Exploring the island on two wheels! 🚲 Bicycle or motorcycle? Swipe 👈 Which one is best for you? I opted for the bicycle coz it’s eco friendly! 😛 Oh well…The main thing is to have fun and be safe riding either type of vehicle. 😄
OMG 😲 this is the funniest shit EVER. Ok ok I’m not going crazy 😜 😝 I’m not complaining at all, I just need an alibi for when I pronounce on someone. “Sorry it’s the meds 😜” you get a pronounce “Sorry it’s the meds 😏” I’m so damn cute! 😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #divinefeminine
These shades make me go so ecstatic ❤️ The no. Of pots in my little balcony has now extended from forty to seventy😍 More pots bring more love peace & joy to the house and at the same time more responsibility and care towards them ☺️ #highonlife . . . . . . #greenbeauty 🍀
Temos uma gama de variedades de opções de pasta de amendoim que não fica só na 100% Amendoim! O duro disso é decidir qual é a melhor 🤭🤭 Não gosta do amendoim puro? Temos boas opções! Mas cuidado produto altamente viciante 😂 @meirecarla @simoneepeixoto @fabiolladecarvalho
You don’t know what to do, You ask others what should the next step be of you. Without self confidence, with a broken heart You ask others not to see you like this Not to see you falling apart. . You believe your flaws are all that you have Too fat, too skinny Either you got to gorge, or starve. You believe you are a failure. The disappointed stethoscope lay under the gorgeous art You ask others not to see you like this Not to see you falling apart! . . “The moment will pass, it will be okay” You don’t want to hear this The screams in your head overshadow Whatever soothing words people say. You are vulnerable, you [...]
🎶You’re JUICE too good to be true.. Cant take my eyes off you~🎶 . Missing these all-natural fresh fruit ice blends from Juice Paradise! Super apt for the hot weather in Singapore all year round! 👍 . Are you loving the dainty pink lady in the pic as much as i do? 😍😍😍 I’ve had Lychee Rose cakes but not in a drink – actually this is so much better! Expect a really intense lychee flavour in the slushie topped with edible rose petals. A taste of the tropics with just a hint of floral aroma. This is easily one of the prettiest drink i’ve had 😋 . One of the more exotic flavours they offer would have to be [...]
아마존 시총이 약 1000조원에 육박. @financialtimes – Welcome to the $900bn market cap club Amazon. The e-commerce giant briefly became only the second company after Apple to cross this market value milestone on Wednesday after its shares rose as much as 0.8% at a record $1,858.88. The two tech titans have been locked in a months-long race to see which of them will become the first listed company to achieve a market cap of $1tn. At their session highs on Wednesday, Amazon boasted a market value of $902bn while Apple stood at just under $943bn Read more at FT.com
Daily green potion filled with frozen strawberries, fresh mint, spinach, @vivolife vanilla protein, soaked chia seeds, @erbology_london milk thistle powder, avo, @nushfoods strawberry yogurt and topped it with fresh strawberry slices, a sprinkle of @therawchocolatecompany cacao nibs and dried raspberries😍 Also, added a t of ashwagandha powder too. I had really good feedbacks from people that used it to manage stressful and anxious states as it contains compounds able to lower serum levels of cortisol but as I was recently writing an article on it, I came across some research about its uses as an anti-inflammatory aid. The main active compounds in ashwagandha called withanolides and withaferin A were identified as agents that suppressed inflammatory pathways in the body and [...]
Đừng nói với anh ấy tôi vẫn còn yêu, đó là sự tôn nghiêm duy nhất tôi giữ lại cho riêng mình… Đừng nói với anh ấy tôi vẫn còn yêu – Lục xu
I am so excited to reunite these 2 this weekend! Guess we’ll find out who’s happier about it this weekend, me or Matrix (Patches will probably be indifferent, she’s just happy when she gets to graze and work as little as possible 😛) 🐴 🐴 🐴 hat #lovethese2together
This amazing woman continues to inspire me everyday. So proud of you @jamiekernlima. Xo @jamiekernlima ・・・ #repost @itcosmetics Yes I worked 100 hour weeks for 10+ years since starting @itcosmetics in my living room, but I still can’t fully process when things like this happen, and what I know for sure is that this is all God, and that our best days in life are yet to come, for every single one of us, especially if we keep our faith bigger than our fear! I know for me, I’m just getting started! #befearless #borntogive #allthingsarepossible. #repost @itcosmetics Congratulations to @jamiekernlima our co-founder, CEO and fearless leader, and to the other 59 inspirational #bosses, who made IT onto @forbes 2018 60 [...]
How much do you believe ‘health is your wealth?’ To me high vibe health means protecting your energy as a first priority because when we fail on this health goes down anyway and we lose our personal power Self care is about protecting your energy There are little consistent things we can do to hold our energy Time in nature for the revitalising stillness and the connection to self that being in nature brings Slowing down and awareness to the moment rather than scattering ourselves with doing too much at once Wrapping an imaginary cloak around us when in busy places such as shops, tube stations, crowded places Choosing to spend our time with people who are fountains rather than [...]
Konsultasi, Baca Garis Wajah by Mamzky Reader. . . Konsultasi setiap permasalahan kamu, menggunakan metode Baca Garis Wajah & Pancaran Aura. Untuk memberikan solusi terbaik sesuai dengan masalah & karakter diri kamu. . . Murni menggunakan kemampuan Psikis (Clairvoyant), Baca Aura & tentunya atas seizin Yang Maha Kuasa. TIDAK MENGGUNAKAN KARTU/TAROT. TIDAK MENGGUNAKAN GHAIB. . . Yuks, tunggu apalagi?? Info, Mahar (harga) & Booking Slot, WhatsApp : 0877-2578-4030 NO CALL . .
—— W O W —— As I continue to clean out everything that serves no purpose in my life I come across a journal. As I began reading my journal it was like a slap On the face. Why you may ask. Because God has sure made miracles happened that I never Thanked Him for. That season in my life came like a tornado 🌪 with so many things at ones that I just couldn’t hold myself down. As I know He keeps is promises to use and reminded me this to shall pass. It did pass. I Thank you today and everyday for all Your works. A night of thank Him and everyone he placed in my life at [...]
Meditation is very important! how can we connect with a spirit guide and maybe ask a question? There are a few suggestions I believe can help, one of them is meditation. This can be done by finding a nice quiet friendly place which is free from the hustle and bustle of your busy life, where you can play some nice gentle music and burn some scented candles that help you relax. It is important not to use the type of candles that invigorate as this will keep you from falling into a relaxed state of mind. Lie back and start taking deep breaths, try to switch off to all the surrounding noises, especially distracting noises like your mobile phone, television [...]
Get the glow✨ How did our cheekbones ever survive without highlighter?! Were they even there at all? It’s a mystery. If the person looking at you is squinting due to your high-beam bounce then you know you’re wearing juuuuust enough🌟 📸New campaign shot for @sleekmakeup Gorgeous gal @onlybells_ Team – 🙌 ⠀ Makeup – @innitbabes Hair – @choccy_tv ⠀ Styling – @aliceburnfield
Dinner tonight. Having a bit of a cheat with corn chips 💕 nachos! Mince with onion, chilli, jalapeño, garlic, tomato and secret nacho seasoning. Home made guacamole 🥑 and sour cream. My mince vs the man’s mince haha. Have had a wicked migraine all day so looking forward to this & then bed 🛏 Delicious 💕✌🏽🌱 #befit #fat2fit
💜8 HIGH  PROTEIN BREAKFASTS and ONE NON🤗 – Saluations my friends of the world. – To anyone who is a lazy af healthy cook like moi then we like things simple – This display of ideas of “foder beauty”  are not only high protein but all extraordinarily easy. – At school I was a huge fan of home economics, (a cooking class but with stupid name)even though the teacher “Mrs Williamson “was scary as hell! Unfortunately every single darn thing I made was an absolute mess by the time I got home nothing like a bike ride to trash your culinary delights!. – At those early times in my life I had a lot more patience for faffing in the [...]
Ik weet dat ik moet loslaten, maar hoe? Deze vraag krijg ik vaak. Ik kan hier een heel verhaal op je loslaten, maar dat is nogal moeilijk via deze weg. Laat me in de plaats een vraag aan jou stellen. Waarom wil je het vasthouden? Is daar echt een goeie reden voor? Schrijf eens op waarom het moeilijk is voor jou om die bepaalde situatie los te laten, lees het dan luidop voor en verbrand het! En adem dan maar eens een paar keer diep in en uit. Succes! ëleoliën
I have always looked deep into everything. I’ve always had a deep connection with our universe. Our planets. Our people. The souls. The love. Can be a great feeling or a big curse. Because my kindness and my heart can be unappreciated. But as long as God and I know my goodwill, I know my deep connection makes me whole. Brings be love, peace and joy to know I have done the best that I can do to bring love and joy unto others. #kindness
Day three of the #summertoneup ☑️ I’m already starting to notice a huge difference with getting back on track with my nutrition and routine. I’ve had so much more energy the past couple of days. Slept in this morning and planning to sleep in again tomorrow. Evening workout coming up for me on day 4! Hope you guys are feeling great on this week ☝🏻 #humpday ! * * 🏋🏼‍♀️ #absolutelygorgeous with @studiotoneitupstefanie + #dailyworkout * * M1⃣ Chocolate banana smoothie bowl w/ PB powder M2️⃣ pear & 1 fig and walnut “nothing but fruit and nuts” bar from @traderjoes M3⃣taco salad (cauliflower rice, red onion, bell peppers, black beans, avocado, kale, salsa) M4️⃣ strawberry shortcake mini muffins M5️⃣ veggie [...]
To the child of spirituality who believes I would exalt and praise other deities as “ascended masters”, you have refrained from accepting the scripture as it was written from the ancient of days. I exalt my father alone & truly I say to you that no other idol has stepped into the gates of heaven. They are dreamers who have become lost within the facade of their own imaginings. They have cleaved to the worship of dragons, serpents, suns, moons, stars and creatures that God hath given you dominion over. Even in the process of evolution, the first Adam had been crafted from the hands of my father, Elohim. A scientist may estimate his numbers and figures but without allegiance [...]
For the presentation of their new trend report, @fjord.cph asked us to translate major future tendencies into a culinary set-up to let guests experience the output of the report first-hand. For this special set-up we integrated face-scanning equipment that measured the mood of the people to decide which kind of drink they should have, worked with data transparency, communicated facts through an edible popcorn wall and sent everyone off with a personalized chocolate. #copenhagen
You’re not given the Dream without the means to make it come true. You are a precious piece of the Universe. 🦋 Try to not confuse karma with love. You are here to save YOU. Don’t assign somebody else that job. Honor your soul work. ~ My mind has questioned monogamy but my heart chooses it. I like being married and evolving with someone. Out of the mind and into the heart is the sweet spot. Take care of your skin. My biggest regret… Tanning Beds. Know when to let go, to make room for new. It’s a big World out there 🌏 Gratitude will change your life. ~ Love yourself. Like truly. fucking. madly. love yourself 💕💕💕 Find those [...]
When you commit. Your first objective is to build momentum. Start taking small actions everyday. You must make moves that get you closer to your goals. – If your moves aren’t aligned to your goals and dreams, then you’re fucking up. Align your actions to your goals and dreams. – Do your best to do the right thing everyday. Transform yourself. Elevate your mindset and expand your consciousness. – Build that energy up! Build momentum, and continue to build it. Dont stop, just keep going. – Do not allow others to distract you. Do not give your attention to negative shit. Focus! – 📷 @its.tizzle – The #globalshift Movement – 🦉 Turn On Post Notifications 🦉
Feeling into the silence and space after the drum circle Birthed in sacred ceremony with my sisters eighteen months ago, my drum is still coming into her own, gathering her medicine. At home, communing with her fellow tribe of frame drums in the forest. Curious and excited to play with instruments of all kinds. This time it was mostly djembes; lively, fun loving spirits they are The dominant paradigm of the busy world has a tendency to fill space with sound. To fill time with doing. What speaks if we nurture the silence? What arises in the spaces between the beats? after the dance has finished? If we allow ourselves to be? How do sound and silence, movement and stillness [...]
I’m feeling like one lucky lady! Look at these gorgeous and perfect bouquet of flowers from the amazing EIH Burlesque Showcase cast 😻💐🌳. I’m obsessed with the green poofy flowers! And the most gorgeous and perfect card (swipe to see) drawn @heybeanp 💖. The best gift of all is being your BURLESQUE MAMA! Love you all sooo much! @giraffeheartjacq @maggiehollywood @larissa_ulloa @autisticandanorexic @kyrstashae @tina.onoff @blackmagickthesavage @ladyblaquemagick @heybeanp @lilstarryeyed
I am trying to figure out #keto meals and snacks to take with me on the ambulance. 🚑 Tonight I came up with low carb tortilla pinwheels, pickles, olives, cheese, assorted nuts and a protein shake. I don’t get to clock out for lunch and I post different places in the ambulance. At night there are no places open, so I need to bring food. Also I have to keep it in my cooler. Does anyone have any good ideas for keto meals and snacks? I appreciate any ideas. 😄❤
The eight episode of Evolution Of Style is all about Brennan Heart and his history as a producer, you can listen to the evolution of his style since 2002 till today and prove yourself why this man is one of the best producers in the hard dance scene, link in bio! #brennanheart