Jasper National Park

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fall colours are my favourite colours

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Mythical Perspective of Jasper National Park. Photo by @mblockk #pnwescapes 🏔 To book a stay in N

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Excuse me, ma’am can I take you to Costa Rica? 😍

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“I’ve crashed.” Anytime I do an activity like hiking or just traveling in general I hit a poin

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I remember seeing a photo years ago, of a green kayak cutting through this canyon, taken by @chrisbu

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Goodbye Jasper. Wonderful getaway. #jaspernationalpark

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Jasper national park - we just love the nature, driving around and enjoy the beauty of it and some

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Sweet Mountains⛰

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These two got married 2 weeks ago! Congratulations @dreamsketcher1 & Stu! ☺️♥️ . . . #ja

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With how cold it was they should rename it Jasp-brrr❄️

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