Low FODMAP news: Bakers Delight swaps Low FODMAP certification; launches a new Low FODMAP product 🍞⠀ ⠀ Big #lowfodmap industry news are emerging today. The famous Australian #bakery @bakersdelight, who launched the world’s first freshly baked Low FODMAP loaf, has swapped Low FODMAP certification. ⠀ ⠀ #bakersdelight is considered to be Australia’s most successful bakery franchise, with over 700 bakeries worldwide – most of this in #australia. ⠀ ⠀ According to reports, #monashuniversity is now the certifying body of Baker Delight’s Low FODMAP Wholegrain loafs and rolls. Initially when the company released the products it was certified by #fodmapfriendly. ⠀ ⠀ As reports of the big move emerged, we were also able to learn that Bakers Delight is launching a [...]
Planing to paint the town in purple today! 💜💜 ……………………………. Let’s make a great business today in new city.. 😍😍 Dear all, We are going to conduct a beauty & Business Fair in Dehradun on 20th July in The Cosmopolitan hotel, Rajpur Road, Dehradun.. Timing will be 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM …. ______________ Test & Try over 500 products, Be Lucky and win Oriflame Goodies and get special gifts by winning our fun games. Also..A business opportunity if you are willing to earn some extra income..😉 ……………… ……… #dehradunclass
I was craving banana bread 🍌👅 but I know I have zero portion control with it, so I made these BANANA BREAD MUFFINS 😍 and they turned out soo delicious!! They’re my new fave. 🤤👌🏽 : : Recipe is super simple 🙃👇🏽 #sunshinesrecipes Wet ingredients: * 210g of banana * 65g of apple puree (or more banana) * 1 egg * 10g of melted coconut oil * 15g of hazelnut butter (or other nut butter) @nutspreadcz * 35ml of milk of choice * 20g of maple syrup Dry: * 30g of coconut sugar * 40g of almond flour * 110g of spelt flour (would also work with buckwheat or oat flour) * 1/2 tsp of baking powder * 1/2 tsp [...]
Buongiorno…….☀️😃 Se ti appassiona ciò che fai …. e lo vivi ogni giorno con il sorriso….. Sarà più facile raggiungere gli obiettivi… E sopratutto sarà molto gratificante…. L’unica cosa che devi fare … se davvero ci credi… È mettere in pratica il tuo piano di azione!!! ❤️+💪….
Andar com fé… é saber que cada dia é um recomeço, é ter certeza que os milagres acontecem e que os sonhos podem se realizar. Andar com fé é saber que temos asas invisíveis, é fazer pedidos a estrelas cadentes e abrir as mãos para o céu. Andar com fé é olhar sem temor as portas do desconhecido, ter a inocência dos olhos da criança, a lealdade do cão, a beleza da mão estendida para dar e receber. Andar com fé é usar a força e a coragem que habitam dentro de nós quando tudo parece acabado. Andar com fé é saber que temos tudo a nosso favor, é compartilhar as bênçãos multiplicadas, é saber que sempre seremos surpreendidos com [...]
You never know what you’ll find behind a door. Maybe that’s what life consists of: knocking on doors or entering directly. Nunca se sabe qué encontrará uno tras una puerta. Quizá en eso consiste la vida: en llamar a la puerta o entrar directamente.
Whenever your dreams and sounds of victory are fading away get back to nature for rejuvenation and renewal. Nothing revitalizes and heals a burnt out mind like it The beauty of nature is felt more when it impacts our sense of creativity and recreation of a battered mind. #moneypowerrespect
DAY 64 Leg day today 😅 I honestly did not want to hit the start button today and do this workout. But once I got started and pushed through it, it felt really good. Some days are like that. You’re not going to feel motivated every single day. That’s ok. What works for me is reminding myself over and over again how disappointed I will be in myself if I don’t follow through with the promise I made to myself to do it. I also remind myself that every workout doesn’t have to be the most intense, beastly workout I’ve ever done. I just have to show up. Even when I don’t want to. Following through with the commitments you [...]
2 years ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy that I had ever seen ❤️ The day you entered my world was the best day of my life! You are the kindest, most sweetest little soul and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect son. You have shown me a whole new world, a whole new love and I cannot wait to watch you grow and manifest into the man you’ll one day become. You are one loved little boy and bring so much joy and happiness to those around you. You’re constantly putting a smile on everyone’s face with your cheeky personality and that just melts my heart. You (and Harper) are our biggest blessings [...]
Subscribe to my new YouTube channel and keep up to date with my projects and interviews. I like to raise difficult subjects as well as informative interviews to enlighten my viewers world. Always interested in speaking to anyone with a story to share. Follow this link for subscription. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wPuWjdy5h4fWNYz7b_EEg www.emmajanetaylor.life #girlpower #girlpower #positivevibes
Does your body not respond well to fertility medication or has poor ovarian reserve? At Fakih IVF we have a solution for this case that called Natural Cycle. During a Natural Cycle, the single natural egg created by the body is retrieved, injected with sperm and, if fertilized, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. No stimulation medication is prescribed during a Natural Cycle. Candidates for Natural Cycle IVF include: Women who do not respond well to stimulation medications, women with a poor ovarian reserve and women who do not want to take hormonal medication. There are a lot advantages of this treatment Procedure: -Utilizes the body’s normal hormones. – May be repeated month after month, if necessary – Less [...]
🥇En los últimos años la innovación de los hilos espiculados y monofilamento de polidioxanona han aportado lo suyo en la mejora de la flaccidez del paciente en medicina estética, así mismo cumple un importante rol en la inducción de colágeno, generando tensión en la piel. 🔝El secreto de la efectividad de los tratamientos mínimamente invasivos es la combinación de ellos, los resultados son aditivos en relación a la mejora. Antes hicimos hilos en Madrid y Mallorca y ahora toca una nueva actualización en Madrid con la pionera en el tema la Dra. Vicenta Llorca. ⏺️ Nos vamos a aprender más, a descubrir nuevos lugares y a comer mucho jamón, queso y vino 😂 😍 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ [...]
Don’t really give two s***’s 💩 (Sorry for the dirty word) BUT for real sometimes you just gotta say it & not only say it but just let it go. DONT lose sleep over it – DONT let it consume your every being – DONT let it change who you are – DONT let it rain ☔️ on your parade. Life is to short to stress over every little imperfection and every little mistake or challenge you may face. Do the best you can do everyday & be a good human to others ❤️ and that’s all you can do. If you have the willpower & strength to do more, be my guest 💪🙂 #peace ✌️
The greatest mountain you need to climb lies in your own mind. The external climb is one journey through skills and physical force the internal journey those moments where you might allow your fear brain, overwhelm your mindset to take over and conquer your dreams, to block you. Understand your mountain believe in yourself.
Four years ago today, Seth and I spent the first couple hours of our lives together as an engaged couple stranded with no service on the side of the road in the mountains…while we macgyvered a fix to a busted radiator hose and waited for a Good Samaritan to bring us water (for the radiator) from his campsite…and once we made it down the mountain, we spent the rest of the weekend at reunions for BOTH sides of Seth’s family #nopressure 😅 Although I’d love to say that our stress levels have only receded since that day…I wouldn’t trade this crazy life full of car troubles for anything else – and I’m so grateful for the forever companion I have [...]
District Edge @ Norma Jeans London Ontario Canada 2018/07/15 – – Photography Done By Samuel Phoenix From The Forever PhoeniX Concert Photography. – – If you share this photo please give give us the credit and not use it as your own.. – – – #fallow
Einen wunderschönen sonnigen Morgen wünsche ich euch. 🙌🏼☀️ Die erste Arbeitswoche ist bald schon wieder um & ich könnte wieder Urlaub vertragen. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Deshalb jetzt mal eine kleine Ansage von mir: Es sind nicht die großen Dinge, die im Leben zählen, sondern die kleinen. Geld ist nicht alles und ein Dankeschön kostet nichts. Umgebe dich mit den Personen, die dich glücklich machen und verschwende deine Zeit nicht mit Sachen, die dich runterziehen. Genieße dein Leben und mach das, worauf du Lust hast. Denk nicht darüber nach, was anderen sagen und denken, sondern verfolge deine Ziele, egal wie bekloppt sie auch sind. Mach das, was du willst und verschwende deine Zeit nicht – das Leben ist viel zu kurz❗️ #positivevibesonly ✨
My IG gone downhill like jack (from jack and jill) 😷 #ootd with a fanny pack 😏 I like how easily accessible it is for me compared to a backpack and my shoulders too sloped for a handbag to stay on me. Would you wear one? Bag from- @mamalandx ☻
A Dieta de 21 dias é um Revolucionário Protocolo de Emagrecimento (100% Natural) que foi baseado em mais de 1.200 Experimentos Científicos para Ajudar Você a perder Peso e Gordura Corporal – Mais Rápido do que qualquer outro Método que Você já tentou… . Sem Passar Fome, Sem Contar Calorias, Sem Abrir Mão de Alimentos Deliciosos e Sem ter que Fazer Exercícios Monótonos e Chatos. . . Clique agora no link do meu perfil @dietalowcarbde21dias e venha fazer parte deste time HOJE MESMO ! ! ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #emagrecimentosaudável ção #bomdia
. 📍 New gym alert 🚨 Snap fitness Lunn Avenue will be another gym I am working from. This is my home gym and has been for two years. The crowd are friendly and welcoming and I know them all. If you want the most comfortable introduction to the gym this is the perfect start. We then celebrated with a non diet friendly hard shake 😍
You can, you really can, yes you. You really can have it all. But first of all, you have to be committed to making it happen. Get in line and stay in line. No looking sideways, upwards, downwards but just keep focused on moving forward. “Don’t let your rear view mirror be your guide” What are you committed to? I don’t mean just talking about it and hoping for it, I mean deep in the trenches working on it!!!! #youcanhaveitall
I’m so glad that @thesafetybox is getting the recognition in government and in the public eye like they deserve they have been breaking ground and changing lives everywhere they go including #prisons I support what they do and at times spoke and sung at some of their appointments. I’m on their website my song #power is their Campaign #song stating that you have the power to make the right decisions and rise, Check them out in fact hire them. #breakingground
We have some budding artists in our midst! This beautiful artwork was recently discovered by one of our supporters on a visit to Moivaro, School of St Jude’s primary boarding campus. Have you always dreamed of an African safari? Visit our website to find out more about visiting St Jude’s, we’d love to host you, and you may even have the chance to partake in an art lesson with the students who drew this! . . . . . .
🙋🏽‍♀️I was guilty of it… In my early years when I started working I was wearing the mask of “The Geisha”, I wanted to prove my abilities and thought if I take all the work they will see what I am capable of. . Later, I started to wear the mask of “The Bitch”, as I had no idea how to deal with condescending and denigrating behaviour and wanted to show that they could not pull it off with me. . Now, many years and lessons later, the only mask I wear is my own face! I learned by being myself and building a good reputation of trust and reliability, I am respected for who I am!💪🏽 . New blogpost [...]
Your potential is endless > Go do what you were created to do 🖤 ••• My Miss K firecracker of a client, @lady_araujo14 ☝🏻 We’ve come a long way my girl, and I am so bloody proud of you! But I see even greater things to come😜 ••• ✨The Miss K Movement✨ ✖️ #misskbabe
It’s CASH all SUMMER & we’ve got MONEY to giveaway! FRIDAY JULY 20th 10 P rock w/me at 2018’s “SUMMER MONEY” Hip-Hop Dance Party LIVE at the beautiful @RobiniaCourtyard ! . Vibe & network with CEOs, young professionals and financial industry friends, celebrating my newest accomplishment: passing the State of Wisconsin Financial Representative exams – better positioning me to support emerging communities of scholars. To honor Black Excellence, we’re giving away $100 Cash Prize to the winner of the “MONEY BAG CHALLENGE”. Show up & compete for a chance to win this GUAP! . NO COVER | $5 SUGGESTED DONATION (100% of Proceeds Benefit Go4It, An Asset Builder’s Initiative) . LIVE SPECIAL GUEST Hip Hop DJ @djmirah_since2006 . Special Presentation [...]
Buongiorno amici! Per impegni personali domani non potrò essere con voi e si chiude quindi oggi questa settimana di Sveglia Dance. Oggi rimaniamo nel mondo della Pop-Dance Farancese, con uno dei suoi massimi esponenti, Martin Solveig di cui ascoltiamo il suo nuovo singolo “My Love”! Buona giornata e buon weekend a tutti! Per leggere tutto ed ascoltare il brano, segui il link al mio blog sul mio profilo @svegliadance To read the full article and listen to the song, follow my blog link on my profile @svegliadance
Good luck in your next competition Tengku Alif! Can’t wait to see your progress. Follow him @tengku_alif_asyraf @tengku_alif_asyraf . Name : Tengku Alif Asyraf Status : Single From : Kelantan/Kuala Lumpur Country : Malaysia Age : 26 years old Height : 165 cm Weight :64 kg Profession :Personal Trainer Hobby : Workout Idol : Jeff Seid Achievements : – Mr Brotherhood 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Top 20 Goals : To succeed in fitness industry, model to be Qoute : No Pain No Gain . Please like our fb page www.facebook.com/arena.cergazz and youtube channel : arena cergazz for more photos and videos #arenacergazz
#repost “Been working on this since mid last year. Sorry taking so long everyone but I promise it will be worth the wait. Almost done…real close. Hip Hop Isn’t Dead my first Official album back in quite a few years featuring: Heaven Razah aka Hell Razah, Queen The Prophent, Chino XL, Eternal of Killa Beez, The Dirty Clanzmen, Quantom Physics, Rez Sps Kings, Caper, Selima Young aka Wonda Woman, Rampage the Last Boyscout, Arkatak, Karnage Ca$hman, Betty B., Honey Dinero, DC (Darci Carpenter), Firenation Flamez, Tahmell (Rakim’s Son), Brandon Heat, The Artillerist, Astro Jiggy Jones, kOpE kAiNe, Dungeon Masta, Solomon Childs, P.I.L.L.S., Carmen Thompson, Dave Knyckz, David Casto, Woar2, DTACH, Dre Specz, DruGunn$, iNTeLL, Judah Priest, & Nki Louise. Hows [...]
Pre shoulder injury, it’s important to listen to your body since this takes time and consistency which you can’t do if you’re always injured, i am going to stay away from the bench and other sketchy lifts like so.. I’m doing well though 📈 #lean