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Elisabeth Brentano

Elisabeth Brentano - @elisabethontheroad

Sharing the beauty of our planet — and inspiring others to do more to protect it.

When it comes to photography, I’m in it for the natural wonders just as much as the fleeting momen

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When I was 13, I brushed off my mom’s anxiety as something that was simply “in her head,” beca

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When that supercell you’ve been watching all afternoon lights up and spits out a double rainbow ri

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Once upon a time in Yosemite...

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Earlier this summer I spent a week and a half road tripping through the western part of @southdakota

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I recently spent a night in LA with one of my best friends, who has an adorable and highly intellige

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When you pick up new sports as an adult, it can be tough to find dependable activity partners. You k

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My first article on anxiety was published in 2016, and while I was concerned about sharing such a pe

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Quite often I find myself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dirt, rock and mountains — and n

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A few days ago a blogger emailed and asked if I’d like to contribute to an article about “the mo

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