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Michael Patrick O'Neill

Michael Patrick O'Neill - @mpophotography

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One of the behaviors I wanted to photograph in Lake Malawi was female cichlids taking care of their

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Two male Petrotilapia sp. fight for territory and females in the shallows of Masimbwe Island earlier

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Great diving this am at Masimbwe Island with loads of mouthbrooding female cichlids from multiple sp

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The crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi on the rocky shore of Masembwe Island this morning. Paradise

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Super mom saves her precious brood from voracious and opportunistic (and omnivorous) cichlids. While

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Metriaclima sp. (part of the zebra mbuna family) in motion. This is one of many color patterns. Ever

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Gorgeous male Copadichromis borlei in full breeding display trying to impress the ladies. Photograph

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Underwater terrain at Makulawe north of Likoma Island shows the large boulders home to “mbuna”,

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Dinner tonight under the stars on the shore of Lake Malawi. Copyright Michael Patrick O’Neill / ww

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Little jewel from Lake Malawi: Cynotilapia zebroides “Red Top Likoma” (I think... pls correct if

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Earlier today: Villagers sort their catch and store nets after a day of sustenance fishing in Lake M

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Lake Malawi is known as the “Lake of the Stars” but I think the real stars are the underwater ki

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Happy Weekend! Copyright Michael Patrick O’Neill / #keylargo #floridakeys #dolphi

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#Onthisday last year the ocean in front of Singer Island, FL boiled with fish. Sharks, jacks and tar

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Old favorite for this Turtle Tuesday: Loggerhead Sea Turtle release at the Loggerhead Marine life Ce

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Off topic but why not? Pair of wild Red and Green Macaws, Buraco das Araras, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bra

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What a difference one year makes. Here’s a photo of a big school of mullet just south of the Juno

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