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#TbT I wish I would have had my body fat % checked the last time I got this shredded 😞🤷🏾‍

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Pulling 465lbs + 90lbs(chains) for a single after that 4sets for 7s at 380lbs. Powered by honey+ @ar

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If you compete, you know this look all to well. If you don’t, let me break it down for you. This i

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Easily one of the better workouts I’ve had in a long time last night. I just posted up the entire

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CORECHORES!! I don't let no machine or gym define my fitness- @broliclife Tag me to a workout!!

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Close grip push ups on dumbbells for triceps! Trainer: @antconfessore - Training guides for men and

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Last nights finisher to shoulders and arms.. Close grip push ups on dumbbells directly into seated d

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Ya asked to see the boss so they sent me dog 😤💪 #ConfessoreConditioning #CreateTheBestYou - It

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Benching 5 sets for 6 reps 200lbs 10lbsUP. Followed by 205xAMRAP(9) 82% . . . #LOOKLIFTMOVE #HYBRIDA

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4AM, had to let them get a sneak peek..helping the soon to be bride get her wedding body‼️ and I

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You think about mistakes, that’s when you made them • • • I’ve been feeling so good lately

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The O has me feelin a wayy🥇 . 5’5” 115lb & leanthicc 🤣🙌🏼 . A little pink posing

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Always smiling through the hardest workouts. Hoods on, World off 🥰

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Hello hello! Almost 4 weeks post show since I earned my IFBB pro card and I don’t plan on letting

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The time for slacking is over, back at it at a new home 💪🏻

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Old shoulder day video to get me hype for today's session. I learned to love training all muscl

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To complete that Goal, You need to take that Step💯

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