Our garden hasn’t been the greatest this year. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the best ant tending to it. Watering sporadically, weeding sporadically, making sure to feed the soil….once 🤦🏻‍♀️. Despite this I brought in a harvest too big to hold in my hands today. It may not be what we had years ago but I am ever grateful for the bit that we do have right now. Never taking for granted the nourishment the soil and nature have given me. I am so excited for the future garden I will own with a harvest big enough to sustain many! Here’s to gratitude. Here’s to life. Here’s to nature. Soak it up!
Right now, or three hours from now, or fourteen days from now, you have a choice. At any point in time, you can continue the way you’re going or you can choose a different path. When you’re bound by seemingly endless obligations and limitations, you can choose how to think of them and how you will handle them. No matter how others treat you, or how outside events unfold, you can choose your next thought, your next move. In what specific direction are your current choices leading you? Ask yourself and be honest, is that really where you wish to go? You’ve spent a lifetime experiencing what works and what doesn’t, and in every moment going forward you have a [...]
My four favorite dōTERRA product!!! These products really convinced me that essential oils truly worked. Growing up, I’ve always struggled with health issues and my stomach was in a constant state of pain. I also found out that my liver wasn’t processing anything the way it should be. It got to the point that I thought the pain was just normal and there was nothing I could do about it, but oh man, was I wrong. I used these products to try and detox my system as a last ditch effort and within 24 hours my stomach pain was gone and it hasn’t been back since. How awesome is that?! These products have changed my life and have changed my [...]
This blue Carpet may not seem like much but my goodness is this wonderful contraption absolutely Magical !!♥️♥️It lets individuals like myself (wheelchair users) roll on the sand at the beach 🏖 it’s absolutely amazing I got to see this thing work first hand and let me tell you it works wonders and of course it’s also my favorite color 😁♥️
Live from Rollins College 🤣 I love the holt school for so many reasons, the experience, the family, the school. It’s amazing how much your life can change in such a small amount of time. I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to share my experiences with the incoming class. A hidden secret, Rollins college is an Autism Friendly, and accommodation school; with tutoring, counseling, and other services available for those with learning and developmental disabilities. It is truly a campus that empowers all members of the community. . . . . . #community
Feliz Dia dos Pais com a Óptica Jockey. 🤗📅⌚🕶 #óculos ções ógio #teresina #óptica #ótica #assessório 🕶 Loja Matriz: Rua Miosotis, 1091 – Jockey Club – Ed. Savassi – Sala 03 – Teresina/PI – 📞86 3235-9621 🕶 Loja Centro: Rua David Caldas, 227 – Centro – Teresina/PI – 📞 86 3303-5135 🕶⌚ Loja Extra: Av. Pres. Kennedy, 501 – São Cristóvão – Supermercado Extra – Sala 13 B – Teresina/PI – 📞 86 3233-9343 🕶 ⌚Loja Barão: Av. Barão de Gurguéia, 3450 – Vermelha – Supermercado Carvalho – Teresina/PI – 📞 86 3218-4390
A foto não ficou legal, mas está representando parte da novidade que vem por aí. . 😲 . Quem acertar o que é vai ganhar esta nova delícia da Maria Beijinho. . Uau!!!!! . REGRAS: Tem que adivinhar o que é, o que vai acompanhar. . Ah!!!! Não esquece de marcar as amigas para te ajudar. .
Did you know about Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben? His role in Valley Forge? Despite the POURING RAIN we got to explore Valley Forge today, where GDub formed up and made the military send the British running, with the help of Von Steuben, who spoke German and French but not English. So they had a translator in French give instructions to Soldiers, then formed up to be a real Army, and changed the course of the revolution. . . . “With regard to military discipline, I may safely say that no such thing existed in the Continental Army.” —von Steuben. . . . . #revolutionarywar #1777
Hai haiiiii 👋👋😊 Kami adik adik Biak 3 Algonz 😊 Kami juga rajin ke sekolah minggu untuk membina Iman kami 🙏🙏😇 Terima kasih kakak pembina Biak 3 Algonz @tintin0878 @veronika.kartini and team 🙏😊👍 Terus lah bertumbuh, berkembang, dan berbuah berkat yang melimpah ruah adik-adik Biak Algonz 💪💪🙏😊 Jadilah terang dan garam dunia bagi sekitarmu 🙏🙏 Jadilah laskar kristus sejati 👍👍🙏😇😊 Yuk adik Biak 3 Algonz yang belum ikutan sekolah minggu…. Ditunggu kehadariannya juga ya 🙏🙏👋👋😊 3
The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible. I doubted, questioned my self so many times if I can do all these things but one thing for sure is that I BELIEVE, I CAN!! and Tonight, I Conquered the first ever night obstacle course race with 25 Obstacles while there is a torrential downpour! This Night race is extra special to me because I was able to do all the wall obstacles from Akyat Bahay, Inverted Wall, 6ft wall, Yao Ming Wall and Slip wall!! How I wish that there is a cameraman who captured the sweet moment. 😊 Thank you Lord for giving me the much needed energy for this race [...]
Day 1 of my 2018 Summer Vacation…First selfie I took after traveling for twelve hours today and I’m beaming…dimples and all. I really needed this time to shutdown and celebrate what I’ve achieved over this past year professionally. 🎆 ▪️ Most importantly, I think this week is going to allow me the time to reflect on what matters most to me personally. I’m finally at a point where my heart is open. All the hurt and disappointment I’ve endured this past decade plus is truly forgiven and I’m better for it. ❤️ ▪️ I want more, I deserve more, and I want someone to share all that “more” with spritually, emotionally, and physically. Sometimes a vacation is the chance to [...]
“To keep the body in good health is our duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha 👇 Overall around 8 miles in steps today on this gorgeous Saturday. Soaking up the 🌞 and 🌊 before the crowds roll in next weekend for the ✈️ & ⛵️ show. Of course stopped to #plank . 💪 How are you getting your 20%? #mybackyard
My Full Fitness Story PT. 2 – After high school I had a bad taste in my mouth of fitness.. So I didn’t really workout for a couple of months. I was in a “living my best life” mindset. I was eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted to. – It came to the pound where I was 175lbs at 5’2. To give you a better idea of where I was physically I had a BMI of 32! It was bad! I got to the point where I couldn’t walk up the stairs without becoming out of breath, I had trouble sleeping. – On top of that I had a horrible self esteem… You would never see in me muscle [...]
Atualmente são mais de dez países que baniram o plástico, entre eles Índia, Bélgica, Costa Rica, França, Grenada, Indonésia, Noruega, Panamá, Santa Lúcia, Serra Leoa, Uruguai, aqui no Brasil o estado do RJ tbm proibiu. Esse material é um dos maiores inimigos do meio ambiente. O lixo plástico prejudica mais de 600 espécies marinhas. Vamos trocar o canudinho de plástico por algo mais sustentável???? Comece por vc, comece agora 🌎 #zerowaste. #pensenisso
SUNDAY DETOX 🌿 A lot of us put our skin through A LOT over the weekend! Late nights with makeup, spending time out in the weather.. etc. Sunday is the perfect day to show yourself and your skin a bit of self love! Packed full of natural toxin magnets this mask works to pull impurities from pores and DETOX your beautiful skin leaving it fresh & clear ready for the week! 💕
Showing you some of the produce picked from my garden 🌿. Italian celery & Italian parsley (continental parsley). These guys love all the rain 🌧 . Guess where they ended up?……………….. @newnormal.subiaco , one of the best restaurants in Perth. Yes they will take any surplus produce from your garden & use it in their dishes 👍🏽. They were pretty happy with this lot. homegrown 😋
La metáfora del cuerpo de #elefante 🐘 Si vives y te desarrollas en cuerpo, se como el elefante… 👉🏽👣tienes que tener cuatro pies muy pesados para estar plantado en la tierra, 👉🏽👉🏽🤲🏿una piel muy gruesa para que no te haga daño lo que dicen de ti 👉🏽👂🏼con una orejotas para escuchar todo lo que se dice y 👉🏽🧠con una inteligencia y memoria que nunca olvida. @marcoachmx @neuroconductororganico #terapiaolistica
Was so honoured to meet and work with Therese Izay Kirongozi, director of Women’s Technologies and inventor of the famous traffic robots 100% made in DRC for an event with UN Women DRC. Therese, you are an inspiration for women around the world!
Tonight we pay Tribute to formidable women such Mama Winnie Mandela and Mama Albertina Sisulu who stood at the forefront of the struggle for freedom and women’s rights with a Tribute Concert featuring Khanyo Maphumulo, Gloria Bosman, Gcina Mhlophe and Lebo Mashile, with the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional Dancers, the Playhouse Chorale and a live band. Tickets available through @computicket and at the door. Opera Theatre. 11 August 19h00 #sawaf18 #bethelegacy Why not join us for the free Sundowner Concert and Poetry before the show in the Main foyer from 5pm?
musicoterapia Podemos definir la musicoterapia como aquella terapia que emplea la música con el objetivo de beneficiar nuestra salud a través de mejoras en diferentes ámbitos personales tales como el físico, emocional, social o cognitivo. La musicoterapia parte de un principio básico que no es otro que el hecho de que todos los seres humanos somos, por naturaleza, seres musicales. Habitualmente, esta terapia tiene dos formas de aplicación: activa –cantar y escuchar música, tocar instrumentos, etcétera– y receptiva, relajación a través de la música. Y ello se haría mediante dos terapias complementarias, las verbales, en las que se habla con el paciente, y las no verbales, que implican la expresión del paciente a través de gestos y sonidos. Con la [...]
Então… quando se fala sobre as vantagens de se contratar um personal trainer aparecem inúmeras dúvidas sobre ser ou não uma boa opção. Resolvi então citar alguns do inúmeros benefícios que treinar com um personal oferecem. * Os treinamentos são promovidos de acordo com as necessidades e limitações de cada pessoa. * Por saber exatamente qual é o seu nível de condicionamento físico e objetivo, o personal trainer desenvolverá o treino certo para a conquista do máximo em resultado, respeitando limites e tornando-o mais seguro. * Ter a comodidade de realizar seus exercícios quando você bem entender. * O personal te auxilia a fazer suas séries com qualidade, eficiência e intervalos no tempo certo. Um ganho em tempo e conforto. [...]
I’m sorry it’s a long one but I hope worth the read: I was going to have an early night but instead found myself in the bar on the 29th floor of the hotel contemplating life looking out over the view… A couple asked me if I spoke Spanish but we settled for English… (“un Poco” as learnt in my days at Currencies Direct, sadly didn’t cut it)… turns out they were originally from Columbia but have lived in the USA for 25 years… Very early on the man said he long believed that music from the UK was the best but especially John Lennon and that he thought “Imagine” was the true key to everyone in the world being [...]
Quando a gente se dá conta de que não é só Trabalho…É ir além, é ser mais que um excelente profissional…no fim das contas é sobre transformar a beleza e melhorar a auto-estima, é doar um pouco de sí e receber muito mais!!
📚💭💥💥💥 🌠 ” Existe apenas um praticante do Mal no planeta: a inconsciência Humana. Compreender isso é o caminho para o perdão. Quando perdoamos, nossa identidade de vítima se dissipa e nossa verdadeira força se manifesta – a força da presença. Portanto, em vez de culpar a escuridão, acenda a Luz” ✨☄ ☆ #eckharttolle ☆ #umnovomundo ☆ #saturdaynight ☆ #kujicam
If you truly get in touch with a piece of carrot, you get in touch with the soil, the rain, the sunshine. You get in touch with Mother Earth and eating in such a way, you feel in touch with true life, your roots, and that is meditation. If we chew every morsel of our food in that way we become grateful and when you are grateful, you are happy. Thich Nhat Hanh It’s such a life changing space to be in and can show you what needs love and attention. The last week I have swayed from self love and gratitude practice and it’s shifted the balance. Sunday is a chance to let go, understand and plan for action. [...]
I write a lot of workouts and have always wanted to do one on Lake Michigan so today my dad surprised me with a workout trip to the beach. My 9 year old sister tagged along and took some video so it’s of the best quality 🤙🏻 we did run into trouble when the beach we wanted to go to was closed but we improvised pretty well. _______________________________________________________ The workout is the 2nd picture and we sadly have no video of the squats. It only took us 19 min to complete the whole circuit but it sure got us sweating 😅💪🏻. _______________________________________________________ P.S – the run up the dunes slowly turned into a crawl up the dunes because that nonsense [...]
A Shape Nutrition é uma nova empresa de MMN (Marketing Multinivel) de suplementos e saúde. Criada pelo Universo do Atleta, a maior loja de suplementos do Brasil, a Shape Nutrition vem se desenvolvendo com produtos exclusivos para o mercado de suplementação e saúde. A SN fabrica diversos produtos com matéria prima importada para melhor qualidade, além de serem todos aprovados pela ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária), e vêm se desenvolvendo com produtos exclusivos para o mercado de suplementação e saúde. Venha você também fazer parte da Shape Nutrition e seja seu próprio patrão. @eduscheidegger @shapenutritionoficial #projetoverao
LINHA LIPOGEL ✨ ~ Uma linha completa para tratamento de acnes, cravos e espinhas. Os princípios controlam a oleosidade (principal causadora das acnes), além de previnir o envelhecimento da pele, deixando-a mais saudável. 😍 ~ 📢 Lembrando que temos todos produtos Racco a pronta entrega para São Luís e você pode consultar nosso catálogo com valores e promoções vigentes em nosso link do perfil. 👤 Enviamos para todo Brasil no seguro sistema da Racco Shop📦 . #finanças #godiamond
¡Sencilla pero deliciosa! ❤️ ¡Así es nuestra clásica torta de vainilla con dulce de leche! 🍰 ¿Quieres una igual? ¡Contáctanos vía WhatsApp o sms por el 0412-1812970 y haz tu pedido! 👩🏻‍🍳 ¡Trabajamos para hacer más dulces tus momentos especiales! 🤗
Munchies tonight are on fire!!! Actually had some time to be in the kitchen tonight, so I whipped up these sweet potato fries and fresh homemade guacamole. Such an easy side and super tasty! I topped the fries with fresh garlic, olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.