Physical therapy during pregnancy can be useful for remedying common 📌discomforts like 👉back pain or for 👉enhancing your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy✔ and birth✔. Muscle training exercises are directed to the pelvic floor muscles to prevent ✔urinary incontinence 📌during pregnancy and 📌after delivery. Visit💃💃 us today @wellpath_physiotherapy and incorporate physical therapy into your prenatal care😉 . . .
💥Apprentice piece up for grabs💥60$ inbox me if you want our apprentice @azrielhewitt to tattoo you… look at his page and you will see the pieces he has done …. Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio Art & Merchandise is now open 7 days a week 10am-8pm 📲 CALL (647) 575-8629 to book an #appointment or #consultation 🖊 124 JARVIS STREET Miigwetch✌🏽 & #miigizi @toby_sicks @ve2444 @miigizi @ryanbesito @azrielhewitt #métis
Dialogando Clínicas Pretas Objetivo – Construir espaços de diálogos sobre a atuação clínica da psicóloga na saúde da população negra, na gama de assuntos que emergem no setting terapêutico, que é um espaço de escuta onde o encontro ocorre entre a psicóloga e o cliente/paciente. Evento: Dialogando Clínicas Pretas – I Ciclo Publico Alvo : Estudantes de Psicologia e Psicólogos. Local: Auditório Milton Santos – CEAO às 18h #tabuleirodagih #rededandaras #psicologia #mulheresnegras
“Regale a tu niño tu Tiempo y Amor y sera un niño feliz y equilibrado en su vida” ños #terapiadefamilia #evaluaciónpsicológica ños #loversindromedown Informes de Consulta al 2232684- 993774114 Twitter @janetoliverosps Correo: Facebook Centro Psicoterapeutico del Perú Psicoterapeuta Janet Oliveros Pasión por lo que Amas 💖 “Tu familia en las mejores manos” “brindale a tu niño un vinculo seguro y afectivo en tu relación”.
Vem aí nosso 2° Café Junguiano! . Desta vez nos reuniremos pra uma conversa leve e descontraída sobre os tipos psicológicos, acompanhada de uma boa xícara de café e um pão de queijo, uai. Quer coisa melhor? . Será no @nooscafe, em #pousoalegre . 📸Mais informações na foto . #psicologiaanalitica
I love when my Sister Goddess and I come together to join forces! I appreciate Lula W. Merrell from Kentucky for supporting the Victorious Women of Purpose Anthology Book Release! More lives are being touched across the country as a result!
Nothing too fancy, but as I commit to a plant based diet which I’ll use to transition into a pescatarian lifestyle I admit I obviously still haven’t gave up chicken or beef but this is what I made for breakfast: Grilled chicken, brown rice with vegetables, and a vegetable egg scramble (jalapeños, chopped tomatoes, and onions are the vegetables used throughout this dish)
For my 9to5, I work from home – which means most days, I have no defined start/stop time or lunch break. I find myself eating at my desk a lot lately, which I hate to do. But! I always have something amazing to eat 😋 Today, it’s #angelfuel Turkey Chili with cornbread. I caught myself dancing as I ate it 😍 #healthymealprep
What I think I look like on the left …. What I look like on the right ….. and dang proud. . . I didn’t fall in. I didn’t get my new tattoo in lake water. My back muscles are strong AF!!! (Thank you @joelfreemanfitness ) And I can lift my leg an inch higher than last time when I tried this. = 😂😂😂😂😂😂 work in PROGRESS!!!!! . . I am totally learning that in this life, there is sooo much to be thankful for, and soooo much to learn!!!! Is all about leveling up, developing strength, being our OWN motivation and fierce determination to be the best we can be! . . . Even if every day isn’t “PERFECT”. [...]
When @moanacheryll is around, I hustle harder. I appreciate her go getter attitude, her free spirit, and her drive for success not only for herself but those around her. She is the very definition of a boss babe. Tag your favorite boss babes in the comments. Oh and before I forget, her entire outfit was styled by me and all from my favorite South Bay vintage shop @blackandbrownsj. #womenwednesdays
All cultures of the world have so many unique traditions.. I grew up in Latvia, where going regularly to sauna, to cleanse, physically and mentally with friends and/or family, is as common as eating… Usually everyone goes naked, makes bundles of fresh birch twigs, adding other herbs or flowers and gently whips yourself or each other with… It sounds strange, but it’s amazing for your skin, health, circulation… 💦🌳🇱🇻🌻 We drink fresh spring water, drink fresh picked herbal teas… Last night we were eating pine cones in a pine needle extract, laughing and bonding… Our amazing professional sauna instructor Lolita, made us special hats from twigs and flowers, to protect our heads from overheating… 🌿 Breathe fresh nature’s air, eat [...]
This quote came from @heart_on_my_vsg and I agree it is a tool to change your life. There will be days that you feel strong and amazing. There will be days where you feel you don’t have it in you. Both are fine if you keep in mind that this tool is there to help you make life changes, which means there is no real finish line. You should find that comforting, it makes the not so great days less dramatic, it’s just one day out of the rest of your life.  And the strong, amazing days when you push yourself just makes you that much more strong and healthy. 🙂 So what life changes have you seen from this surgery
Raise your hand if you believe salads don’t have to be boring 🙋🏻‍♀️ • This salad is jam packed with flavor and nutrients and was suuuper easy to throw together, which was great because I was stuck in traffic for an extra 30 minutes on the way home from work today 🙃Next time you need a quick, delicious, and healthy meal, try this 5sp salad 🥗🥑💚 • • Grilled chicken, tossed in @sbrbbq (1sp) 47gm avocado (2sp) Bell pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, butter lettuce, spinach, and green onion (0sp) Ranch dressing (2sp) Grilled pineapple (0sp)
Dinner tonight: Grilled tofu and a summer salad of chickpeas, cucumber, cherry tomato, corn, onion, low fat feta, basil, olive oil and s&p. 🔹The basil, tomatoes and cucumber are from my garden! Counting the whole thing as 6 points for the EVOO and feta.
How about a little Hump Day realness? • We are all unique, and Barre Reaction classes were created to embrace that. Our hips, feet, strength, and flexibility are all different, but it doesn’t change what we are able to accomplish in 60 minutes of this workout. You will improve and hit strength milestones quickly by fulling embracing your body and the glory of all it CAN DO. Next time you’re in, make a conscious effort to flood yourself with YOUR OWN BEST. You deserve it!❤️💪🏼
if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. _ after my first “speed work” training session for new york, this saying just keeps playing in my head. _ I didn’t make it through all 12 laps. and I felt super slow. and my foot felt like I was running on a tennis ball at mile 3. _ but next week is a new week and I’m going to try to do my speed training at the track and see if that makes a difference. _ gotta keep trying and gotta build up my strength for that first sunday in november! _ #seawheeze
🌿 ISAGENIX NOW HAS 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS 🌿 . . YES!! I’m sooo proud that our product range has now been further enhanced by the addition of essential oils!!! And of course – they are all 100% pure essence! 💞 unlike some other oils they are not blended with any other oil to make them last longer – they are 100% PURE!! The highest quality . . Who else out there LOVES essential oils?! What are your favorite ones and how do you use them? I would love to know!! . . . I’m currently on the lookout for ambassadors for our new range of essential oils – If you’re someone who LOVES essential oils and would love to [...]
Client Spotlight 😈🔥😎💪🏻 Got to give a huge shoutout to JP! In a matter of 7ish weeks he’s lost 5lbs dropped 2” inch on his hips/waist, put on a 1/2 inch on his chest and arms while dropping 1.5% body fat! The main thing JP needs is getting that mindset right believing in himself and making the time for himself as well! Remember mental health is just as important as physical health when ur comes to weight loss! Couldn’t be more proud of the results so far sir and happy to be along for the ride! Taking new clients at @relentlessfitnessllc @fitcitystl DM/PM if interested! #s2faction #s2spartans #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #neversttle #iam1stphorm 2depthapparel #repthedepth
Daily Tarot Card For 08/09/2018 The Wheel Of Fortune From The Ceci Tarot Deck Ruled By Fire Know that your world is always changing and whether you are sitting on top of the world or at the bottom this too will change. Learn to go with the changes, they are there for a reason and it’s always to benefit you in the long run. Above all else, think positively. Those who are currently employed may choose to leave your job even if it is a good job simply because your heart is no longer in it. Now is the time to follow your heart and dreams, start by getting advice from someone who is already doing what you want to [...]
Angst er så mange ting. Måske bare det at skulle ud af døren. Det at skulle være sammen med mange mennesker. Det at skulle gøre noget alene. Det at skulle med bussen, ja jeg kan blive ved. Du ved sikkert godt, at når nogen fortæller dig, at det er da ikke noget at være bange for, så ved du det logisk også selv, MEN din krop opfatter det anderledes, og så kan de blive ved med at sige den samme sætning, der er ikke noget der virker beroligende, vel? Det er lige netop det jeg arbejder med. I min klinik er der ikke noget det er logisk, det hænger vi ude i garderoben. Alt hos mig er ulogisk. Her kan [...]
After a crazy four days with back to back meetings my brain is fuzzy and I am exhausted!! This was my way of relaxing and bringing a sense of calm back to my life. A visit to my brother’s animal shelter in Goa. @welfare_for_animals_in_goa The first picture is Angel and me having a selfie! She was a tiny water buffalo calf when I came in February- look at her now! I am so proud of WAG for creating a space for animals to feel safe and loved. Atul, my brother, is building a shop and and education Centre as well as an operating and treatment centre for the animal they rescue. #family
Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do in your life. Strive to become the best version of yourself and when you feel unmotivated remind yourself of why you started the journey you are on. Never let your current or past situation determine your future. You are stronger because everything is working for you to be a success! Someone asked me what is success to me and it is Overall Well-being: time freedom, financial freedom, health, wisdom, positive impact to others and above all a close relationship with God. Keep moving forward and never give up on what is for you because you deserve it! 💎💯
It will ALL improve Your business, career Relationships Finances . When you realize That you ARE ENOUGH In every way, shape, form, And you’ve always been good enough Just the way you are . The effort never needs to be done to PROVE anything . Because when you KNOW you’re enough, the energy you show up with is entirely different. And that is the energy that ✨gets high paying job offers easily ✨shows clients you are the coach for them ✨has powerful impact without you doing much work ✨creates results easily in all areas of your life . The world doesn’t need/want the fake you, they need the YOU that’s unique, abnormal, fun, free, happy, and if you’re surrounded by [...]
Awesome time with an awesome lady!!! At times I’m not sure mentors who, and that is a sign of growth. A few years ago she encouraged me to join the Landmark Education community, and it has been life changing, life enhancing and a very very very emotional journey to say the least. Life is whatever you want to create for yourself 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
You know when you have been eating EVERYTHING you want for the last two weeks and you feel a little fluffy? Ya… that’s me today 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ on the plus side I had extra calories to fuel my arm day and it was 🔥🔥Sometimes you just gotta eat that Mac and cheese, ya know? • • #sorenotsorry
Léger ce midi 😅 Un peu de salade de riz du BBQ d’hier soir avec un œuf dur, yaourt nature et compote ssa en dessert. Beaucoup de questions qui tourbillonnent dans ma tête en ce moment sur mon boulot, ma vie en générale, l’avenir pour mes enfants… Du coup je dors pas bien (et c’est sans compter sur la chaleur 🌡) et on sait tous que le manque de sommeil donne faim… 😒
#homwork week 30: letter your favorite uncommon word; Okay I know this word isn’t exactly uncommon (especially in the lettering community) and yes, I’m not above admitting I chose it because I wanted to be able to say I drew flourishes on Flourishes 🤷🏻‍♀️ #meta
08.08. “Danas je energetski poseban dan u znaku broja 8 koji ukazuje na beskonacnost i na balans koji ovaj broj donosi. Ova karta donosi odgovor na tvoje molitve u vezi sa tvojim emotivnim stanjem jer pomoc koju trazis uvek dodje u najboljem mogucem trenutku. Tvoje emocije od tebe traze potrebnu akciju sa tvoje strane koja ce te dovesti u spomenuti zeljeni balans. Ukoliko ti se u poslednje vreme stalno pojavljuje ideja za odredjenim korakom, uradi ga. Odmah nakon toga ces znati sta ti je ciniti dalje jer si pozvan/a da slusas svoju intuiciju, a ne svoj strah. Svaki korak koji napravis te vodi sve blize tvom ispunjenom zivotu i zato obrati paznju na nameru koju postavljas kad nesto cinis. Namera [...]
Part 1: Lately the unexpected candid life I now lead has led me to some deep thinking. Long gone are the days that only ‘selfie boss bitch babes’ are the ones that gather momentum with followers. I mean, look they’ll always be there because obviously companies need someone to sell flat tummy tea and Ponzi schemes 😜. But enter the revolution of the honest, hard working, nothing goes to plan, legit and obese ‘fitspo’ like myself & many others and it’s causing a ripple, hell I would say tsunami but I’m sure that would be taken out of context. I declared an audacious goal. I pitched a dream timeline and life was like, ‘nah ahhhh’… ‘do not pass go’ girl. [...]