things that we often forget to talk to our peeps. #sparkleandglitterdesigns #talktoyourpeeps
Sunday fun day, time to relax one last time before the work week begins. Spend your time how you want whether it is walking your dog, socializing with friends, or cozying up next to the AC to read a book. . Just dont forget to get your workout in. Free up your mind and body for relaxation. I did not go as hard as with my HIIT day, but I made sure to kick up the treadmill and traps/back day. My first 5k in September keeps coming closer and I really want to hit at least around 36 minutes. That is the goal and now to make it happen. .
****ANTISEPRESSANTS****As I pop my daily tablet it doesn’t mean anything and feels like nothing. Yet it’s doing something… it’s putting a chemical in my brain that I need, yet I can’t feel it??? It’s so odd to think what I would feel like without it? I have been off antidepressants before for long periods of time and I have felt fine and then all of a sudden I don’t and then I need the pills again. I shouldn’t procrastinate maybe but sometimes I think it’s important to think hard about how you feel. Today I feel a bit confined to a white box with 28 tablets in. I wonder if anyone else feels the same?
“A Mother’s Love” Sacred Spirit Doll They say a mother’s love is stronger then any love on earth. The bond between a child and their mother is something so special. Being carried in her womb for 9 months the connection is undeniable. She is your mother. Even if you are not raised by your biological mother the bond is often there. “A Mother’s Love” Sacred Spirit Doll connects us to oir mother and helps us heal past hurts. She reminds us we made this soul contract before we came to our life here on earth to help us learn to love and forgive. Noone can take accountability for your emotions accept you. Nothing anyone has done can hold power over [...]
¿Haces las cosas con el corazón? Varias empresas y personas se concentran más en que las personas les paguen que en poder brindarles valor. El error número uno es que muchos se concentran en esto👉 💸 y nunca en esto 👉❤️.
İOS 12 beta 5’in bir kitinde yeni iPhone ile yeni Apple Watch ‘un tasarımları ortaya çıktı ! Son dönemler yaklaştı artık herşey belli oluyor ne düşünüyorsunuz bu tasarımlar hakkında! Apple devrim yapacak gibi !!! ________________________________________________________________ Tags / Etiketler : #applewatchseries2 #iphone8 18 #2008 ________________________________________________________________
3rd eye chakra/ Heart chakra India: Lakshmi. Friday Goddess of beauty, love, prosperity and abundance. Born when the sky ocean of milk waschurned. #3rdeyechakra In the light of day (the Sun), we see with our conscious awareness that which is visible externally with our ‘outer’ physical eye; but in the darkness of night, the moon illuminates, and with our ‘inner eye’ we are able to then see what was previously invisible, by delving into the depths of the subconscious mind/the shadow side, the truth is revealed, and we are guided forward and inward on the path of enlightenment #heart * The heart is the bridge between the lower chakras (which represent energies of the physical planes) and the upper chakras (which represent the non-physical, or spiritual planes). When the spiritual [...]
3rd eye chakra/ Heart chakra Yoruba: Oshun. Goddess of beauty, love and fresh water.Daughter/ sister of Yemaya. Born from the sea. Carries a mirror among other things. Wife of Changó  The Anahata chakra is also associated with the day of Friday, the “Day of Venus” because of the compassionate associations with the Heart #higherperception #5d #selfrealization #5d
3rd eye chakra/ Heart chakra Friday Goddess Egypt: Hathor. Easily confused with Isis, who carries a throne on her head but may also have horns with a sun in between like cow-goddess Hathor. Like Isis, Hathor is sometimes seen as the mother of Horus and may have twin feathers. Goddess of love, fertility, beauty, joy, music and the sky. Identified as Aphrodite by the Ancient Greeks #higherperception #5d #selfrealization #5d
#positive Fridays Increase Prana Energy Flow This prana breathing technique helps to recharge you and can lift your mood whenever you feel “down”—when you are charged with prana, you are more likely to be able to transfer your energy positively to others. This is also an effective way to top up your prana energy before using energy-healing techniques. 1. Gently sealing your lips, slowly breathe in prana through your nose to a mental count of 8 and then exhale through your nose to a count of 8. 2. Now breathe in prana again through your nose to a count of 8, but this time visualize prana energy streaming into you, intermingled with the air you inhale. You might like to visualize the prana [...]
#smilingbuddha Kriya #heartchakra You have probably seen this mudra in paintings and statues. It is a gesture and exercise of happiness, and it opens the flow of energy to the heart center. Easy pose. Bend your ring and little fingers, pressing them down with the thumbs, keeping index and middle fingers straight, palms forward. Elbows are pressed back and a 30° angle is made between the upper arms and forearms, the forearms parallel to each other. Concentrate at the 3rd Eye diligently, and mentally chant (at the 3rd Eye) Sa  Ta  Na  Ma Sa – Infinity, Ta – Life, existence, Na – Death, Ma – Rebirth, light, regeneration. Make sure the elbows are pressed back and the chest is out. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, open and [...]
Isis Sunday Goddess DAY associated with the Crown Chakra (Sahasara): Sunday As we move into the upper chakras, the energies, being more subtle, can be associated with any particular day of the the week depending on the issue being worked on in that chakra centre, or the desired results one would like to see manifested. The Crown chakra is often associated with the day of Sunday, because of the connection to the “Sun”. The Sun, referred to as a planetary body is astrology, is a poweful force in our world because it is the Source from which heat and light is received; a source of nourishment and energy for food growth, so the Sun also nourishes and energizes our physical bodies as [...]
Adhipati – Controls the 7th Chakra Sahasrara Sahasrara Chakra Name:Sahasrara – Crown Chakra. Colour: Violet.  Location: Top of the head. (uppermost chakra)  Purpose: To experience higher consciousness. The Adhipati Marma The  Adhipati marma is located at the top of the head. This point controls the seventh chakra (Sahasrara), governs  the mind and connects to universal energy. It also regulates the nervous system. “When your crown chakra is in balance, you have mystical awareness, higher consciousness, deep understanding and spiritual links #higherperception #5d #selfrealization #5d
Stimulate the #pineal and cure Depression The hypothalamic, pituitary, pineal and adrenal glands also play a role in depression. Stimulating these reflex points on the feet may help alleviate the condition. Massaging the tops of your toes, where the brain reflexes are located, enhances serotonin production. Repeat this exercise at least thrice in one sitting #higherperception #5d #selfrealization #5d
New Life Path🔥🔥 Im Binah to Geburah Throat/3rd Eye chakra- Heart chakra Im 4d -6d Living Life in 5D Once living from a 5D consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to the 3D. From the 5D consciousness, you understand that we are one, and we are all connected. Life is an adventure of spiritual growth. There is a higher purpose for all things, and every experience has meaning. There is a strong feeling of connectedness and love with others and the planet. Love and compassion reign, and there is a lack of judgement, understanding that everyone is on their own journey of consciousness. There is a desire to live from a place of authenticity, with an understanding that [...]
Monad Cancer🔥🔥Binah Divine Feminine The Spirit Body of the Monad is the higher mind function of the Observer, watching and aware of forming concepts and making assessments. It is the higher mind principle consciousness that comes to neutral conclusions and decisions based on accumulated experiences. When the spirit is in control of the nervous system of the body, it makes higher evolution of Consciousness action possible Chakraguide #5d
My daughter #monad L. M 4/*/1998 Planet Jupiter Star name Tania Borealis Constellation Ursa Major Egyptian God Isis 🔥Ajana (pineal gland) Activation Egyptian god power A circumstance placed on those who have been chosen or choose to protect a certain item, place, person, or concept, and possess or are given the powers to do so. Capabilities Guardians are often those who are of noble birth or a high position of great historical or legendary importance. They have taken/been given responsibility to defend, protect and, if needed, avenge the focus of their protection, which can be an object, place, concept, or person (throne/crown, village/gate/country/planet, love/good/harmony, royal heir/chosen prophet, etc.) among other things. To do this, they gain enhanced physical and mental [...]
chakra What is the purpose of the Monad? The Monad is the generator of life, as we understand it. At the phase in which we currently exist, it is dormant to activity, because the very nature of the Monad is so quantumly powerful that a single thought could shift matter, planets, and orbits. It could snuff out entire continents of life in a brief moment of a small gesture of thought. Such power does not express itself without thorough training of focus, intention, and wise judgment. So this is your star self. This is your body that can be equated with the Titans of ancient Greek myth. At the 7DI, the Monad takes on the title of Logos. It has [...]
Me 7-11 Planet Saturn Star Hoedus ii (Home) Constellation Auriga (Hydra) 🔥3rd eye chakra activated Indus Kush Kali Amma Egytpian God Maut, Nephthys, Isis 👑Egyptian God power The ability to gain things desired through prayer Capabilities Users of this ability can gain riches, insights to life questions, or gain powers, etc. by asking a higher power for the things that are desired #higherperception #5d #selfrealization #5d
🧜🏻‍♀️ S I E N N A 🧜🏻‍♀️ . . Ooh guys I am in Canada now, I didnt post yesterday cus I didnt get wifi till night and I was really tired then 💓 . . I love how the dog filter actually worked properly x 🐶 . . Comment “why does your edit have moving eyes” to trick people!! . . Going for some breakfast now x will post later only one edit left though 🤕 . . Tag @familyfizz @karmaoak @mypugaliciouslife @miaslifeofficial @fizzsisters @siennahopes in the comments please x . .
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💚AGUAJE EN CÁPSULAS💚 🌸BELLEZA FEMENINA🌸 🔄Regulador hormonal natural, contiene fitoestrógenos que ayudan a restablecer las funciones hormonales normales en las jóvenes 🔄Excelente en el tratamiento de la menopausia sin los inconvenientes que traen los estrógenos sintéticos 🔄Antioxidante natural, efectivo para atenuar arrugas, líneas finas y retardar el proceso de envejecimiento 🔄Ayuda a reparar la piel de los daños producidos por el sol por su alto contenido de beta-caroteno 🔄Mejora la elasticidad de la piel y a tener una piel jóven #delivery Av Larco 1150 Tienda 15 – Miraflores🌸 Atendemos Delivery a Lima y Provincias📦 💚💜Tingshas – Viviendo en armonía💜💚 Te esperamos😚💕💕💕
El peeling facial es una técnica de exfoliación, que se hace en un centro médico-estético, y con la que se eliminan las manchas, las marcas y las pequeñas arrugas, consiguiendo una piel más joven, hidratada, suave y luminosa. #clientevanidosafyr