Somos mais do que um número na balança não é mesmo? Triste pensarmos que só o “exterior” importa. Quando escutamos nosso corpo entendemos o que ele precisa. 😊😊😊 Sentimos fome, sentimos vontade de comer o bolo da avó, sorrimos ao lembrar de algum cheiro de doce da infância ou do café coado na casa da tia. Podemos simplesmente sentir vontade de comer uma pizza ou uma comida japonesa. Que mal tem isso? O importante é saber e entender nosso corpo, buscando sempre um equilíbrio (lembramos que o equilíbrio nutricional não é uma reta, não é estático). Vamos buscar a saúde! Saúde física, mental, espiritual! #saúde #comportamentoalimentar
Se você é como a maioria das pessoas que vem tentando emagrecer e nunca tem resultados (ou até tem, mas não consegue sustentá-los), talvez neste texto esteja um dos principais erros que você comete. . Tendemos a focar mais no negativo do que no positivo, mais nas perdas do que nos ganhos, mais no que teremos que abrir mão aqui e agora do que nos benefícios que isso nos trará a médio ou longo prazo. . Se você costuma agir assim, isso é um grande erro, pois dessa forma você está treinando a sua mente contra você. A única coisa que você consegue desse jeito é falta de motivação. Isso mesmo! Ao invés de estar se motivando, você está se [...]
💪🏾⚠️Existem alguns (muitos!) problemas na filosofia do #tapago . E embora eu não seja profissional de Educação Física, isso pode desembocar lá no seu bucho e te causar culpa, frustração e mais vontade de fazer aquele raio de dieta! Ou seja: te mantém no buraco😕. {Então leia até o final!} 1. Nosso corpo não é calculadora. Então não adianta achar que se você comeu x kcal você compensa aquelas mesmas x kcal na esteira ou no transport 2. Ter exageros com a comida e usar o exercício como meio de compensar, amenizar-se da culpa e do medo de engordar não é um comportamento saudável. “Oi? Mas uma galera faz isso!” Essa galera apresenta Comportamento de transtorno alimentar! 😨 (o que [...]
Sem liga!💡 Dietas milagrosas que prometem resultados em curto tempo, dietas que restringem algum tipo de alimento, “Detox” como forma de compensar o fim de semana ou algo que comeu, entre outros tipos de dietas divulgadas pela internet e redes sociais, cuidado! Pode ser “fake news”! 🙅 Busque um nutricionista para ter dar orientações individualizadas sobre alimentação. 🍎
#melbunifm are you ready for us?! Tomorrow we will be at the Melbourne Uni Farmers Market from 10:30-2:30 with our delish vegan poke bowls again. We’re bringing our famous GG kombucha,kefir along with our dips and sauerkraut 🤣🤣 Come see what all the fuss is about probiotic lovers 🙌 📸@vegan_reedsandrushes
With this fruit & vegetable net, you can avoid a lot of plastic bags🥕🥔🍇🤙 Zero Waste is just an awesome and desirable lifestyle!🗑 You don’t leave a line of waste behind you wherever you go, like people with currently less awareness💡🌿 If you live it seriously and with your heart, this lifestyle is cheap, minimalistic, inspiring, environmental-friendly and over all: this lifestyle makes you happy🤙💚 How would you assess your own zero waste status at the moment? and where can you improve?🤗 Stay clean.🍃 . . . . . #savetheplanet
Ich lese häufig von Tipps und Tricks rund um nachhaltiges Handeln. Und yes, ein paar Basics zu verinnerlichen ist nicht schwer. Doch danach wird’s hart. Am Ball zu bleiben, sich zu verbessern und trotzdem Freunde und Familie nicht furchtbar auf die Nerven zu gehen ist hart. Mal abgesehen von der Zeit (und dem Geld), die Nachhaltigkeit kosten kann. Kurzum: Nachhaltigkeit hat seine Tücken, lasst uns das nicht vergessen. #greenlifestyle
SLOW LIFE Avant j’habitais Paris. Mais… je « subissais » un choix familial. Si c’est une ville pleine de vie, très culturelle et qui réserve sont lot de surprises, pour moi elle était invivable et je m’éteignais à petit feu. Je pensais ne jamais avoir le choix. De ci de ça, compte tenu de ma situation. Puis un jour trop c’était trop. Ni une ni deux je suis partie vers des horizons plus verts, qui offrent les charmes de belles forêts et nombreux points d’eau, de châteaux impressionnants, de spécialités locales à en baver et d’un mode de vie plus slow 🌿 Aujourd’hui en 10mn je suis dans la nature profonde. J’admire les petits détails les plus étonnants comme les paysages les [...]
Tuesday: Powered by plants 👏🏻. 🌱 Overnight layered breakfast jars of @leitchycreates coconut choc chia pudding, blueberry vanilla smoothie + ginger greens made with @wearesuperu clean greens mix – with a @coolcoldbrew black to really start Tuesday with a zing. The best thing of all is that all of this deliciousness 👆🏻👆🏻 is available inside August Lifeboxes…grab yours 👉🏻 (non-edible decoration plants from the 👌🏻 @bloomboxclub (you can bag yourself a 3 month plant subscription with them AND Lifebox by entering this month’s Comp (link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻) • • • • • • • •
Do any other kiwis remember the toffee pops ad with Carlos Spencer? I’m showing my age now 😂 Anywho, after I made some mini tarts with my healthy Twix recipe José from @swo mentioned if I smothered them in chocolate they’d be just like toffee pops. So here they are 😋 you can find the recipe further down my feed. “Chocolate” heaven. And cheers Carlos for the fond memories 😏 YouTube it if you haven’t seen it!
Dat was wel even schrikken. Die aardbevingen van de laatste dagen 😨. • Afgelopen zondagavond waren we in Uluwatu en wisten we niet wat ons overkwam toen het bed ineens vloeibaar leek. Daar bovenop de tsunami waarschuwing terwijl we 1,5km van zee zaten. We hadden even lichte paniek. Al kunnen we ons niet eens voorstellen hoe het voor de mensen op Lombok moet zijn geweest.. • Gelukkig leven we in het digitale tijdperk en hadden familie en vrienden binnen no time uitgezocht dat we niet in de gevarenzone zaten. Zo fijn dat we met een gerust hart konden gaan slapen. • Afgelopen nacht werden we weer 2 keer wakker van een schuddende grond maar gelukkig waren deze schokken een stuk [...]
📢Hey New York 🍾🥂 are you ready to get world class services at your finger tips 📢 . . BOOK EBK Beauty Services today; we are a team of beauty professionals who provide onsite services from #nails, , #employees appreciation day and or #girls night out. #sheready . You bring the party 🎉 we bring the fun. Also hosting beauty workshops. CALL US TODAY link in bio or email us
✨ be the energy you want to attract ✨ I LOVEEEEEE this quote !!! There is so much truth in it 😊 the energy we create & put in the universe comes back to us – simply the law of attraction!! ✨ if you want more positive & happy energy in your life , start creating that in yourself and putting it out into the universe – all of that good energy is going to show up in your life and come back to you in multitudes 🌿 when we realize & start applying this in our life – the magic starts to happen !!! Creating positive energy brings positive people & opportunities into your life ✨ you have the [...]
A lot of you have heard me talk about breathwork. It’s the second cornerstone of my health routine that’s saved my life and helped me find true inspiration. I practice “Medicinal Breathwork” an ancient form of Qigong that’s 5000 years old and is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s powerful, easy and you can learn all about it in this article I wrote for you in our link in bio!
It’s not luck, it’s work ethic. . I don’t just “have the right personality”. I’m actually quite introverted!! . It’s not that it comes easy to me, I work at it every day. I work my work ethic muscle the same way that I work my physical muscles. . This biz has MANY rewards, but they don’t just fall in your lap. Like anything worth having, you have to DO the things that make you AND your biz grow. . If you’re ready to run with me; earn extra income that you can put towards debt, vacay, groceries etc; and you’re willing to do the things? Then girl I want YOU. . If you’re not driven, goal oriented, and willing [...]
S P O R T S 🚴🏼‍♀️ N U T R I T I O N 🍌 W I N S 🥇. When you INCREASE your training fuel and you hit performance PBs! Don’t be misguided to believe an qualified sports dietitian will TAKE food away from you. Our first priority is to INCREASE your variety and options to better your performance! @emma.bunn the smile on your face says it all! Training with the right fuel on board is 👍🙌🏻! 🚴 #foodmakesmehappy
Is it just me or does it seem like the elderberries are taking FOREVER to ripen this year? This is an important medicine that I like to stock up for the cooler months to prevent viral illnesses that tend to incapacitate folks that time of year. Elderberries have been shown to inhibit viral replication, meaning influenza, and other viral illnesses can not survive and cause illness. I like to take elderberry syrup as a short term preventative whenever the flu is going around, when I am exposed to sickness or if I’m going to be traveling in the winter. I also take it in acute cases (in larger and more frequent doses) when I feel a cold or flu-like symptoms [...]
Find LASTING relief and restoration. For low back pain and disc bulges, spinal decompression is a miracle in many lives! It has kept thousands of our patients from having to go through painful and risky surgeries by providing long term pain relief and restoration, fixing the root cause of the issue. • • • pc: @kathrynhornibrook
Did you know that the gut manufactures more than 400 times the amount of melatonin that is found in the pineal gland in the brain? Can’t sleep? Depressed? Quick story about the gut, it houses 70% of the immune system. Suffer from chronic infections? It has more nerve endings than the spine. Do you have chronic anxiety? Next time be careful of what quality of food and be conscious of stress management. From stress it creates holes in the gut also known as leaky gut. This can cause metabolic chaos from autoimmune diseases to different forms of cancer. If you already do this more detective work is needed #livestyle @fdntraining @pgatour @marksissonprimal
Our approach to your skin follows 5 steps ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. Restore 2. Balance 3. Correct 4. Protect 5. Maintain ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We help you dive to the root cause of your skin conditions, as we believe that “symptom” treating simply does not work ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Why? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Because everything that presents itself on the surface of the skin, is a direct replication of what is happening within the skin, and for every skin condition, there is a dysfunction that is causing the skin to appear that way ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 Pinterest
I love listening to Ryan Seacrest (@onairwithryan) in the morning on 102.7 KIIS FM (@1027kiisfm) and today’s quote really resonated with me. I am also keeping my future colleagues in mind as they embark on their board exams this week. YOU GOT THIS. Just a little Monday reminder to set those goals. Have a great week—❤️. Dr. E. . . .

Just a little reminder; no matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one ✌🏻 there is always room for change and improvements but life itself is a gift, cherish it ☺️. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
{M A K E • R O O M} • Uncomfortable lessons. It the price we pay to participate in this thing called life. It is what we need to gain entry, grow, stretch and learn… if we allow for it. It is part of the process. We don’t want to skip it. It is the secret sauce to anything worthwhile. • *How do you nurture yourself? *How do you view challenges? *How do you handle stress? *Do you dread change? *What tools do you have? *Who is in your “circle” that has your back? *Where do you go to re-charge? . . . #change #hope #compassion #monday #inquiry #empathy #coach #nurture #change #challenge #growth Image:: @alex_elle
Project You Goldfields has space to share . As I only use this space a couple of days a week there is heaps of room for you. If yr looking at holding classes , workshops or even meetings send me a PM to discuss details and arrange a time to have a sticky beak #believeyoucan
Some of you are struggling with a bit of a difficult situation at the moment. For the majority of you it’s money (work) related and for the rest it’s relationship. I know it may seem like there’s no possible solution right now (other than a miracle) but have faith in yourself. You’ve got all of the abilities and skills you need to balance on that tightrope and reach your destination. You alone can resolve it!! Let go of your expectations and see what else comes up that you can work in with. This card is a reminder that you’ve got luck on your side. Stay positive and you’ll get a positive outcome 🙏🏻 Keep up the good vibes, The Intuitive [...]
. . 1. Before any skin therapy… . 2. After 1st facial … Opulence Serum (brightening) and Atoxolene (Treatment for Deep Lines) Infusion. . 3. After 2nd facial Rejuvenation (hydration) Serum and Vit C (fights free radicals, brightens and improves complexion, improves skin texture) infusion. @intraceuticals_official . . We are seeing great results after just 2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion facials. . . The skin is lifting, brightening and looking much healthier. The hydration was boosted today and you can see the lines around the mouth are improving along with the tone of the cheekbones and general improvement of complexion. . . . Product regime begins this week so we shall see what next week brings! . This is a 4 [...]
🚧 A Papiloscopia é definitivamente a minha paixão. Quando comecei a estudar essa Ciência em 2013, não poderia imaginar que seria um caso de amor! 🔎Hoje, a cada turma de Papiloscopia Forense que tenho a honra de ministrar, acredito que consigo transmitir um pouco da minha admiração e da beleza que é esta área da Criminalística. . A cada “Lud, olha como ficou!” – e vejo que ficou excelente! – a cada análise correta e surpresa em revelar uma IPL, tenho mais certeza que é esta a minha missão: divulgar as Ciências Forenses e especialmente, a querida Papiloscopia. . Foto: @t.avieira (roubei!rs) no último curso de Papilo Forense pelo @for.sci no Rio de Janeiro. . 🚧 Próxima turma: 15.09 – [...]
Está pronto para mudar sua vida? ? Alcançar seu objetivos ? ?? Quer descobrir seu talento ??? Você quer ter uma carreira de sucesso? ???? Quer se destacar? ????? Então 👇🏻 Venha para o mundo da unhas acrílicas, área que mais cresce Atualmente, aqui na Monique Nails, Centro Tecnico de unhas , você sai preparado para desenvolver uma técnica, segura e verdadeira , ensinamentos sem segredos , com produtos de excelente qualidade , informações reais e que você realmente vai utilizar ! . . Temos: Equipe pronta para acompanhar seu desenvolvimento! Venda dos melhores produtos NSI , para que Você de continuidade no seu treinamento! . 🎓Curso dividido por módulos, para que você realmente aprenda ! .💅🏻✍🏻 . 1ºModulo Iniciante [...]
Morning Dew is a familiar fragrance to some because it is a dupe if fresh sparkling snow from Bath and body works. This scent is so fresh with notes of orange zest, melon balls and wild berries with a hint of exotic musk. Its a great scent that should definitely be enjoyed year round.
Wilujeng Enjing 🌻🌻. . Kamu butuh cleansing soap untuk kulit berminyakmu, setelah berkendara, nge-gojek dan bekerja seharian? . Krakatau – Charcoal Olive Oil Soap jawabannya, karena mengandung charcoal aktif yang sangat membantu membersihkan kulitmu dari kotoran, menurunkan minyak dikulitmu, dan membantu menghilangkan jerawat. . Olive oil, sangat membantu melembabkan, dan melembutkan kulitmu. . Yuk sehatkan kulitmu, dan berkontribusi melestarikan lingkungan. . #dontpanicitsorganic #naturalliving #sabuncharcoal