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The Vasco da Gama Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe. It measures over 10 miles (17 km) long and

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Colours Colours Colours! Souvenirs from the Sahara ❤️ . . #merzougadesert #nomadlearningtravels

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Zenitude, peace and gratitude come to mind with this scenery.🙏🏻 . . . #nomadlearningtravels #t

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Have you ever had the chance to visit an old mining site? This is Mifis, in the desert Hamada close

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Beautiful visit coliseum you will like it 👌📸😍 . . #roma #italy #coliseum #coliseo #architecture

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Sunset from desert merzouga on the dunes it's beautiful view 👌📸❤ . . #Morocco #merzouga #

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Luscious greens, amazing landscapes and majestic mountains! Awesome sight from Peru❤️. . . #noma

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When stray cats are that affectionate and trusty, it gives a lot about the heart and aura of the per

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Aerial view of the region of Errachidia Morocco 📸❤ . . #travelawesome #nomadlife #travellover #tra

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This is the city-island of Sidi Abderrahman, in Casablanca! You can still go there to this day and m

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Very pleasant walk in the coast of Casablanca Morocco! Was warm, sun shining and ocean view amazing!

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City doors of the city of Meknes ! So beautiful and intricate art work!. . . . #meknès #meknesdoors

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I was in a church in France. I wish it would bring light into the minds and lives of everyone who ne

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Creepy but interesting!! Not a typical lovers lane but certainly a great attraction! . . . . #trave

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