Is it too early for #tbt ? a screenshot of the first round concepts of @kindtraveler working on the vision and playing with ideas. Now look at it, all grown up and seen all over the world as a leader in sustainable travel launching gorgeous properties in the Maldives, Belize, Jamaica, Italy and more. Thank to everyone for the continuous support . Xoxoxox
Lebih dari Setengah Orangtua Membiarkan Anak Mereka Memainkan Video Game 18+ . mensurvei lebih dari 2000 orangtua di Inggris, dan menemukan lebih dari setengahnya membiarkan anak-anak mereka bermain video game untuk usia 18 tahun ke atas tanpa pengawasan atau pengetahuan tentang game tersebut sebelumnya . Temuan ini tidak terlalu mengejutkan bagi mereka yang akrab dengan video game dan industri video game. Meskipun video game menggunakan sistem rating usia, hal tersebut sering diabaikan oleh orangtua . 86% persen responden mengakui bahwa mereka tidak mengikuti pembatasan usia pada video game, sedangkan 23 persen mengatakan mereka tidak mengikuti batasan usia pada film . Survei menemukan 43% orangtua telah melihat perubahan negatif dalam perilaku anak mereka sejak bermain game yang ditujukan untuk [...]
“Preparing soil that someone can grow in is hard work, but it’s not all the work. Preparing your own soil is where the most important tilling is done. Our job isn’t to dig other peoples’ holes; it’s to dig our own. Certainly, help them if they invite you to. But don’t trespass… When we tend to our own soil, the roots of everyone planted near us will find their depth. Dig deep where you’ve been planted. Find the good soil and dig there… Where we dig the deepest is where love will grow the best.” – @sweetmariagoff A quote I’ve been chewing on for a few days and a lesson I’ve been learning for a few years. Supporting people as they [...]
What are some of your biggest dreams? Some of mine are: 1. Live somewhere warm for most of the winter. The winters here up in the frozen tundra seriously bring me down. Snowbirding by 30 (or 26? Please??) is a big dream for me. 2. Explore Europe for a year. Or more. 3. Own a restaurant. Only so we can eat there whenever we want 😂 4. Camp up the entire west coast, from San Diego up to Vancouver, for like 5-6 months. 5. The biggest one we have right now: to give away 90% of our income and live on 10% . It’s so important to pray big prayers, but it’s even more important to expect that he’ll answer [...]
How good can you let it get? How much awesome can you receive before you start looking for a catch, looking for the scam, wondering what you will have to do to earn it? You are worthy of everything you dream of and desire… You possibly cannot even imagine the extent to which you can receive because of past conditioning and weird beliefs about what you have to do to get anything and because of hurts in the past when peeps let you down or even when those who were supposed to love you, did not love you in the way you needed to be loved. Now, there is a shell all around you that keeps you from seeing opportunities [...]
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a new family member!!!! His current name is Rigby (yet to be changed). He is a 6 year old male regular ball python who was given to me by someone from school who could no longer take care of him. Im so excited to take him in and get to know this big boy, hes HUGE compared to Xyvii. Ill give him time to get comfy, so posts will be inbound. 🐍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #yellow #mice
It is so easy to believe somebody else’s life is better than yours but the truth is that you only see what they want you to see so how sure are you that their life is so glamorous? Your life is what you make of it and what you allow God do through you. Nobody is given a good or bad life but rather life to live the way they choose to. No matter how somehow you think your life is, it just might be someone else’s prayer point. So take each day of your life with gratitude and ALWAYS remember that you have a major say in making it good or bad. Pleasant situations will arise and also unpleasant [...]
Friendship, multiculturalism, respect, joy, focus, believe in OneSelf…. To be prepared for the future, enhancing relationship & trust building skills through art or sport accelerates selfconfidence and empowers future compassionate leaders… Do it, take action, start moving… @teensgrowth @deemuaythai_bali Accellerating teens’ growth through sport with values. #generationz
Lord, bring her into my life. You know who she is. I need her with me. Take away any obstacle that is keeping her and I apart. – #amen God, I believe I know this person already, Your will Lord. Help me to see her and her to see it’s me. You are amazing God, and I will trust in You. Original post @aaratari #speaktruth
Hands down one of the hardest times I’ve had in a while, but thank God for you by my side. With all the stress, lack of sleep, blood, sweat, and tears your smile makes all of it go away in a heartbeat. Thank you for being there for me. Loving me truly, like I’ve never felt before. Thank you for supporting me and being my rock when I need the most. I love you so much .
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PROOF the #lawofattraction works! I just finished my collection 2 mos ago in MD at #lennox but couldn’t afford the $200-some matching flatware set that WASN’T on clearance. BUT I went into a local variety store and said to myself “I have a feeling I may find what I need for that set” NEVER looked there before for kitchen stuff, I had gone to try on a jumpsuit for a pageant. But lo and behold—a set that matches PERFECTLY—probably better than the original TBH—for $17! My only regret is I didn’t find two of these Now if I can #manifest a weird discontinued pattern to match my dishes, I should be able to create my next job & a few [...]
Day 9/100. I am no longer the person I was before Christ. Christ has cleansed me of my sins and made me new. I only live in that old life when I stop remembering what Christ’s gift has done for me. Jesus loves me enough to DIE for me, the least I can do is LIVE for Him. #godislove . . . . . . . . . . #100daysofbiblepromises #lot95designs #100dayproject #oilsandservice
I intercede, I hit my knee, Holy Spirit within me, this how it’s meant to be! Bruh this is how I fight, doing what is right, never loosing sight, because Jesus is the way, the truth, the Light! Holy Spirit got me feeling Alright, as I forgive those that backbite! In Jesus Name, no pain no gain, these growing pains, the mind of Christ let’s get these gains! Yeah Bruh, in Jesus Name! _______________ Matthew 6:33 (UKJV) But seek all of you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. ________________ 2 Samuel 22:31 (UKJV) As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried: he is [...]
The thing with taking many days to do one page is that you get to mull over the lesson for much longer – does that mean it will stick better? “For the word of the Lord is alive and active. Sharper than any double edged sword… it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”
The rest of today’s eats! For lunch I had 2 slices of 40 cal bread (2), 2oz of Turkey (1), avocado (2), mayo (1), and cheese puffs (5) for a total of 11sp. For dinner I had chili (7), 28gm shredded cheese (3), 5 saltines (2), and avocado (2) for a total of 14sp. For dessert (not pictured) I had 1 peach (0), 1tbsp brown sugar (3) heated up and topped with 8gm Frosted Flakes (1) and 1cup of @halotopcreamery cinnamon bun (7)!! I ended the day at 41/42. I also got some exercise and drank 9 bottles of water. I’m so happy with my first day back on ww. To celebrate i changed my name back to kelseyweightwatchers!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 [...]
Success! Four common bottlenose dolphins stranded in a lagoon early this morning south of Hobart, have been driven to Roche’s Beach for release. Th dolphins were stranded after chasing fish in the outgoing tide. Volunteers and rescuers stabilised the dolphins with wet cloths as the tide began to rise before they were loaded onto a boat and towed by car to nearby Roches Beach where they were released into deeper water. . . . . . . #tassie
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. .
Sometimes I need to shut my self away to get back to the essentials. It’s always a great feeling when you reset yourself and remember that everything is indeed in your control! Just gotta shhh… And do what needs to be taken care of! It is the only way to really get things done. Lol
#repost with @Repostlyapp @the_conservation_collective Day 18: “You wont accept a guys tongue in your mouth but you’ll eat that?” “Can I eat?” “I dont know, give it a try” (The Breakfast Club) So, Lets give it a try shall we? It doesn’t matter if you like your tea iced or pipeing hot, it needs to steap in hot water before you drink it but what else are you steaping? At present, many tea companies have switched from a traditional mesh paper tea bag to a plastic tea bag instead. Most of these bags are made of polyethylene terephthalate and food grade nylon. When heated, plastic tea bags can leak chemicals into your cuppa. While scientists dont know the exact toxicity [...]
Day #1 in NAPA was AHMAZING to say the least!!!! The corp team knows how to show us a good time and I am in LOVE 😍 with NAPA!! . . The BEST part is meeting all these like minded people from all over the country who have a #purpose and #passion for more! Life is too short so give it all you’ve got!!! 👊🏼👏🏼 . . #premiertrip2018 #meritageresort
Tell me skin & appearance isn’t a HUGE industry. Dr Oz. just said plastic surgeons have seen a 👉13% increase in skin & cosmetic fixes SIMPLY because people didn’t like how they look in their 🤳🏼 SELFIES. Uhhh, yes….it’s TRUE!!! Catching on how big this is??? 💥Our websites are being hit by the millisecond.💥 It’s a huge wave! And it’s getting BIGGER everyday. You’re missing out more by not doing it NOW then had you started 5 years ago because 5 years ago, the demand wasn’t this big. (Common sense)! Let me know when you want an extra payday each month. Whoop! 💪🏻💪🏻 . 🌐 SKINCAREBYJENN.MYRANDF.BIZ .
It’s here and I’m so excited! 🙏🏼 Collagen induction therapy also known as microneedling RF or skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. What are the benefits? Reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulates collagen and cell turnover. Proven to improve and diminish the look of surgery and acne scars. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents signs of aging. Pair it with Rodan and Fields redefine intensive renewing serum and you have a dynamic duo! Link in bio!
What is white space? This literally refers to the blank space in your CV that’s not taken up by words, graphics and formatting. Why is white space important? It allows anyone to read and understand your CV easily, ergo, they will be less likely to lose interest and move on to the next CV. How much white space is needed? Unfortunately there isn’t a one-size fit all answer for this as it is dependent on your background and years of experience. A fresh graduate would have far less content in their CV in comparison to a senior executive with over 20 years experience. Therefore, the consideration for white space would be different. Want to know if your CV has sufficient [...]
WHO CAN HELP KEEP YOU #accountable? For me, it’s my dog. She will not let me work after a certain hour if she has not had her daily walk. She knows better. Now, I know better too. She will whine, bark, jump on my lap and paw at me until I take her for her walk – this is a great #accountability buddy! . My gym friend also helps to keep me accountable. When I make plans to take a #break and go to the gym (or for the most part, spin class), I like to plan it with a #friend. This way, I am less likely to bail last minute, as someone else is counting on me to be [...]
What if… things worked out better than you even imagined. What if the things you’ve been wanting came true beyond what your wildest dreams. What if it was a new season and new adventures and you got to start again! What if… 💙 –
I loved recording this week’s podcast on ‘How to Improve Work Well Being’. There are 4 dimensions to work well being; 🌟mental 🌟physical 🌟emotional 🌟spiritual. In the episode, we rate ourselves out of 10 for each area and share what works for us. For Sarah, physical well being is a big contributor to emotional well being, whereas for me, it’s my mental well being that has the biggest impact overall. Listen to get insights and tips to increase your well being and have a happier career!
. 🚛Truck Driver’s Story . Read below👇 . We were standing in a village where no vehicle was visible to get hitchhiking the sun was on our head it was a sunny day then we saw a truck coming toward us, We use to put our thumbs up for the lift but he didn’t stopped , a few moments later we saw that this truck stops ! When I enter in the driver’s cabin I use to click this picture and talked to him Conversation was like this What’s your name ? – amarjeet Where are you from? -Amritsar Can you tell me about your life and family? – I am right now going to kerala for the delivery of [...]
I’ve learned this in so many ways over so many years! The only reason you should ever look back is to remind yourself of the lesson that was learned. Every new day is in future. Your past is behind you not in front. . .
We find so many #hammocks . This one had a rip in it and was repaired for us by one of our talented #helpx guests @pauline.helly . Now as good as new and hanging at the Ada St studio. Finn’s trialing it wearing a pair of #duckfeet also found in hard waste collection. Two boxes of letter stamps and ink pads found in vergeside collection. Finn loves them almost as much as he loves #sarahandduck . . . . . .