Regrann from @medicalpedia – ⚠️ Fishhook injury! How would you attempt to remove it? Fishing is a common recreational sport. While serious injuries are uncommon, penetrating tissue trauma involving fishhooks frequently occurs. Most of these injuries are minor and can be treated in the office without difficulty. All fishhook injuries require careful evaluation of surrounding tissue before attempting removal. After removal of the fishhook, the wound should be explored for possible foreign bodies (e.g., bait). It is usually sufficient to leave the wound open, then apply an antibiotic ointment and a simple dressing. Tetanus toxoid should be administered to persons for whom more than five years has elapsed since their last tetanus booster. Prophylactic antibiotic therapy may be considered for persons [...]
Just a few thoughts and tips from a strength coach… How to avoid: . . *** 🏋🏻‍♂️ 1- NEUTRAL GRIP: Use a neutral grip as your default for your dumbbell work: This is a more natural and easier to manage elbow and shoulder position. This is especially important if your upper body posture is heavily internally rotated. # *** 🏋🏻‍♂️ 2- SELF SOFT TISSUE WORK (foam roll etc): tightness in the upper Traps, Levator Scapula, Pecs and Lats can impact the shoulder / elbow positioning and function. This can cause the shoulder joint to sit poorly which has a flow in effect to the elbow. Your body is one big system of pulleys and levers and a problem at one [...]
✖️SATURDAY’S AIM: BEAT THIS 👆🏽👇🏽✖️ • Throwback to my first ever appearance on stage, @pureelitecomp April 2016. Literally no idea what I was doing 😂 Condition was ok, posing needed work, stage presence non-existent! • Fast forward 2 & a bit years and I’m days away from doing it again! Learnt a lot in between! Posing is much better as is confidence & condition. Since these pictures were taken by @matt__marsh I have got out of shape, back in shape, BACK out of shape and finally back in shape again! Had a photo shoot with @snhfoto & competed on the @bodypowerexpo stage with @ukultimatephysiques, actually quite a lot in 24 months come to think of it! • For the first [...]
🚨Welcome To Boxfit Elite Training🚨 Welcome To BoxFit Elite Training. 🙌🏼 My Name Is Jacob Bruce. 👋🏼 Head Trainer/Coach Over At BoxFit Elite Training – I’m Welcoming/Inviting Anyone Who Wants Or Needs Help With Their Fitness Goals And Dreams. – 🔥WE ARE OFFERING A COMPLIMENTARY WEEK!🔥 Contact Me Now If You Are Interested! Don’t miss out on the summer specials 😁 * COMPLIMENTARY WEEK ON ME 🔥 * ONE ON ONE SPECIALS 🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏽‍♀️ * ONLINE TRAINING AVAILABLE 💻📱 • • • #209
Surround yourself with the epitome of modern bathing. If you are searching for a way to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom, frameless shower enclosures are a simple solution. Their tempered glass facades sealed with PVC, prevent water seepage that clearly defines the wet and dry area in a bathroom. The doors are highly resistant to shattering or breaking, thus making it a safe choice for a pleasurable bathing experience. For more details, please visit , Product code :SALSR1300022
Our favorite bed and breakfast creations 4 champions!!!… Mother Nature unleashing her powers! The ultimate breakfast, from the raw earth… shredded coconuts, coconut milk, Beans, pumpkin seeds, blue berry, sweet potatoe, banana and a generous amount of ground cinnamon…. Ready for take off…. Beauty in simplicity! Eat ur ❤️ out!!!!…. Keep it simple….love it natural… know your source…… Organic living, are u ready???…. How about the perfect souls in your foodssss…….soul food….. #tasty #healthyfood #starbucks
Don’t suffocate in silence. Speak up 🗣 #thankyou @themhspotlight for this powerful post 💥 ・・・ Culture of Silence: Growing up South Asian, I was taught to hide my problems and deal with them in silence. No one outright said that this was how it was supposed to be, but still I learned. . I remember being 8 and having my first panic attack hidden in my closet because I was too scared to tell someone I wasn’t okay. . I remember when I was 16 and a co-worker acted inappropriately towards me, feeling like I couldn’t tell anyone because someone would say I had brought that onto myself. . I remember breaking up with my boyfriend and not being able [...]
#sağlıklıyaşamdurağı ❇️Sadece 1 adet büyük yumurta: ✅B12 Vitamini: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %9’unu ✅B2 Vitamini: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %15’ini ✅Folate: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %5’sini ✅A Vitamini: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %6’sını ✅B5 Vitamini: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %7’sini ✅Selenyum: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %22’sini ✅Fosfor: Günlük ihtiyacınızın %9’unu karşılar.. #günaydın ı #sağlık ğlıklıbeslenme
Abundance Today: “Love yourself and embrace every great value and quality that you own!” Sign up to our weekly highlights and grab your gifts to develop an abundant life and business at Http:// Welcome to join our Facebook Group Abundant Entrepreneurs for daily inspirations, resources, support and momentum: #selflove, #corevalue, #faith, #positivity, #love, #purpose, #passion, #wisdom, #compassion, #confidence, #strength, #energy, #springabundancetoday, #springabundantentrepreneurs, #springmagiclife, #entrepreneur, #business, #breakthrough, #mission, #dream, #enlightenment, #personaldevelopment, #vision, #faith, #success, #abundance, #impact, #influence, #freedom, #fulfillment
Things do happen, I believe I in miracles. I believe in magic, I believe in work, I believe in dreams, I believe in energy, I believe in love! Every new thing ever created was only seen in that’s persons mind who believed in it and never gave up no matter what what other’s said. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and have a power to smile when someone says you can’t so something, that’s their belief about themselves, their limits, don’t ever let anyone influence you with their limitations. You are unique, you are the best. “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand” I love you all 🤗
i’m sorry I’ve been so inactive. im going thru a really shit time and dont rlly know how to cope and it’s litterly just getting worse. I’ll try get a edit up today tho credit @1.52am – – – –
1) IMIX (Dragon) Improves health and creates harmony in the physical body. . . Begin by sitting in the meditative pose. Relax your mind, body and emotions. Do some deep breathing and then focus upon one of the glyphs given below, holding and visualizing it in the mind in its given color for not more than ten minutes, and using the name of the glyphs as mantras (IMIX) ; and then releasing their image and resting your attention upon the Silence, the Emptiness, the inner space of the soul for another ten minutes or so, awaiting impressions, activations, healings, and the balancing of the energies within the lower principles of the microcosm. Those of the magickal traditions, might want to [...]
Mon tube de l’été? La Heat Lotion 😊 Cette crème est idéale pour les massages et permet la décontraction et l’apaisement des douleurs. Parfaitement indiquée pour les sportifs en massage avant l’effort pour détendre et préparer les muscles, et après l’effort pour détendre les muscles et favoriser une meilleure récupération. On peut compléter avec le gel MSM qui renforce les articulations en apportant du confort musculaire récup #foreversummercamp @foreverfrancehq
🌱 Consultoria de Inspiração ☄ Reflexão: Hoje a espiritualidade, através da atenção dos jovens, me fez lembrar o porquê de, ter passado e passar por tudo que passo, e o porquê de nunca desistir. 🔎 ção . _________________________________ .fim. 🌱 Inspire-se: #consultoriadeinspiração 📽 Youtube 🔎 Consultoria de Inspiração 🌻 Consultoria Terapêutica para Vida Pessoal e Profissional 🚀 Workshop sobre Mentalidade Empreendedora 🌟 Faixa Etária: Jovens acima de 15 anos e Adultos 🎯 #consultoria 📅 Agende sua consulta ou workshop, individual ou em grupo. ⏰ Terapia via Whatsaap conforme seu tempo disponível 👀 Veja+: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]
The new kid on the block is @ayush! And boy are we in love with their products. They have their roots in India’s century old vedas. This anti-cavity clove oil toothpaste is spicy!!! It leaves the mouth with a natural tingling sensation and we’ve been using it for a year and have ZERO cavities. . .
Dein Traum ist nur wenige Schritte entfernt! Starte bevor du ready bist. Nur du allein hast das Steuerrad deines Lebens in der Hand! D.h. warte nicht zu lang, sondern setze die ersten Schritte. Du willst dein Business starten dich anderweitig weiterentwickeln oder etwas ganz anderes machen? Du hast einen Job der dich nicht erfüllt? Dann setze die ersten Schritte, in die Richtung, wo du morgen sein willst. Später bereust du das, was du nicht getan hast! In unserem Leben sind es die Entscheidungen die uns ausmachen! Stell dir vor du machst jeden Tag, dass was dir extrem Spaß macht und deine wahre Leidenschaft ist, etwas wofür du brennst. Starte am besten noch heute! 🔥🔥🔥 – – – Wie siehst du [...]
Gesichter Übung. Ich versuche seit einiger Zeit dad “Same face syndrom“ zu überwinden. Ich habe zwar nicht nur eins, aber nach 3 Gesichtsformen ist Schluss. Und meine Nasen sehen auch immer gleich aus, und die Lippen und bla bla bla. Also musste ich üben. Yamiel hat sich Charakterlich sehr stark entwickelt in den ersten Monaten seit seiner Erschaffung und (Obwohl er einer meiner Lieblinge ist und ich ihn dauernd zeichne) sein Gesicht macht mir immer wieder Schwierigkeiten. Mit wem also besser üben? Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit. 😁 klar, es sind noch viele Fehler drin aber beim zeichnen hat es viel Spaß gemacht und ich glaube, ich hab viel gelernt. Hoffentlich mach ich es nicht mit den Farben kaputt xD [...]
The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something. Join us for the #egomanagementworkshop at Kavade Mode of workshop delivery: Games, Music & Theatre 9 more days to go!! Hurry!… Register Now: Find more registration links, #workshop
Good night every one just remember before bed and when you wake up Don’t forget to take care of your skin . 1 exfoliación soap , two times a week , or cleanser soap . 2: Hydration ( creams or oils ) . 3: sleep well 4:Drink enough water 5: And check your diet . I am doing my part too . Good night 😘🤗 Recuerden antes de irse a la cama de hacer estos pra para cuidarse la piel . 1: exfoliación una vez a la semana para piel sensible 2 veces piel normal . 2 hidratación ( cremas o aceites ) . 3: Duerma lo suficiente . 4:bebér suficiente agua . 5: tener una buena dieta . Ya [...]
I’m on the west coast so it IS still #wcw over here. This one goes out to sex workers everywhere, the money raised at yesterday’s electrifying charity event and auction for the Sex Workers Giving Circle and for the organizers of the @fuckyourevue – @fancyfeastburlesque and @zoeziegfeld for creating a safe haven for all. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿 #auction
Strength and Mass (hypertrophy) go hand in hand. Greater muscle size has the potential to increase strength as there is more muscle fibers to recruit. . Meanwhile strength has great potential to increasing muscle size by increasing weights used at higher rep ranges, which increases training volume (great indicator for muscle gains). . Strength is more neurally demanding and requires more rest than if you were to do reps for hypertrophy. . Keep this in mind when you’re looking to get strong and jacked.
9️⃣ CARRY VARIATIONS TO BUILD ATHLETIC CORE STRENGTH — Swipe 👈 — Want to bridge the gap between the weights room and the athletic field when it comes to your core training? — Performing endless amounts of crunches and sit-ups aren’t going to cut it. — 🔑 Dynamic Core Strength exercises are superior where your forced to engage your core in real world scenarios like loaded movements that require bracing, coordination and strength. — Here are some exercises to get you started from easiest to hardest. — • Choose 1-2 exercises per workout. • Carry for 20-40sec per set. • Rest 20-40sec per set. • 3-6 sets. — #unifiedfitnesssystems
Un pequeño muñeco inspirado en Totoro en mi tienda de etsy. Se puede hacer llavero 🤗 Si quieres adoptar uno de mis muñecos puedes mandar un mensaje✉, o visitar mi tienda de etsy Link en mi BIO. 🛒 También te puedes acercar a la tienda Manos Creativas de Ciudad Real para ver más de mis creaciones 🤗 . . . . . . #artesanía ñecototoro #tienda
Tidak ada kado yang lebih bernilai di hari ulang tahunmu ini kecuali do’aku untukmu… Semoga dengan bertambahnya umurmu bertambah juga rezeki dan kecerdasanmu, semoga hatimu semakin suci dan bijak, Semoga akhlakmu semakin tampil kebijakan dan menawan sahabatku .. Engkau adalah sahabat terbaikku, di hari ulang tahunmu ini ku hanya bisa mendoakan, semoga dihari bertambahnya usiamu ini. Allah memberi keberkahan dalam setiap langkah-langkahmu ke depan.. Selamat Ulang Tahun Yuan Hasnaa Anisa Sahabatku ❤ @yuankalbariyanto @yuankalbariyanto 2018 #openpaidpromotemurah
THURSDAY DIY: make your own Cleansing Oil. It’s the first step of double cleansing. It works to remove SPF and makeup. – 20% Castor Oil – 30% Jojoba Oil – 30% Sunflower Oil – 19% Babassu Butter – 1% Vitamin E (All of the ingredients are available at our website!) – Just a little note, this cleansing oil doesn’t emulsify because it’s 100% pure oils. To use, massage the oil on dry skin and remove it with a dampened face cloth. Then you can use a second cleanser afterwards. Try our Raspberry or Hazelnut Cleansing Milk! 😉
Rolleri değiştirelim mi biraz? 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 ⏹️”Bak sınıftaki Ali’ye, nasıl 100 almış. Sen neden alamadın. Demek ki çalışmıyorsun.” yerine, “Bak gördün mü üst komşuyu arabayı yükseltmiş. Sen neden yükseltmedin, demek ki az para kazanıyorsun” dendiğini düşünün. ⏹️”Bak gördün mü ne kadar uslu, hiç senin gibi yaramaz değil” yerine, “Bak gördün mü ne kadar sakin bir anne, hiç bağırmıyor” dendiğini düşünün. ⏹️”Elalemin çocukları nereleri kazanıyor, ah ah” yerine, “Elalemin karısı/kocası ne kadar başarılı ah ah keşke” dendiğini düşünün. ⏹️”Seni doğuracağıma taş doğursaydım, keşke senin annen olmasaydım” yerine, “Keşke annem sen olmasaydın, keşke diğerinin çocuğu olsaydım” dendiğini düşünün. ⏹️”Baksana ne kadar temiz ve düzenli diğer çocuklar, bir de benimkine bak ahır gibi odası” yerine, “Bak şunun bunun karısına/kocasına ne kadar bakımlı. Örnek al [...]
Reflect on what we download into our little kiddos in the way we say, do not say, or do. Clinical experience tells us our children literally internalises what we say to them which forms their beliefs, world view, sense of self and identity …… #like4like #follow4follow …… @thepsychpractice
Exploring the island on two wheels! 🚲 Bicycle or motorcycle? Swipe 👈 Which one is best for you? I opted for the bicycle coz it’s eco friendly! 😛 Oh well…The main thing is to have fun and be safe riding either type of vehicle. 😄
OMG 😲 this is the funniest shit EVER. Ok ok I’m not going crazy 😜 😝 I’m not complaining at all, I just need an alibi for when I pronounce on someone. “Sorry it’s the meds 😜” you get a pronounce “Sorry it’s the meds 😏” I’m so damn cute! 😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #divinefeminine
These shades make me go so ecstatic ❤️ The no. Of pots in my little balcony has now extended from forty to seventy😍 More pots bring more love peace & joy to the house and at the same time more responsibility and care towards them ☺️ #highonlife . . . . . . #greenbeauty 🍀