A CALL TO PRAYER on the 20th of July at 10PM (UK TIME) to all our members, partners and friends LIVE on all my SOCIAL NETWORK APPS including our satellite network, MIRACLE TV. Let’s take the new slate seriously and take prayer with us #awesome
Ya sabéis lo mucho que me gusta cuidarme el pelo, pero sobre todo en verano y mas aún con las mechas recién dadas….🙈 Y lo estoy consiguiendo con mis nuevos descubrimientos de @lorealelvive !!: . ✔️Por un lado está el aceite extraordinario con 6 aceites de flores preciosas que podemos usar para todo!, antes del lavado para nutrirlo, después del lavado para protegerlo de la sequedad y dejarlo suave y sedoso, como toque final al cabello para darle un toque de luminosidad…💆‍♀️ . ✔️Por otro lado la mascarilla elixir de lino para cabellos teñidos, o con mechas como en mi caso, para protegerlo, mantener el color y prolongarlo aún más. Y el olor que tiene es una maravilla!!!!😍 . Y [...]
Nouvelle combinaison : pour résumer le matin il me faut 1 à s d’huile pour les lipides, 60g de pain ou 45g de céréales sachant que si je veux des fruits 150g de fruits = 40g de pain Eh oui le matin c’est du calcul lol Ce matin c’est 30g de fromage ( qui remplace 1cas d’huile) + 150g de fruit donc il me reste 20g de pain… Bonne journée 😄
¿Tú valoras el diseño?🌟 Es el que da forma a lo que transmites, sea como sea, el diseño siempre está ahí,SEA SUMANDO SEA RESTANDO. . El diseño de tu #blog ¿Resta o suma? . Feliz jueves🌟💓 . Contrata mis servicios de diseño y asesoramiento para mejorar en tu proyecto como blogger 😊🌟 escríbeme mensaje o pasate por www.bloggerpasoapaso.com . #diseñobonito #diseño #diseñoweb #diseñodeblog
GPM (Grupo Policial Motorizado), perteneciente a la Policia Bonaerense En la foto podemos observar un conductor y un operador, moto bitripulada, su función es actuar como un equipo anti-tumulto, un equipo de acción rápida, equipo de traslado VIP creando una cápsula de 6 a 8 motos bitripuladas #policía
Well, you dinner, your lunch, your breakfast… all your meals! 🍴 A well rounded meal will contain healthy proteins 🐟 (fish, eggs, poultry, tempeh, you name it!), “good” carbs, meaning healthy grains full of fibre like brown rice, spelt, quinoa or rye and many others! Healthy fats, like 🥑 , chia seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. And a tons of veggies! 🥗 Aim to have half of your plate full of goodness! To drink water 💦 , and if you fancy a dessert, a piece of fruit 🍇. Doesn’t it sound like a pretty satisfying meal? 😋 What are your favourite carb+protein+fats dish combinations for dinner? Have a lovely Thursday! 💕 . . . . . .
It seems like many people are very provoked to see a naked body. And especially if it is a body that does not fit with the “perfect norm”. Everyone, either u are slim or fat or whatever, should be proud of who they are. Everyone is unique! It’s not ok only for slim model bodies to be seen. Even this chubby body have the right to take space. So, enjoy! 😘❤️ . . 😝 #bereal
——————————- ✅👉🏻 Struggling to maximise your time in the gym fully to your benefit? Not feel your getting much out of your workouts then give this full body compound lift workout a bash. A full body workout hitting all major muscle groups in the body. ————————- ✅👉🏻 Hitting compound moves work fantastic for the human anatomy. 1. You are working mainly all muscles in the body but hitting them in less time which is a big advantage if you are rushed in to do a workout. ————————- ✅👉🏻 because you are working most parts of the body in a workout you will also be burning more calories, this is due to using more muscles, which will help to stabilise the [...]
As a kid I always loved going to #thebronxzoo I’ve always loved animals. #giraffe have always be my favorite. They are just so beautiful and majestic to me. #elephant are a close second on my favorites list. So when my friends and host @tulla81 said we were going on #safari I legit nearly cried at the thought of it. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat was amazingly say the least, honestly their are no words to describe the overwhelming joy and excitement my heart felt… I can now say I seen a giraffe run, and elephants roaming with its herd. The zoo will never compare, the zoo doesn’t hold a candle to the magnificence of God’s creation in the [...]
Buenos días! Te aseguro que este batido te va a transportar directamente al Caribe! Batido radiante de piña y cúrcuma: -1 platano congelado. -2 rodajas de piña a trozos. -1/4 de taza de leche de coco ecológica 👉🏻 @coolecofood – 1 cucharada de cúrcuma en polvo ecológica 👉🏻 @coolecofood Solo tienes que batirlo y listo! Una auténtica delicia y además saludable! Te espero en @coolecofood . Feliz día bonitas!!💚💚 . .🌱Good morning! The amazing smoothie I bring for you today will transport you to the Caribbean Sea! Pineapple and turmeric smoothie: – 1 frozen banana – 2 cups of pineapple -1/4 cup of organic coconut milk 👉🏻 @coolecofood – 1 tablespoon organic turmeric 👉🏻 @coolecofood Process all the ingredients and [...]
Soo let me just say – the hunt is over!! I’ve been looking for a very long time for anti-aging facial products that are clean and gentle, and now this company just launched these brand new CLEAN products! They follow European standards of quality, meaning over 1300 ingredients are banned (unlike the 12 ingredients banned in the United States), plus an additional 100 just for extra purity. Not only that, but they were formulated by a dermatologist doctor with a degrees from Harvard and MIT AND the difference it’s already made for my face is exciting!! If you swipe you can see my 60 day results!! Less wrinkles, dark circles lightened, smoother skin, less redness, firmer, and so much more. [...]
HOPE UPDATE ❣️ To more ClassROOMS, Rooms, Rooms with @hopeinabottleph 😉 This is where your Php5 contribution will be going to 👆🏼 Industrious students and teachers of Happy Valley Integrated School in Maasim, Sarangani will surely be happy with our 2 classrooms for building 💚 Thank you Vita Coco friends, consumers, stores and retail partners! 🙏🏼 #hopeinacoconut
Dzień dobry 💕 Czasem warto, zacząć dzień od sniadania po francusku, takiego delikatnego i słodkiego 😍 Jak sie dowiedzialam, że śniadanie Charlotte może być wegańskie to od razu w wolnej chwili sie na nie wybrałam 💙 wystarczy poprosić koszyk pieczywa bez croissanta, masła oraz wziąć tylko konfitury 💕 i do tego klasycznie czarna kawka ☕ Wiedzieliście, że można i w @charlotte_bistro zjeść wegańsko? 🙈 . #lifestyle
The after-hours greasy spoon is filling up quickly. Mick and Hendlin were lucky to land the booth in the far corner – and fortunately – the table is easily seen by not one but two of the waitresses working tonight who share the table for the fifteen minutes while their shifts overlap… #song http://www.hendlintherockstar.com/clinging-to-curves/
Poco a poco nos vamos dando cuenta de que tenemos que “reorientar” nuestras vidas y liberarnos de nuestras ideas preconcebidas para poder ver las cosas como realmente son; que si queremos ser realmente #felices, debemos liberarnos de esta forma de ser que persigue una fantasía y todo lo que encuentra es sufrimiento. Podemos entender, podemos tener claros todos los conceptos, podemos conocer muchas enseñanzas, pero si no practicamos, si no llevamos a la acción aquello que hemos aprendido, no podrá darse nunca una verdadera transformación interior. Para conocer más de éste tema escribe a metodo.myoho@gmail.com #vidasana
Panama myta, czy naturalna? Wiecie, że sposób obróbki ziaren ma wpływ na smak kawy? Wpadajcie do Kawałka przekonać się, która wam bardziej smakuje! Do końca tygodnia w Kawałku 2 panamskie dripy = 20pln. Ziarna od @javacoffeepoland można też kupić do domu. Pojedynczo lub w promocyjnym zestawie 🙂 #kawiarniakawałek 60 #addiction
Doe je mee met de 7 DAY HAPPY CHALLENGE? (Inschrijf link in bio & uitleg in mijn story!) 🌿 ————————————————————👉🏻 Wist je dat ik op mijn 18e een jaar kunstacademie heb gedaan? En dat ik niets liever doe dan in een café zitten tekenen? Waarschijnlijk niet, want ik was het zelf ook een hele tijd vergeten. ☺️ Sinds ik op een andere manier naar mijn bedrijf kijk. Zie ik dat die creativiteit mij een betere ondernemer maakt. Als ik teken of fotografeer maak ik mijn hoofd leeg en komt er ruimte voor nieuwe ideeën. 🕊 Gisteren zag ik op het terras van ons kantoor ineens dit patroon. Het is opgedroogde bouwlijm op een muur. En opeens zag ik er schoonheid [...]
1 DAY TO GO to our first ever #connectfridays Game Night, an exciting evening of awesome games food and great fun! It’s absolutely FREE and everyone’s welcome Tag a friend you’d love to bring along. It’s going to be AMAZING and so much fun. See you there #🔥
✝️ Understand this, my beloved brothers and sisters. Let everyone be quick to hear [be a careful, thoughtful listener], slow to speak [a speaker of carefully chosen words and], slow to anger [patient, reflective, forgiving]; for the [resentful, deep-seated] anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God [that standard of behavior which He requires from us]. ‭‭🔥JAMES‬ ‭1:19-20‬🔥 . . . 316
Il 19 luglio 1992 è una data che l’Italia non può dimenticare e in un certo senso non è tenuta a farlo, visto che a Palermo, in via Mariano D’Amelio, perse la vita uno dei suoi più fedeli servitori, Paolo Borsellino. Vittima di un attentato di chiara matrice mafiosa, il magistrato venne abbattuto da 90 kg di esplosivo azionati a distanza: insieme a lui la sua fedele scorta composta da cinque agenti (Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina e Claudio Traina). Il tutto sotto la casa della anziana madre, presso la quale Borsellino si era recato per farle una visita. ❤️Roberto “La lotta alla mafia dev’essere innanzitutto un movimento culturale che abitui tutti a sentire la [...]
Assim que encerrar os 21 dias da dieta vou te Orientar e Levar seu Corpo a um Nível Superior que provavelmente Você nunca imaginou ser capaz de alcançar. . Você vai Descobrir um Protocolo Super Simples Para Nunca Mais Sofrer com o Efeito “Sanfona”. . Você Vai saber Exatamente o que Deve Fazer após os 21 dias iniciais para Chegar ao Seu Peso Ideal em Tempo Recorde de Forma 100% Natural. . Se Você Quer Atingir a Máxima Definição Corporal, Nesse Bônus Revelo Quais são os Alimentos e os Melhores Horários que Você Deve Comer Para Definir o Seu Corpo e Baixar Rapidamente Seu Percentual de Gordura Corporal. Homens Podem Chegar Rapidamente a 9% ou 8% Seguindo o Plano Ideal. [...]
A Dieta de 21 dias é um Revolucionário Protocolo de Emagrecimento (100% Natural) que foi baseado em mais de 1.200 Experimentos Científicos para Ajudar Você a perder Peso e Gordura Corporal – Mais Rápido do que qualquer outro Método que Você já tentou… . Sem Passar Fome, Sem Contar Calorias, Sem Abrir Mão de Alimentos Deliciosos e Sem ter que Fazer Exercícios Monótonos e Chatos. . . Clique agora no link do meu perfil @dietalowcarbde21dias e venha fazer parte deste time HOJE MESMO ! ! ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #emagrecimentosaudável ção #bomdia
Our next highlight uses spent grains from brewing craft beer, to create a delicious, crunchy and just so MOREISH cracker for all occasions. Eat them like chips or add them to your antipasto platter when entertaining friends. Once you try these, you’ll be DM’ing us for more. . — Taste the Distance — . . . . #mayyourglassalwaysbefull
◇Naturopathic Principle 3◇ – – – The healing power of nature 🍃 Your body wants to heal. That is its nature. Naturopathic medicine understands there is an innate self-healing process within us. What our body needs though, is the right environment to perform these healing actions. Naturopaths aim to take away any barriers to creating this ideal environment so your body may create wellness and establish homeostasis. We can hinder our body’s healing via. many habits: ✔️ The foods we eat (e.g. processed foods, takeaway foods, refined sugar containing foods, etc) ✔️ The foods we don’t eat (e.g. vegetables, fruit, fibre containing foods, healthy fats ,etc) ✔️ The drinks we consume (e.g. energy drinks, alcohol (when in excess), etc) ✔️ [...]
This mornings sweaty selfie , really struggling with fatigue this week and mentally struggling with everything illness wise but I pushed through my workouts because I know I would feel worse if I didn’t , that’s it for the week workout wise ,have a fab Thursday folks . #chronicillness
Working on those booty 🍑 goals 🤣😂. Train hard and make your goals a reality. I have set myself the challenge of dping a fitness photo shoot in November. I am using an 80/20 paleo lifestyle. This allows me to eat well and achieve changes without making me obsessive and angry. Holistic health is more important than a 6 pack. 👊 . #gratitudeby3 #f45training #dadlife 🍑 45challenge #fitnesstransformation
Don’t panic! There’s no nipples in the photograph, they’ve been airbrushed out. Isn’t that ridiculous. The 1st thing I’m saying is a no nipple disclaimer. I wouldn’t have to say it if @honey_glasses was male. Equality isn’t here yet but one day at a time, we’re getting ever closer. What I can also say though is that I think this photo is fabulous and that @honey_glasses is a beautiful, powerful and inspiring woman and thank you so much for sharing this photo with us 😊. We will win this! #freethenipplemovement #effyourbeautystandards
Je to náročný, udržet to jídlo, spočítat to všechno. Pak nebýt z toho nervózní. Pak se nehroutit, když to nejde hned. Ale už začínám být spokojená. Každopádně na podzim se chci připravit na trojboj, na MS. a pri tom si udržet vahu a zavodit v 67.5 kat. Nevím, jestli to bude slucitelne najednou tak, abych podala vykon, ktery me uspokoji. Na par posledních zavodech jsem zakladala na drepu od 200kg a výš. Tak nevím co letos. Možná tam skončím. 😊 #huaweip20
We wish you a wonderful Thursday!!! wait… what?? me twice? the world can’t stand that 😂 . . . My training early in the morning was a fail.. I suffer under insomnia from time to time .. yesterday I fell asleep at 2am first… so to wake up at 5am was not in, specially knowing that I have a long day ahead and a small run with the company afterwork. I still tired but motivated tho! wishing you a wonderful day or nicht ahead! Good Vibes only 🌺 Aloha 🌺
Some days you have to remind yourself how far you have come. Some days you have to be your own cheerleader. You can’t be strong all the time. But you can try to accept the downs and just ride it out. Because you know that there will be plenty of ups and when they come you always make the most of it. But for the time being, just chill. Tell your inner bitchy self to shut up and enjoy life. #mommyhood