A power-bowl for a power-ful day💪 – How do you fuel your body?💫 With all this crazy warm weather I’m craving Mediterranean-style eats☀️ Grilling up a few of my favourite veggies at the beginning of the week keeps my salad game strong🥗 – dEATS—>roasted sweet potato, summer squash and zucchini, mixed olives, turmeric chicken, roasted chickpeas roasted with paprika and banana peppers all on a bed of @organicgirl baby arugula.
I would like to send my deepest apologies to anyone that attempted to call Gimme My Meals as I just became aware that my phone system was not working properly 🤦🏾‍♂️ It has been restored, and I am more than happy to take any calls that come in when I am available. I cannot stress how unfortunate this mishap bothers me, but I hope that it is behind me for good. I hope that you understand, and thank you for your business 🙏🏾
So much easier when you’re your own boss, quick run in the middle of the day. Pushing your limits is choosing to run during the hottest period of the day while keeping pace or beating your cool morning runs. 5 #jabraelitesport
I’ve always struggled with digestive issues and I’ve recently decided to give probiotics a try. Health promoting bacteria can boost your immune system, help with weight, improve mental health and reduce illnesses! I opted for the shelf stable @florahealthy Women’s Care Probiotic because it was formulated to address the specific needs of a woman’s body. Each of the 8 strains of beneficial bacteria used aid in balancing your digestive system. Get 15% off any one of Flora’s Shelf Stable Probiotics with the code STABLE15 on florahealth.com . . . . . #photosinbetween #blogonmama
Prepare to be blown-away by how effective a natural deodorant can be. Great for busy travelers and those who push it to the limits, our Probiotic Deodorant provides a one-two punch of protection, both capturing odors and actively engaging the bacteria that produce them. Our formula provides truly all day protection, even multi-day for those with only mild body odor.
Have you ever made kombucha popsicles? If you have some molds laying around, fill them with fruit for a nice, healthy treat! We made these with Boxcar Berry and some sliced up berries. What booch and fruit combos would you do? #bendtherulz
First you activate, then you ENGAGE. Glute Activation is about more than doing a bazillions squats and lunges during your workouts. Activating your glutes means first loosening up tight muscles from sitting all day at a desk and then getting them activated BEFORE you move on to the big lifts like squats and lunges. I try to follow a 3 step process before my weight lifting days. 1. Foam Roll, 2. Stretch, 3. Activate. Without these 3 steps, your glutes may not be activated or firing when you do the big leg lifts. And when your glutes don’t fire, you compensate and use other muscles like your lower back, hamstrings, and quads. If your goal is to build a bigger, [...]
Workout done!!! I love love love getting stronger. Women, this is so important as we age. Our bones and muscles weaken as we age and go through menopause. All studies show that lifting is so great for our bodies and our health. I’m not talking bulking up and power lifting. I’m talking about being healthy, toning your body and improving your muscle tone to HELP YOU AGE GRACEFULLY!!!!😀🤗 I have a new challenge group starting August 20th with 30 to 40 minute lift and hit intervals, only 4 days a week. Ladies, you can handle that. You owe it to yourself and your family to do this!!! 😋💪 Please DM me for more info. I would love to help you [...]
#selfie…. so i put some slap on and I feel more human…. 🙄 . . This week has been actual shite. I Can’t be positive Polly every week lol… roll on next week… when schools start and normality routine will set in and I’m THEN I AM hitting the gym… . . . . #normality
If you want to get started on your health but don’t know where to start, take a look at my blog, link in bio. I walk you through how to choose a workout and nutrition plan. Don’t put off your health!!!😁😀😉 . . . 40
@inscape does meditation a little differently. . We don’t try to convince you to alter your life in some major way. We try to help you use meditation as a tool to overcome everyday problems like insomnia, stress and anxiety. To help you find a little more relaxation here. A little more balance there. . We’re really excited to be working with that nice Welsh-lad-done-good, @thereallukeevans and @StellaArtois to bring you a fun new kind of #mindfulness experience… STELLASPACE. . Check the link in my bio to see what’s up. . 🙏🏻🍺
“Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the men of old: seek what they sought” – Matsuo Bashō Divine Proportion is the pattern of life. It’s in nature and reflected in art and science. We love this quote for its meaning of staying open, being curious and always seeking. Never stop learning! 💚💚 Book pictured: Divine Proportion: Phi in Art, Nature, and Science by Priya Hemenway #bemindful
Some stuff I’ve been tossing in my bag lately: glass jar for iced drinks, snacks in a container, and a tote bag + some hand-sewn produce bags. I’ve started being out of the house more than usual which has been a bit of a struggle. It’s really way to ignore things when you’re tucked up inside your house all day. Facing the real world (and temptations like eating out unnecessarily) can be challenging. Staying prepared is the best way I know to stay on track when you’re facing a world of unknowns. . Drop your best on-the-go zero waste tips in the comments – I’d love to hear how you deal! 👍🏼
When you live in the moment, there’s no room for self hate, self doubt, the what ifs, and the other common thoughts and feels that often leave us sad, anxious and critical of ourselves. Living in the moment only allows you to feel the breeze on your skin, the grass between your toes, and the happiness in your soul when you’re around things you love. Living in the moment doesn’t leave room for comparisons or judgment, it doesn’t care where you are or how much money you make. It doesn’t care that you didn’t go to the party or quit your job without a back up plan. It doesn’t care-it just is, it’s just being, it’s just you without pressure. [...]
Let me talk about this life-changing book for a moment. Ashlee Piper’s “Give a Shit: Do Good, Live Better, Save the Planet” is approachable, entertaining, and enormously educational. It’s a practical guide to sustainability that makes transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle seem a little less daunting. If you’re looking to learn more about sustainability and plant-based living, you need this book in your life. #giveashit
So I’m casually sitting in @canadiantire working on some client forms on my phone while waiting for my oil change to be done when it suddenly dawned on me.. This is exactly what @garyvee was talking about! Hustle while you wait! Whether you’re on public transit waiting to arrive at your destination, or just waiting for your oil change to finish, pull out your phone and do some reading, catch up on emails, anything! Take this time that you are waiting to work on something that needs your attention.
Faut-il manger plus de légumes pour maigrir ? “Mange 5 fruits et légumes par jour” Oui et non🤔 ❤️D’abord oui les légumes sont excellents pour la santé, changez son alimentation avec des légumes plutôt que des produits gras est un excellent début pour perdre ou prendre du poids, ils serviront à caler votre faim (ne pas manger entre les repas par exemple) ce qui vous fait perdre de la graisse !❤️ D’un autre côté les légumes sont des glucides et qui dit glucides dit sucre. Le sucre est stocké par le corps et donc ne permet pas de perdre de la graisse… Alors oui c’est très bien de manger des légumes, mais pour que ca marche réellement il faut équilibrer [...]
Dear Lucy, When my humans seem down or #sick, I just stay close by and keep them company. It seems to make them feel better. ….. What do YOU do when someone is sick? And your pet? ….. https://dearmishu.com/can-help-cheer-friend-bad-mood-lucy-asks-mishu-answers/ ….. ❤️ – #dearmishu ….. 📤🤔Send Mishu your questions – Link in bio! ….. 📆 Now Is Now – Now is the time to Be You ….. 👓 😃 #WorkDog #friendships 🤗🙌 🐾 #everydayisagift 🎁 #dogsandpals 🐾 #adoptyourbff ❤️
She inspired me to be better, the best man that I can possibly be for our relationship putting in the time and effort for us to work. She saw the potential in me that I never saw in myself, and influenced me to go beyond that putting forth all my heart to prove to you I deserved to get taken a chance on. You saw what I saw in you everyday, that you can accomplish anything, your past does not dictate your present to make the best future for yourself, and above all else I saw how unique and special you are everyday. I just want to take a moment to say Thank You, for seeing the same in me…📝💭💯💛🌹 [...]
Front stack shot! Kiln is loaded and candling right now. For those non-potters out there, candling is the process of applying steady, low heat (around 200F) to the entire kiln to evaporate any residual moisture left in the pots. If this isn’t done, the quick rise in temperature during the firing could result in explosions 😲 I’m feeling confident that we are in the clear. No more shelves broke and eveything went smoothly once we cleaned up the mess. Thankfully, we can reclaim most of the clay and use it in the next production cycle . . . #saltglaze
✨ Learning that time off is as important as time on ✨ | Any entrepreneurs out there have tips on how to let go of guilt every time you take a moment for yourself? 😅 | “The Sarah” Pant in Sand — Tomorrow’s the last day to grab ‘em before we head to my parents’ cottage for a week of r&r 💛
So ok… It is now 10:51 and workout is ✅ I had set out to accomplish this at around 7:30😬 But getting back after 3 days in Glacier…there is an amount of catch up that goes on, right. So I get up, have my quiet time…get my ‘get up and go’ juice in me…. And then …kids arise with needs …a phone call needs to be made ….the internet is down and I need to send out an important message …laundry needs switched and changed …load the dishwasher so it can be working while I am working …kids have more needs😏 Yet I will not be deterred…. Mind you the thot did cross my mind a few times, to say [...]
Who’s driving your life right now? You have (at least) two sides… . . One that wants to be #healthier, eat better, move often, laugh more, live #happier. . . The other resists #change, fills your mind with #negativity and self-doubt, and is comfortable being #unhappy…because it’s familiar territory. That side should *never* be allowed to drive! . . When you #commit to a healthier you…body, mind, spirit…that #negative side is going to push back! It’s going to offer #excuses and try to convince you it’s #impossible to achieve the life or body you want. If you cancel a session, skip a workout, eat crap…that’s the saboteur at work! Don’t let them call the shots too often because they *will* [...]
. Was finally able to try @chilimustardonions after getting back from my honeymoon and HOLY SHIT was it amazing and worth the wait! More pics to come but this is me enjoying their Gyro! Simply amazing! . Location: Detroit, MI . Please be sure to give me a follow!!! 🙏🏼
Starting August 13th, some changes will come into effect with our membership plans. Current members will be grandfathered into the old pricing. . . We will have 3 DAILY live sessions Monday to Friday for our Trading Room members for $97 monthly. 1. NY Live Session (8:30AM EST) 2. London Live Session (TBA) 3. Crypto Live Session (2PM EST) . We will also be releasing our EXECUTIVE Membership for $127 monthly, which will include both live sessions and #forexsignals from our 5 providers. If you sign up for the Trading Room before Aug 13, you will be grandfathered into the old pricing of $97 monthly and also have access to the #trading signals. Email us for further details. support@forexlens.com
To me Cheer brings sunshine in my world everyday. I love the aroma and a great way to use it, is simply diffuse it. I diffuse Cheer all the time when my grandkids are around. I want them to associate our home with laughter, love and of course cheer! ōterra #naturalremedies
Dole Whip from Disney is such a treat on these hot summer days! You can make your own at home too. Just blend up 4 cups of frozen pineapple with 1 cup of plain yogurt 🍦 use a good food processor or heavy duty blender to get it nice a smooth. Keep cool, friends! 😎
THINSPIRATION THURSDAY ‼️From 198 to 155. I just want to thank God for the strength to actually do it this time and not give up. And I want to thank everyone of you who supports me through this process! 💕 more to come 💪🏼 – – 💪Fitness Transformer: @farronshayy💪 – – I don’t own these photos. All rights and reserve go to the owner
HAPPY 🎂 BIRTHDAY TO THE WOMEN WHO GAVE ME LIFE !!!! She’s the reason I’m so silly and can dress my socks off 💅🏼 … she taught me how to sew and create patterns when I was 7 … she is an amazing artist cultivating my love for art very early in life…MY BIGGEST FAN … she teaches me every day to never give up … a survivor of multiple forms of cancer while maintaining a smile even after telling her she had less then a year ! I was getting ultrasounds to see my now 12 year old daughter while she was having #chemotherapy And #radiation thankfully she is still here and has since shared many memories and lessons [...]
Inicio de mês as contas estão chegando😕😥 Você já recebeu alguma surpresa ao abrir sua fatura e ver lá parc. 01/24? Em primeiro momento o susto 😱, depois as dúvidas 😯💭 ” o que foi comprado e parcelado em tantas vezes assim”? E então resolve ligar☎ para a administradora do cartão e descobre que se trata de um parcelamento automático devido a um atraso de 2 dias no pagamento da sua fatura que aliás mesmo com atraso foi paga na totalidade com juros e correção💸💳😒 Pois é, fique ligado esse parcelamento automático é indevido e vai contra o seu direito de liberdade de contratação como consumidor. Mesmo que o consumidor não efetue o pagamento total da fatura, uma opção sua, [...]