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Martin Loestaus | Fuji

Martin Loestaus | Fuji - @martin_loestaus

📍Germany | Bremen Architecture | Landscape 🚭🍗☕️👟 🙎🏻‍♂️+📷=⬇️

“big mirror“. This building is a large mirror divided from horizontally and vertically windows.

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“above the roofs“. This beautiful view of the cathedral can be enjoyed from the top of the park

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“judgment“ this is the courthouse of bremen. From here it looks a bit scary... #instagood10k #ju

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“in a row“ These five buildings are lined up on the market place. Together they are an amazing p

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“no parking“ . The painted lines on the floor are very distinctive and I noticed it immediately.

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“photospot“ . This is probably one of the most popular photo spots in Bremen. Who can pass this

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“walk the line“ . It is nice to go through this district on a off day. When the sun goes down an

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“wedding car“ . Dear bridal couple, i do not know you, but i wish you all the best for your futu

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“along the road“ . I love going through the side streets. Here is a nice mix of old and new arch

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“st. petri“ . This is the back entrance of our cathedral. Most people only look from the front b

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“my place“. The center is one of my favorite places in Bremen. When the weather is nice, you can

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📸 “light and shadow“ This image is characterized by light and shadow. Opposites get in touch.

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📸 “marketplace“ A beautiful sunset in the city center. Everything looks so golden! #travel #

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📸 “narrow streets“ The alleyways in the Schnoor are very winding. This is exactly what distin

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📸 “baumwollbörse“ In this building there is still an intact paternoster lift. That is really

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📸 “sheep herd heaven“ The cloud formation is incredible. The sky looks like a sheep herd. Wha

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📸 “the courtyard“ our dom has next to the famous lead cellar a cozy courtyard with seating an

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📸 “Here is the Schnoor!“ This entrance to the part of the old town is one of the most beautif

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📸 “backstreet“ i like the lines and shapes of the buildings. Schnoor’s Backstreet's ba

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📸 “Am Dom“ Bricks, Bricks, Bricks! As far as the eye can see... 👀 #cbviews #my_german_vie

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📸 “In den verwinkelten Gassen vom schöönen Schoor Viiertel“ #cbviews #my_german_views #map

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“maritim“ Leinen los! Natürlich möchte ich mich auch an der Maritimen Woche in unserem schöne

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“bömers spiegel“ Es gibt Bilder die funktionieren nur in Schwarz-Weiß, so wie dieses hier. Hab

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“europahafen“ Was für ein schöner Tag! Am Freitag war ich wieder in der Überseestadt unterweg

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