I loved recording this week’s podcast on ‘How to Improve Work Well Being’. There are 4 dimensions to work well being; 🌟mental 🌟physical 🌟emotional 🌟spiritual. In the episode, we rate ourselves out of 10 for each area and share what works for us. For Sarah, physical well being is a big contributor to emotional well being, whereas for me, it’s my mental well being that has the biggest impact overall. Listen to get insights and tips to increase your well being and have a happier career!
. 🚛Truck Driver’s Story . Read below👇 . We were standing in a village where no vehicle was visible to get hitchhiking the sun was on our head it was a sunny day then we saw a truck coming toward us, We use to put our thumbs up for the lift but he didn’t stopped , a few moments later we saw that this truck stops ! When I enter in the driver’s cabin I use to click this picture and talked to him Conversation was like this What’s your name ? – amarjeet Where are you from? -Amritsar Can you tell me about your life and family? – I am right now going to kerala for the delivery of [...]
I’ve learned this in so many ways over so many years! The only reason you should ever look back is to remind yourself of the lesson that was learned. Every new day is in future. Your past is behind you not in front. . .
We find so many #hammocks . This one had a rip in it and was repaired for us by one of our talented #helpx guests @pauline.helly . Now as good as new and hanging at the Ada St studio. Finn’s trialing it wearing a pair of #duckfeet also found in hard waste collection. Two boxes of letter stamps and ink pads found in vergeside collection. Finn loves them almost as much as he loves #sarahandduck . . . . . .
Did you notice a “lighter fare” section on the menu when you dined out? Many restaurants have reduced calorie options…but just because an entree is lower in calories, doesn’t mean that it is a nutritious choice. Also, these calories were determined by one test kitchen. So it is very likely that these displayed calories are under-estimated, especially with so many different people preparing these foods. Nonetheless it’s a good place to start with looking for healthier restaurant choices. My choice was the Wellness Salad, which had a mix of veggies and fruits, with a side of salmon @thecheesecakefactoryofficial
I’m currently following this new ” #diet ” called lifestyle change. Every day now I’m tuning in and listening to my body. First step is learning about yourself and your habits. Then, setting appropriate goals. Slow and steady wins the race so I’m moving towards my goals by practicing mindful eating and changing some habits. Best way to go. You may be inclined to want to lose weight FAST but the faster you lose it, the more likely it will impact your health and metabolism negatively and the more likely you’ll gain it back! Food for thought.
We worked with some creative kinder minds this morning, talking about healthy eating and food tasting @goodstartearly – When encouraging little ones to try new veg 🥦, focus on the colour the texture & the smell of it rather than forcing them to eat it. – #fussyeater
Azura menyukai Kak Nara gara-gara cowok itu pernah menyelamatkannya. Itu yang bikin dia sering duduk di perpustakaan dan ngeliatin Kak Nara dari jendela. Tapi sejak Altair muncul, semua berubah. Dan sejak Azura tahu siapa yang dia pilih, Altair malah menghilang. . Keberadaan Altair ini, sekali lagi, membuat saya curiga. Saya sebenernya nggak sabar banget untuk tahu apakah dugaan saya tentang Altair bener atau nggak, tapi sedang kembali disibukkan dengan anak-anak di sekolah. 🙊 . . . Okelah, sampai ketemu lagi di final review nanti insya Allah. Langsung final aja nanti ya biar habis gregetnya nebak-nebak Altair ini. 😆 . . . Entri untuk #gankratjunbacagakbacaasalbareng. Mudah-mudahan sih keburu nambah 1 lagi. 😂
Nunca te enamores de una mujer que escribe. Enamórate de una mujer simple, esa que no te habla de amor, ella que no te dedica sus letras. Enamórate de una mujer que no sepa amarte más de lo que tú te amas, de aquella de la que no seas su pensamiento constante, la que no te eche de menos, aquella que ni siquiera te sueñe, porque si te enamoras de una mujer como yo, de ella jamas se regresa igual. Las mujeres como yo déjamos un vacío grande cuando nos dejan ir o decidimos irnos. Las mujeres como yo tocamos algo más que el cuerpo, acariciamos el alma y también podemos destrozarla. “Fragmentos de mi vida sin ti.” Texto por [...]
I landed near a forest where I walk daily with my dog child Roxy. It is in contrast to the desert scene where we were a month ago. Accepting the circumstances that led us here and the possibility that Furtherer may not go any further is, I guess, growth. #icanflow
#repost @heatheredwards.nyc with @repostapp ・・・ Found the perfect spot for reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk. Trauma reshapes the body and brain. Innovative treatments help heal and rewire our most basic levels of functioning to restore wellness & balance. This book is a wealth of information about how our bodies store experiences that can keep us stuck, and how to undo them. #selfregulation
Sometimes life seems like a roller coaster. This week has been one big roller coaster for me, with highs and lows. Supporting my family through health concerns, being rear-ended on the highway, and a lack of sleep were balanced out by getting a new (read:used) car that fits our needs, spending time with family & friends, and working with clients. . . . When I feel anxious or overwhelmed, feeling those nerves that you feel right before the roller coaster begins, I place my hands on my heart and breathe. I tell myself, you can handle this, one thing at a time. . . . Interestingly enough, I also find myself placing a hand on my heart during times that [...]
Death In The Time Of Cult Suicide – Dr Fabian Explains The Psychology Behind It – Gulf News Here’s what a cult really is and why if you see someone struggling with one, it’s best to take action If he jumped off a building, would you take a leap too? The usual answer, when the question is posed, is a giggle and a headshake. But when the search for identity leads you to the precipice of blind faith, there is little choice but to prepare for a tumble. No need to think, just a desperation to act. “When it comes to mass suicide, we have to look at the individual. Usually, they have low self-esteem and very susceptible to group [...]
This is what movement can do. Find your strength, your limits in the gym, in lifting, in running, in climbing, in whatever movement moves you, so you can be big and bold in the world. My client said it best, really. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 . . . . .
Somos una gran alternativa para hacer tu vida profesional más enriquecedora y productiva. * * Adquirir los Recipientes Cel O Whatsap +593 987 064 774 Tupperware Cambia Vidas… No te quedes sin tu tupperware!!🙂 Para pedidos comunícate con nosotros 💁🏻‍♀️📲📩 https://www.facebook.com/TupperwareByMerce/ https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=59387064774 @tupperwarebymer #followforlike
I’m looking for one or a ton of folks who want to do a 30 days cleanse and renew with me. I am in desperate need to get my body back on track. (The last 3 years have been tough, and really messed up all the progress that I have PUT SO MUCH WORK into.) If you’re interested in doing this with me, please reach out. I would be happy to get your the renew kit (msg me for cost, etc)through my DÕTTERA membership (though based on how you feel after, I almost promise you you’ll want your own). Let’s do this together, friends! #30daystoanewyou #f4follow
🍵 EFSA DETOKS 🍵 ✴İştahınızı keser. ✴ Su içme isteği uyandırır.💦 ✴Sabahları erken ve dinç uyandırır. ✴Rahat tuvalete🚾 çıkmanızı sağlar. ✴Vücutta ki ödemi komple attırır. ✴Sadece yağdan kilo kaybı sağlar. ✴Midenizi küçültür. ✴Uzun süre tokluk hissi yaratır. ✴Stresinizi önler.😊 ✴Enerji ve güç verir.💪 ✴45 günde 4 ile 12 kilo arası zayıflatır. ✴Bu ürün 🍃🌿bitki çayıdır.☕🍵 🌼🌼🌼 Tek yapmanız gereken kilolarınızdan kurtulmayı istemek 💯 etki… Deneyin kendiniz görün sonucu💯 İLETİŞİM 👇👇 0537 428 33 88 – 0532 015 46 14 . . . #herbalife #ödematma #yağyakımı #yağyakıcı #aşk #değişim #bitkiselçay #sağlıklıbeslenme #sağlıcakla 5 #yağaldırma
This is the best definition I have ever heard. It just brought me so much #peace & more #clarity. ❄🌱 We can *only* affect the #future – knowing what we know right now. #action 🌟To me this also means letting go of the desire to redeem the past with the future in terms of when it is not under our own control to do so – ie regarding another person’s behavior patterns or #choices. The good news is we are forever #empowered to address our own shortcomings, and also to set #boundaries to keep ourselves positive, protected, forward-moving, & sane.
✳️My first time to like the cloud ☁️ and fog. Just a gate but personally I felt most excited I don’t know why. – So this place isn’t temple or anything. It’s a handara golf resort! It was free entree but now you pay it as it’s becoming so famous, and many people like me visit to take photos. Absolutely stunning and loved it! – – regarding touring, please contact my friend @nyoman_in_bali 📩🤙✨ – #workout #ボディービル #ボディメイク #gymgirl
I love broadening my mental horizon. I know one day for a fact that I will be a millionaire striving for a billionaire⏳ I’ll never just settle 🎬 Even at times it seems like I’m losing but it’s all #godsplan 😉What some may count/consider a lose I factor it as lesson 📚 #letsgetit #d&stransport #kingdombusinesskennel
Po napornih treningih našega polmaratonca Primoža, je masaža del rehabilitacije telesa, s katero mu pomagamo prekrvaviti utrujene mišice in tako pripomoremo k hitrejši regeneraciji. Masaža je tudi izjemno sprosčujoč mehanizem s katerim poskrbimo za svoje telo! Potrebuješ malo razvajanja svojega telesa? Napiši mi sporočilo, da se dogovorimo za termin! 😉😉👏 After brutal training sessions, my friend Primož needed to get his muscles back into shape before running half marathon. Massage is a great mechanism which relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow, honestly it feels really good! Do you need to relax your body? Write me a message and we will set a date! 😉😉👏 @ulix11 💪💪
A peak into Lila Sophia’s bedroom. After the Harvey floods we lost most of her pallet wood wall and all of the furniture, except her crib. Although the walls are still bare, this is a huge improvement from the boring space it was post-Harvey. ☺️ (Once I get my hands on some push pins the walls will be filled in! And the pallet wall will live again!)
Camminare per me significa entrare nella natura. Ed è per questo che cammino lentamente, non corro quasi mai. La Natura per me non è un campo da ginnastica. Io vado per vedere, per sentire, con tutti i miei sensi. Così il mio spirito entra negli alberi, nel prato, nei fiori. Le alte montagne sono per me un sentimento. (Reinhold Messner)
Massage and stretching isn’t just for adults! Children reap the benefits just the same. Youth massage is performed with less pressure and always with the parent present! Great for the youth athlete, a child needing more focus in school by reducing stress levels and promoting better sleep, alleviating asthma symptoms… just to name a few! If you feel your child would benefit from a massage and a stretch, DM, call or text Revive @ (785) 639-5913 💆‍♂️💆🏽‍♀️ #youth
#day43 #pilates after a holiday it’s always a bit weird to get back on track with the blessed routine 🙏🏻, so I’m tiered and late to my classes, but I’m attending, I’m present, I’m working out as hard as I can even if it was too late for my taste.
Challenge #8 – Category: Then & Now Kind Of Pic: Solo Preferred. Edits: Edits are allowed! Collages: Collages are allowed! Time: 24 Hours. – Reminder: •This is a RETURN CHALLENGE! Anyone who has been eliminated can participate! If you get between first and third place, you will be welcomed back! •Everyone this season gets an ask. An ask is where you can ASK me my opinion on your entry. I will rank you compared to the others who had sent. YOU ONLY GET ONE ASK. •Immunity is used differently. You don’t have to use immunity right after you win it. You now get to pick when you want to use it. You MUST let me know you want to use [...]
Congrats to all the graduates this summer 🎉🎓 . If you know anyone graduating in the winter, let me know. I’d love to make some more wee frames . Just let me know the university, gown colours, and date . Message me for more details . Thanks a melon 🍉 x . #supportlocal
“How to become a storm: Love yourself so much that you laugh with pity in the face of anyone who tries to throw cruelty and negativity in your face. How to start a wildfire: encourage other women with the hearts of lionesses like yours to do the same.” It’s in you to accomplish what you set out to do. Hold your head up high and keep going. #beach photo: @mdozaphotography 📷 🔥
|| EXPERIÊNCIA COM DEUS || . . Neste último sábado, realizamos a Reunião do Min. De Mulheres… E foi uma noite de autoconhecimento e entendimento… . A tempestade vem para termos experiência. Viver milagres e ter um romper Espiritual 🔥🔥🔥 . . Mulheres fiquem ligadas nas datas dos encontros de mulheres.. . . . . . . é #jdsaoluis
Nachdem ich nun ein paar mal nach der Eröffnung von Avalon und Port Laguna im Toverland war muss ich echt sagen das der Park Mega geil ist! Früher hätte man zwei Attraktionen die man gerne mehrfach erleben wollte, heute aber sind es deutlich mehr (und gerne mehrfach)! Jedes Mal wenn ich Merlins Quest fahre denke ich “Was wäre wenn der Park mal einen langen Darkride erstellen würde?”. Ich mein der kurze Teil ist schon mehr als super und damit hätte man sicherlich nicht gerechnet! Es ist erstaunlich wie sich das Toverland weiterentwickelt. Muss man sagen: Super Leistung! @attractieparktoverland ~ ~ ~ Nach einigen Fahrten auf Fenix habe ich meine Meinung überarbeitet und muss erwähnen das die Bahn je nach Sitzreihe [...]