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📷 @gary_j27 - "It's been a really weird season not spending much time with the southern

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Warm hugs in cold water. This stunning shot captures the moment a seal takes a free ride from a belu

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“This might be the greatest photo I’ve ever taken..” read @adamfreediver’s last post. It’s

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Blue Sea Stars nestled amongst the coral as the sun sets over the reef 🌅😍🌟🦈🌏 Photo by

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Louisiana's Pinky the Dolphin is back! No, this is not a mirage created by Lisa Frank - it'

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That time the Orcas swam through a smack of moon jellies! Photo by  @slatermoorephotography

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How would you define this interaction between a Beluga Whale and a Sea-gull?😮🐳🐦 Video by @s

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Seeing a ribbon eel in open water is quite uncommon. Seeing two ribbon eels in open water is pretty

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Reflections below the surface reveal mother nature’s perspective from above.  #protect Photo by  @

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