🚨LONG POST ALERT🚨 This is some of the food I ate in Greece and Germany! It was all amazing; seafood risotto, moussaka, octopus in wine sauce, fresh sardines, fresh figs on sheep milk yogurt, bratwurst with sauerkraut, and reibekuchen (deep fried potato pancakes). I ate well…but I ate TOO EFFING MUCH. I ate when I wasn’t hungry, I always cleaned my plate, and I wasn’t mindful at all. I gave myself the excuse “you’re on vacation!! Do what you want!” I could physically feel myself gaining weight and I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I weighed myself today and I’m up 10 pounds. Yeah, 10. To clarify, it was the scale at my parents’ house which I’ve never weighed myself on [...]
Celebrated my first adventure outside my condo building with a super yummy dinner at @noodlescompany. 🔹Pictured: chicken Thai green curry with zoodles. I asked them to add all the extra veggies and to use less oil. 🔹All the points are clearly from the sauce here as everything else is a zero point food. However the zoodles absorb a lot less sauce than traditional noodles— i’d say half was still in the bottom of the bowl. Counting it as 10 points (though I have idea how accurate that is 🤷🏽‍♀️)
First dinner on #whole30! Grilled chicken breast with #ebtb (Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning) and tomatoes, corn, and avocado. It was so filling, and I didn’t even finish my chicken breast! I realized that’s a goal I need to strive for. I alllllways clean my plate. I have a mentality that not cleaning my plate is wasting food, which is not ok in my mind. It’s stupid and I need to get over it. I was able to put the rest in the fridge and I’ll eat it later, it’s so not a big deal. So that’s another habit I’m trying to break this month! What are your go-to easy meals on #whole30? • • • • • [...]
Cracker’s GLUTEN FREE . Con pocas cositas vamos a tener unas galletas super ricas. . Ingredientes: harina de arroz: 2 tazas Agua: 1 taza Aceite: 1 cda Sal: a gusto Semillas: a gusto Yo use la marca Sturla que trae 3 tipos, Sésamo, chia y lino. . . Preparación: Mezclar el harina de arroz junto con las semillas, la sal y el aceite. Agregar agua a medida que lo necesite. Debe quedar como una pasta, no se puede amasar. Aceitamos una placa y esparcimos la pasta obtenida. Hasta que quede pareja estirada (te podes ayudar con las manos untadas en aceite) La llevamos a horno de medio a fuerte hasta que queden crocantes y listo. . . Beneficios de las [...]
Hola chicos vengo a desearles un feliz noche y claaaro a dejarles la receta de estas galletas (Pepas) deliciosas #glutenfree . . . . Recuerden que la receta original la consiguen en @querespodes . . . Ingredientes: 1 taza (114 grs) de harina de almendras. 1 taza (128 grs) de harina de arroz integral. 2 cdas (16 grs) de almidón de yuca. 1/2 taza (80 grs) de azúcar de coco. Pizca de sal marina. 2 huevos. Vainilla. 1/2 taza (100 grs) de aceite de coco. Mermelada (yo utilicé de uvas, naranjas y chispas de chocolate) . . . . Preparación . . . 🍪 Precalienta el horno a 325* F (160*C) y prepara tus bandejas para hornear. . 🍪 En [...]
🍐🍰 pear crumble #libredegluten . Neblina en la ciudad , frio ❄, Musica 🎶 café 🍵 .. serias feliz cómo yo? Te propongo hacerme tu pedido con anticipacion para no quedarte con éstos.antojos y momentos únicos. Sólo.tomo pedidos por watssap . Consultame por el.petit four del dia al 2216056787
Sabías que el café, por si solo, no da la celulitis o la piel de naranja. En Venezuela no entendía el por qué de la polémica porque no había la producción de azúcar para realizar estas mezclas además que el costo del café está regulado. Al llegar aquí me doy cuenta (como no consumo azúcar sino estevia aquí la marca esteviol) y leyendo las etiquetas que el café está mezclado con azúcar. No todos por eso hay que leerlos. ñasingluten #sábado
Wir sehen die Welt🌍 nicht so wie sie ist, sondern so wie wir im Inneren sind. Du kannst jederzeit deine Gedanken verändern und selbst entscheiden, wie du über ein Ereignis denkst. Sobald du dich entscheidest, dass nicht mehr andere Menschen oder äußere Umstände deine Emotionen kontrollieren, hast du wahren inneren Frieden erreicht.☀️🍀 Auch deine Gedanken über Geld entscheiden darüber, ob du immer wieder knapp bei Kasse bist oder stets genug Geld 💸zur Verfügung hast. Wie du sowohl mehr Geld verfügbar hast als auch generell mehr Lebensqualität erreichst, erfährst du ausführlich in der #passivergeldflussacademy. #finanzielleunabhängigkeit
Your relationship with money must be treated with as much respect as your relationship to yourself, your body, food, your family, your best friend, significant other, etc. . Check in with your money daily, name your bank account, set up dinner dates with your finances. Make sure you value where you spend your money and if you don’t, either shift your mindset or stop leaking your money to those places you don’t value! . As @manifestationbabe shared in the #richbabechallenge, treat your money with respect and it will respect you back! . . . . . #getfit
So many times your ego keeps you stuck. . Choose to rise above your ego. . Keep it simple. . The ego wants you to fail, hide, procrastinate, stay broke, dim your light, hide your truth… . Be the women who chooses not to stay BFF with her ego. . Your soul knows what you’re capable of. Now go rise!!! 😇🌈 Tag a Soul sister who needs this wisdom!
Above all, love matters most ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I was blessed enough to spend this afternoon with family. My Mumma, Stepdad, brothers and sisters, Nephew, Uncle and Cousin. I couldn’t be more surrounded by love, and honestly my heart feels so full because of it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Surrounding yourself with love is what matters most. Whether it is family you’re born into, family that comes into your life through life experiences, or friends that turn into family, be grateful for those you are blessed enough to have in your life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Nothing is more precious, and once you start to take notice and be grateful, you will realise how truly abundant your life actually is. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Above all, love matters most. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [...]
Uhuuullllll seja livre!!!! Seja você! Que libertador é saber que sou perfeita aos olhos do Pai! Por mais que você possa listar uma grande quantidade de defeitos Deus não te vê como você se vê! Ele te vê como Ele te criou para ser! Uma mulher “teimosa” nas mãos de Deus é perseverante! Uma mulher “mole” nas mãos de Deus é cheia de compaixão! O que você vê como defeito nas mãos de Deus é uma arma! Quer fazer parte desse do exército de mulheres a serviço de Jesus?! Aliste-se a Ele! #mãe #mulher
Micropigmentação Fio à Fio 😍 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 . . 👉Somos o Studio GirlBoss Tattoo👈 . 👑Tatuadora de luxo ✒Escritas Sofisticadas 💎Conceito Tatuagem Jóia 👙Camuflagem de Estrias 💖Cílios de Boneca 🌹Micropigmentação 💋Lips Tattoo 💍Body Piercer 🖍Remoção de Tattoo @dermeclean 💉Tratamento de cicatrizes e manchas 👩‍🏫Cursos com assessoria ilimitada _____________________________________ ⏲Atendimento Boutique 📖Agenda Whats 📲(65)996932666 Lucas do Rio Verde-MT Sorriso-MT Nova Mutum-MT Sinop-MT Matupá-MT Guarantã do Norte-MT Cuiabá-MT Lisboa-Portugal . . Venha fazer parte do mundo das Bonita’s Lovers vc tbm🌸
Dia dos pais chegando. Os acessórios e peças decorativas @leggieridesign são uma opção descolada para presente. A Stefano Leggieri Design é uma marca autoral, sustentável e altamente inovadora. • Espaço CauliArte. Rua Lisboa, 548, ao lado da Praça Benedito Calixto. De segunda a sábado, das 10h às 19h. • Gerenciamento de redes sociais: @ligaprosindico
📣 BLONDE BABES, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU 📣 We know putting your brows in someone else’s hands can be SCARY but at Polished Beautique its what we do BEST!!! We listen to what you REALLY WANT, not too dark, not too thick, not too square, NATURAL LOOKING, and it’s our FORTE!! If you’d like to wakeup in the mornings feeling CONFIDENT without quickly reaching for your brow pencil, save time and reduce frustration by no longer struggling to get your brows SYMMETRICAL and look more YOUTHFUL with the right shaped brows for your features, then contact us to find out how soon this can be your reality 💋 #blondebrows
The poster says it all. May you know and believe you are more than enough. You are unique and what God has planned for you is only for you. Stop looking to the right and left looking at others lives. Stay focused. Have you achieved everything you want to do in life?.Stop dreaming, make a plan, take action and stay focused. Have a wonderful weekend.. 📗📘📙📓📒📗📘📙📓📒📗📘📙📓📒📗📘📙📓 , #selfcare , #selfworth, , #weightlifting, , #stayfocused , #ptsd, , #mentalhealthawareness, #phd, #selfesteem #motivatedafter50 , #KeepTalkingMH, #suicideprevention, , #whatyoudontsee, #bethedifference, #indiebookauthors, #readforlearning ,
Baaaang! Baaaang! Baaaannng! I was already hiding behind a tree before the third gunshot went off. For a second, I thought robbers or kidnappers had invaded Ebor-Orogun. I was scared to my bone marrows. Turned out that as part of their culture, the community shoots thrice in the air when a corpse arrives the community for burial. 😩 🤦🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀Really? Someone should have told me now, That’s how people have HBP o. Oh Dear, I left the girl ☝I was interviewing to save myself, she didn’t even move from where she sat. sorry jare my darling, I would have tried saving you regardless.😎🙈🙈🙈 Guess what? The culture in Delta State allows them bury their corpse inside their living room. Yes, you [...]
Let me drop this one – Julie, a nursing mother (with a 6month-old baby) shared her experience of how a mentally challenged woman (aka mad woman) ran inside the health centre around 2am when the nurses were taking delivery of her baby. Apparently, she had been shouting so loud that it attracted the mentally challenged woman. The door to the health centre is damaged and the burglary was shut but in the rush to quickly get Julie to the delivery ward, the Nurses forgot to bolt the burglary. She said, the 2 nurses at first ran for cover while the baby’s head was hanging between her thighs, then one of the nurses summoned courage and used a carton to chase [...]
Waking up *trigger warning* I felt nothing except bewilderment, growing horror and utter terror. You would too if you suddenly became aware after feeling nothing that something strong was gripping you and holding you against your will. Thrashing about frantically, I tried as hard as I could to open my eyes but they felt as if they had been sewn shut and for a god awful moment I thought I had gone blind. A garbled voice washed over me like I was in water. My mouth flapped open and shut as I took panicked breaths, my heartbeat going so fast it felt physically painful. Finally my eyes opened and, although my vision was blurred, I could tell that the blob [...]
Good Morning sio, I know this is wrong. ..maybe he is trying to use me…but the whole truth is this..I think I have feelings for my married sister’s ex-boyfriend. I have been trying to avoid him but he keeps coming to my mum about it…she said it’s not wrong, that their relationship aren’t that deep, but she wasn’t in it with her..I am confused, I don’t know what to do…plus my sister is my back bone…I am feeling guilty already. .I need an advice and I will be in d comment section. ..keep me anonymous thanks
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Good Morning sio, this is about me and my best friend. I have strong feelings for her brother. I told her about it but she is against it. She did not give a reason and I don’t know if I should tell him myself.
🌈Happy pride iedereen!🌈 Het belang van blijven knokken voor (zelf)acceptatie, gelijkheid en openheid -op welke manier dan ook- wordt nog eens onderstreept door deze cijfers van het SCP (via stichting @movisie.nl). Het aantal (pogingen tot) zelfdoding ligt onder LHBTQ-ers significant hoger! En dan is een heel groot deel van stil en eenzaam lijden niet eens meegerekend. Please vraag hulp als je in de knoop zit, praat erover, je hebt recht om te zijn wie je bent en je bent niet alleen! Let op elkaar en wees niet bang om vragen te stellen over donkere gedachten, daar kun je levens mee redden! 💚💚💚 ••Nu met iemand praten? Bel @113zelfmoordpreventie•• #mentalhealthawareness #113zelfmoordpreventie #suicideawareness
Acl conditioner ukuran 1000ml/1kg, ada refil & botol. Perawatan rambut dengan wangi bervariasi dan banyak manfaatnya untuk kesehatan rambutmu sehari hari, ini juga bisa digunakan pria lhoo aman karna biasa disuplay ke salon salon Varian Lavender Aromatic Stawberry Lidah buaya Apel Mint Lemon Anggur Green tea . . Rp. 23.000,- . .
Just a few of the beautiful views I have the opportunity to see everyday along the Colombian river. I love working on this boat and this wonderful opportunity I’ve been given! Definitely think I might have found a future home in Washington too ❤️❤️
Y’all let me tell you about this amazing low carb pizza I made for lunch today! 😍🤤 This entire pizza is just 227 calories, only 7 carbs, & 28g protein which means it is going to keep me full for much longer than a normal pizza would! Plus it is just 2sp for the whole thing! This was the first recipe I’ve made from Zach at @theflexibledietinglifestyle who creates the most amazing recipes and I can’t wait to try more!! 2sp(227 cal) 13C/7F/28P ••• Crust: 1 egg(0sp) 100g egg whites(0sp) 7g coconut flour(1sp) Sprinkle of pizza seasoning (0sp) • • 60g pizza sauce(1sp) 1oz ff mozzarella(0sp)
As you’ve seen by feed, I love bagels so i make these every other week so I don’t get tempted to eat a real bagel 😬🤤 2 ingredient bagels alwayss satisfy my cravings! 4sp for breakfast! 3sp for the bagel and 1sp for Trader Joes lite Mexican Blend cheese. Dabbled on some Hot Winter hot sauce and it was so good 🙂 #wwrecipes
This is my FAVORITE side- and it’s 0 SP! I really missed creamed spinach when I started #weightwatchers, so I made this lighter, flavorful alternative. I promise you won’t miss the cream and butter! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 —————- Recipe: One box frozen chopped spinach; Half a medium onion; 1-2 garlic gloves; dash of nutmeg; dash of cayenne pepper; salt and pepper to taste; butter spray; chicken broth, water, or white wine (optional) 🔸 Defrost the spinach in the microwave (I usually put it in a bowl full of water and zap it for 2-3 minutes). Drain. 🔸Meanwhile, dice onion and cook in a pan sprayed with butter spray on medium low heat. 🔸When onions are translucent, add chopped garlic and cook for [...]
OK TJ’S CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI 😍! I FINALLY got my hands on a couple bags this past weekend and I am forever changed. I also cooked up some 96/4 ground beef then poured in some zero point marinara from @theskinnyishdish and let that simmer for a while and topped the gnocchi with that – I’ve got a serving of gnocchi (4sp) and meat sauce (2sp), lite Caesar salad (2sp), and cheesy garlic bread (4sp) – 12sp total! . . #wwgirl #wwlife #wwworks #wwgood
Summer nights call for burgers on the grill! 🍔😎 5sp(250 cal) /7C/8F/28P ••• 1/2 hamburger bun(2sp) 4oz 96% lean ground beef(2sp) 16g lettuce(0sp) 9g onion(0sp) Sauce: 1.5 tbsp @waldenfarmsusa thousand island(0sp) 1 tsp relish(0sp) 1/4 tsp mustard & ketchup(0sp) • 44g sugar snap peas(0sp) 1 tbsp Opa ranch(1sp)