Disfruta de los beneficios del aceite de melisa 🌿 ¿Cómo utilizarlo? Al dar masaje como facilitador y propiciador de activación sanguínea, luego de bañarte como humectante corporal, o frótalo en tus manos para que inhales su aceite esencial y disfrutes al disminuir el estrés 👌🏼Uno disponible 😍 Hoy entregamos en arboledas
Pharmacie magique. ✨ – Aujourd’hui, pile poil avant le départ du voyage à vélo, j’ai reçu exactement ce dont j’avais besoin pour ce mois d’août : un rechargement au taquet des corps énergétiques, un ajustement des chakras et de l’aura. Je ne peux être plus prête à grimper sur mon vélo ! 🙏🏻 –
My husband and I recently moved to a small town to be closer to the farm we work at. It’s pretty agricultural around here, and there aren’t many stores or amenities around us. We’re still adjusting to “country” life where we can’t run out to get groceries quickly before dinner, or go out to eat if we don’t feel like cooking. Everything takes planning and forethought, especially food. If I end up running errands in a bigger town or city I try to use that time to stock up on ingredients. It’s definitely helped us to be more strict with our food budget and has gently forced us to be more creative with our cooking. • One thing I do [...]
Happy Saturday Everyone! ✨ We hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and hopefully some wine and cheese too! 🧀🍷 I know we are! 😏 As health and wellness coaches we always want our clients to know that happy, healthy lifestyles are all about balance! 🌿 So whether you’re out with friends this Saturday night or just taking some RnR at home we encourage you to relax and enjoy a guilt free weekend because… well, life is hard and wine is awesome! 🍷
Grilled chicken Cesar wrap, waffle fries, and a bunch of sautéed veggies for dinner tonight 😋 Would you believe me if I said this entire meal was under 450 calories and high protein? Cause it was. 😏 I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll keep saying it; eating healthy does not have to suck! You just have to know your portion sizes and what’s actually in the food you’re eating! Das it. So go have some waffle fries and some veggies and just be happy 🍟❤️
Guys, I have been getting a lot of questions lately about carbs and fats and what’s better, should I cut my carbs down, should I cut my fats down? SO here’s the ACTUAL low down… . There are so many facets to health, energy, nourishment, personal enjoyment — and also — aesthetics. Physical goals like getting leaner, building muscle and weight gain are all legit goals which shouldn’t be belittled, especially when all those other things are intact. . Although there are many ways to reach a goal, the underpinning science (*as we know it) remains. When it comes to weight loss, you often discover two very different camps. . 1) The low carb-ers 2) The low fat-ers . Each [...]
Wahyu 19:7 (TB) Marilah kita bersukacita dan bersorak-sorai, dan memuliakan Dia! Karena hari perkawinan Anak Domba telah tiba, dan pengantin-Nya telah siap sedia. . . Selamat hari Minggu dan selamat beribadah 💒💒💒 Hari ini kita semua akan melaksanakan Perjamuan Kudus dan mengembalikan Persepuluhan milik Tuhan. Dan juga bagi yang telah mengambil celengan, hari ini akan dikumpulkan dan bisa mengambil lagi celengan yang baru. Tuhan Yesus menyertai 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ #giving
Why do people give money to charities? Because it feels good, and we’re incentivised to. But you can donate your time or money — whatever works best for you! There is more than one way to give. #charity http://ow.ly/BfCH30lcwfp
Thanks for all the Donations so far. The new school year is here. Join our new giveaway 👀👀👀🎉🎒 Donating brand new backpacks to the kids of Los Angeles. Drop-off and receive 10% off your next Angel Haus purchase over $50, free shipping in the Los Angeles area. The prize is a backpack with school supplies, winners can choose any color or style. 🎒🚦giveaway ends the 11th of August PT time 🚦Let’s Gooo!!!
This. Right. Here. This is why I share all the goodness I find. It is to bless the people I ❤️ with toxin free options to better health. It’s not about 💲. It’s not about building a team 👯‍♀️(although those are added benefits). It is about supporting my friends and family to live a healthier life and to love it. 💗💗💗
This is one of my new favorite fun blends! Root Beer Float 🍺🌭 Take 5 drops of Stress Away + 2 drops of Panaway. It really does smell like one!! Also, BOTH of these oils come in the PSK. So grab those oils and try this one out. 😉 . . .
Missing this man!! 😢. Day #5. He loves his job and while the conditions are not the best, I’m sure he is having a great time doing what he loves. I on the other hand am constantly praying for safety, patience, and to have grace for the kiddos… @tootallshall
This DIY brought to you by a dude! The @dayhve (Allyson’s hubby) did this recipe all on his own in an effort to swap out the last “toxic” product his hair pomade! He uses oils throughout his everyday in many ways! Just one more step towards a healthier life! Tag a man below who could use oils in his life! . . Recipe: 1oz beeswax, 1oz Shea butter, 2 TB almond oil, 1 tsp arrowroot powder, 10 drops each peppermint, rosemary, and cedarwood! . . . #oilitup
Some mornings you feel a little low, or off. Get up, dress up, makeup 💄 Self care comes in many different forms for different people. And can totally improve the way you feel for the rest of the day. 🤩 Making myself feel good by dressing up nice and using toxin free makeup that I can feel good about is one of them for me~ 👗 Self love is not selfish 💕 #loveyourself
So this is why it actually matters what YOU decide to bring into your home. Does your store bought cleaner say “drink water if swallowed?” Yeah.. didn’t think so.. { this one does 👆🏻 #thieves} it’s ok. I got your back. . . . + going LIVE later today to give you a glimpse into the online class I’m hosting tomorrow all about how to get your home ACTUALLY CLEAN without those crazy chemicals you think are ok to use 😳 + you should come – dm me ✌🏻 + it’s online. So yes you don’t leave your house. Yes you can replay it back later and no you don’t have to be there live. + @botanicatribe will be hosting [...]
It happened!!! I FINALLY found a hair care routine ( #CGM approved) that’s NON-TOXIC!!! Holy cow it’s been a long journey of trial and error but I’m loving the results!! . . . Product details: @younglivingeo Copaiba/Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner; @sheamoisture Deep Treatment Mask; @younglivingeo Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil; @sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk and a little Curling Gel Soufflé… “Plopped” while getting dressed and released the cast once dry… So so happy!! . . . #fearfullyandwonderfullymade
Over the past few years I’ve been replacing everyday products with more natural essential oil products. It’s been a struggle to find anything to replace my hair pomade, which I have no clue what’s in it (the container doesn’t list the ingredients…). Tonight I decided to make the change and take one more step towards a healthier life! Tag someone who is looking for a more natural option for their style. . . Recipe: 1oz Beeswax, 1oz Shea butter, 2 TB almond oil, 1 tsp arrowroot powder (optional for a less greasy look), 10 drops each peppermint, rosemary, and cedarwood! Yes, it does smell AMAZING! . . .
This blend always get a hammering in our house as my littlest is sensitive to dust amongst other things. . So I’ve got this is the diffuser and the whole house is benefiting from it – as it’s not only clearing and calming the airways it’s also giving us that boost to get going today (plus it smells amazing ! ) 💜 . If this post is talking to you (and you’d like some help) please reach out for more info on getting your own oils x . . #hayfever
The calm before the storm! I’m sharing a picture of me and my family on Tuesday, the day before my tubal reversal surgery. This is a very personal matter, but I’m willing to share if it will help someone. Those of you who have been following me for a while may remember my ordeal with the filshie clips. I had a tubal ligation in 2013, and didn’t find out that these titanium and silicone clips were used until I began having pain in my lower right abdomen. After doing some research I learned about the clips, but didn’t think I had them because I didn’t consent to having them put in. After requesting an X-ray, I discovered that the clips [...]
Dong Quai Capsules . . Also known as Dang Gui and “female ginseng” Benefits •contains b12 •E •ease menstrual cramps •Ease muscle spasms •stimulate development of red blood cells in blood marrow. •helps with anemia •relaxes the uterus •clears up psoriasis •ease vaginal dryness •Maintains Hormonal Balance •Acts as an Aphrodisiac •Treats Premature Ejaculation •Reduces Mood Swings •Detoxifies the Body •Improves Blood Circulation •Prevents Anemia •Fights Depression •Strengthens Bones •Lowers Blood Sugar Levels •Reduces Inflammation •and more! 12 🍁🍂🍃 #healingherbs
Hedhi app tulipata nafasi ya kutoa Elimu ya Afya ya uzazi pamoja na Hedhi salama kwa washiriki wa @missdaresalaam @missdaresalaam washiriki walijifunza mengi kutoka kwa daktari wetu wa maswala ya Afya ya Uzazi ambaye pia atakuwa akiwahudumia watumiaji wetu wa Hedhi app Watumiaji wa Android download hedhi app BURE kutoka kwenye play store🙏🏽 #letstalkaboutmenstruation #menstrualcycle #menstrualblood #menstrualcramps Tuzungumze kuhusu HEDHI SALAMA
I finally have #rose in my collection! Not only does it smell AMAZING but it also is great for emotional support and menstrual cramps, which LORD KNOWS I need as much support as I can get in those departments. Slide for more info and let me know if you want to add rose to your EO collection too 🌹
Todays apt – it was a pretty good one. My mom came with me for the first time ever & it was nice to have her there. We are starting to increase my dosage of Pma- Pregablin…still continuing to stay on the highest dossage of Mint-Escitalopram ———————————————————————————— #thearapydog
This photo was taken at therapy today showing where my L4-5 is located! SO today after reviewing my MRI taken almost 1 year ago, we saw that there is a problem with my L4-5…we never new that until today when we asked to review the MRI. No one told us something was wrong after the MRI was done. This is the exact area on my spine where I am having problems & where the main source of pain is coming from. I have no bulging disks, but my L4-5 is not healthy. ALWAYS ask to see the results of your tests that you get done. 😕💜 ———————————————————————————— #thearapydog
Spent a while in bed today, spine pain was just hitting me hard today same with everything else. BLAH!!!! I decided to film a day in the life with a invisible chronic pain disability / illness so stay tuned for that, video will be up later tonight 💜💜 ———————————————————————————— #thearapydog
I’ve had a Bed Day today. I’m feeling guilty for that but am trying not to. I’ve put some makeup on and will do a few chores. I had hoped to do a full clean of the house today but it’s not happened yet. More guilt, but there’s always Sunday 😺
Hoovered the whole house. Did three loads of washing. Did the bathroom. Put new sheets in the bed. Cooked up some sort of bean/lentil curry and a fresh tub of tumeric rice. Now it’s time to watch The Devils Advocate and cwtch The Pooches.
“When your mood tells you that you have chosen wrongly, and this is so whenever you are not joyous, then know this need not be” // “Think honestly what you have thought that God would not have thought, and what you have not thought that God would have you think.” TEXT-4.IV.2.
Our base (root) chakra is just at the bottom of our spine and it’s all about our physical security, finances, career, home, needs, safety and possessions. It’s a ruby red colour and when clean, it sparkles a white crystal light. Work with crystals like a smoky quartz or hematite to clear and energise this chakra! Focus on your survival, security and ground yourself. Did you know that if this chakra is blocked and dirty it could actually have a negative affect on all of the different areas of your life that it covers. Recently I have felt like mine is quite blocked and in a reading I had I was told that it’s affecting my ability to feel safe and [...]
So a healthy foodie and a mixologist walk into a bar… Just kidding, but they do get to talking and *cue drumroll* this lovely libation by Max Curzon-Price @ink.and.drink was born. This curated cocktail invites our probiotic Trust Your Gut to happy hour for a drink that will keep you fresh and easy all day long. It’s time to have your cocktail and feel good about it too! Here’s what you’ll need: ⠀ 🍹🍹🍹 Sencha Been Gone ⠀ 🍹🍹🍹⠀ – 30ml Sloe Gin⠀ – 30ml Apricot Liqueur⠀ – 30ml Lime Juice⠀ – 5g Trust Your Gut Probiotic Powder⠀ – 2 dashes Hibiscus Tincture⠀ – Soda Top ⠀ ⠀ Variation: Try using Renewable Energy Pomegranate and Beet for a richer flavor, [...]