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Brian Boolukos

Brian Boolukos - @brian_boolukos

Hudson Valley. 🗻🎣

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening

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Hard to believe places like this are real. You were good to us Maui, until next time.

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This is where we slept on our second night in the van. Fell asleep under more stars than I’ve ever

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Thought we would be lucky to see the lights this good one out of the 8 nights we were in Norway. Whe

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Hard to notice the cold with views like this. Sat out here forever waiting for the lights to turn ou

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Picked this spot out on google earth and had planned on going here our first night for weeks prior t

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Fell countless times carrying my gear over these rocks in the pitch black. Worth it

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This was just the beginning of the night.. sat on this beach for hours after surfing watching the no

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Almost look like I know what I’m doing

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Did a little arctic surfing.. this was probably my favorite place on the whole trip. This town has 1

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me why would you live out of a van in the Arctic? Isn’t it cold? We

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Ruined their romantic moment

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Thanksgiving walk / squirrel chase

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#tbt to probably the most photographed place in Iceland.. we pulled into the campsite late on our fi

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Last bits of fall. Hard to believe tomorrow will be November.

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After work drive up Storm King. Beautiful up there right now

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