Cheers to Friday…and coffee ☕️ for getting us through the week! It’s time for another #fridayintroductions with the Grace Notes team. — Hi, I’m Jamie 👋🏼 & I am one of the Envelope Stuffers at Grace Notes 💌 1️⃣ Favorite Grace Notes design? The beautiful floral design from February 2017 with the verse Psalm 73:26 2️⃣ Currently reading? John MacArthur’s book on the Parables. 3️⃣ Favorite spot to put your Grace Notes? My bathroom mirror because it’s such a good reminder about beautifying my inside as I’m getting ready. 4️⃣ Summer activity of choice? If I’m being honest…sleeping in 🛌😴 5️⃣ Go to lipgloss? It’s this tinted Blistex called lip vibrance. Don’t judge me, it has a mirror on the [...]
You can win, and you can win and you can win- we can all win!! 👨‍🏫👩‍🎓👩‍🍳👨‍🌾 —— But it all starts by remembering that you get your affirmation from God not from men! @shermandumastv message entitled STRIPPED is one that will give you everything you need to learn the true road to success!! ——— Write down some more in depth notes by watching the FULL message on our YouTube channel! 📺 . . . . .
Judul: The Bliss Bakery #4 : Magic By The Mouthful + Bonus Notes Penulis: Kathryn Littlewood Penerbit: Mizan Fantasi Harga: Rp 87.000 . ◼ Periode penjualan khusus tanggal 6-31 Juli 2018. ◼ Bonus Notes Magic in Blue SELAMA PERSEDIAAN MASIH ADA. ◼ Buku akan tersedia tanggal 2 Agustus 2018. . Lagi-lagi Asosiasi Internasional Penggilas Adonan berulah! Dengan bantuan Bibi Lily, mereka mencuri Larutan Venus milik Keluarga Bliss! Kali ini atas arahan si jahat Count Caruso, dengan tujuan yang lebih kejam daripada sebelumnya! Dengan setetes Larutan Venus pada tiap potong Kue Alaska yang lezat, orang yang menyantapnya bisa diperbudak sesuka hati. Celakanya, bukan sembarang orang yang menjadi sasaran, melainkan para pemimpin negara peserta konvensi Dewan Kerja Sama Kuliner Internasional. Rose, sang Master [...]
25 June 2018 Wednesday Rise Time: 12 PM 🤷🏻‍♀️ . What a day! Not only did I spend the majority of it hanging out but I got more done than I have in a while. I even got to check off a whole bunch of tasks on my rolling to do list (not shared on this IG page)! 🙌 . Here’s the rundown of tasks completed today: ☑️ Hit all four goal areas ☑️ ✝️ Finish notes on 1 John 1 ☑️ ✝️ Memorize 1 John 2:1-5 ☑️ 🏋🏻‍♀️ @Blogilates #journeytosplits challenge ☑️ 📆 Send off application ☑️ 📆 Thank you cards email 🔲 📆 Finalize and send pictures to print —>simply didn’t get to it. I need to start [...]
To jsem se tak, asi z nudy, rozhodla, že si začnu vypisovat poznámky na mikrobiologii. No, napsala jsem jednu stránku a zjistila jsem, že se mi vlastně ani nechce 😀 Taky máte o prázdninách takové záchvěvy produktivity, které vás okamžitě opustí? 😀 #student
I took these notes while watching Dr. Hyman’s “Broken Brain” series and just came across it while cleaning out my notes. I have adrenal fatigue and was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and this one quote at the top put so much in perspective for me!! . I already was taking most of this but I did add CoQ10 and I feel it has helped me think more clearly. I also started vitamins K and E to help with absorbing/assimilation of everything else. I don’t currently take A or D (there is some D in cod liver oil, though, which I take for the omega 3). Overall I think I have a good regimen going now with my supplements, [...]
+1 day 454/1k 90% Done?. Paulo Coelho Says: Consider Yourself Halfway There. . Paulo Coelho tells us: . “To avoid falling into treacherous traps, it is best to consider that you have COVERED HALF YOUR JOURNEY only when you have walked 90% of the ROAD.” . Think you’re 90% done? Consider yourself halfway there. . We all know that it pretty much always takes twice as long (& costs twice as much) as we think it will to do something. . QUESTION: Working on a project? Try this Trap Avoidance Calculator™: . Step 1. How far do you think you are from your destination: ______ % . Step 2. Multiply that by .55•Step 3. Arrive at how far you really [...]
SUUUUUUPER PUMPED to share today’s podcast with you! My good friend Stephanie shares about toxins, how and why to avoid them, and even gives tips on some DIY recipes!! # You won’t want to miss this episode! 💕💕 p.s. recipes in the show notes at! (Link to podcast and notes in profile👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻) # Drop a comment and leave a review in iTunes! 🎧
SPEAKING OF CHOCOLATE: BONNAT 75% Ceylon A lovely bar. There is an immediate taste of spice. To me it was like a bit of five spice powder – with a hint of black powder, complex but not overwhelming. There were short, bright notes of fruit (cherry), and a finish of spice and rich chocolate. A very good melt and mouth feel. The wrapper notes a “round and warm taste.” I heartedly agree. Satisfyingly warm and full. I will taste this one again. @chocolate_guru #chocolate
Man…. that’s a lot of notes for summer sessions!! Actually, Tsunami Self Defense is far more streamlined and concise. We teach principle based approach to personal protection and self defense. Summer Session Two is posted on our Facebook page and we’re starting registration tomorrow. **Note: All the Girls On Guard classes for college preparation and safety is MANDATORY advanced payment. #tsd4w #collegegirls
Fascinating, I never knew this story about Lennon. Just months before he was killed. And it’s when he and Yoko owned a weekend home in #coldspringharbor on #longisland …. The story below inspired me to draw this #jeremyvillecsa tonight: —————————- “A captain’s logbook from a sailing trip John Lennon took in 1980 might have some people wondering what the former Beatle was doing in the middle of the Atlantic sailing in a 43-foot schooner with four strangers and a mysterious figure known only as “Captain Hank.” The answer? Shaking off a five-year bout of writer’s block.” “The book—which surfaced at a recent auction —is signed by several sailors and guests of the vessel Megan Jaye and includes notes and doodles [...]
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14 ♥️ The day that we brought Skylar home from the hospital she wore a onesie with this exact verse on it. Every time I see it or think of it I think back to that very day. When it all changed. That day is just as significant as the day she was born because when you’re in the hospital it’s almost like you’re in a dream. It almost doesn’t feel real. You’re still trying to process what just happened physically, mentally, and emotionally. You have nurses that check on you and your baby every few hours, and if you’re [...]
Morning Habits by @maxnottfit … • While the habits in that post WERE indeed great ones to follow, they’re not exactly the ones MY mornings consist of 🙋🏻‍♂️ • At least while I’m home for the summer, I manage to have pretty productive/fulfilling starts to my days. • The habits I stick to tend to revolve around these 3 core principles of mine 👉🏼 self-improvement, productivity, and usefulness 💯 • I find that I’m happiest when I know I’m spending my time well… • For that reason, when I can start my day by getting this many relevant/meaningful tasks done, it puts me in the perfect mindset to continue killing it throughout the afternoon 👊🏼 • SIDE NOTE 📝: That [...]
‘Coffee meets power food’ ☕️ 🥘 What comes to your mind, when reading about the term #coffeepairing ❓ Coffee & chocolate? 🍫 Coffee & cheese? 🧀 What about a whole dinner 🥘🍴with a 3-course meal served not with wine 🍷 but coffee ☕️ Sounds weird? Crazy? Interesting? 🤔🤩🤪 Let me tell you this, coffee has even more aromas than wine! About 800 to be precise! 😲 because, coffee is a fruit! 🌱🍒☕️ Why coffee pairings? The flavor profile of a coffee, when matched with similar notes in food, can become the gateway to appreciating specialty coffee! ✨ But, there’s not only the way of mirroring a flavor in coffee with a certain food – to highlight a key flavor for [...]
Happy Saturday!! Through stillness and silence, discover the depths within. I remember when I first became a mother over 23 years ago and I realized that silence had a beautiful rejuvenating and lovely sound. My baby boy wasn’t really a big cryer, but I remember that whenever he slept a silence filled our home. During that silence, I slept and thought about the blessing of being a mother!! I thank God daily for the blessing of being a mother to my son and my daughter!!💜💜 * * Today, I use that stillness and silence to pray write learn live love read and think. I write in my journal whenever I feel the need to put pen to paper about life, [...]
This weeks featured whiskey @fivemarysburgerhouse is the Bib and Tucker small batch 6 year bourbon. The term bib and tucker used to mean wearing your finest attire. It comes in a nostalgic bottle and is proofed down to 92 proof. The nose on this whiskey is earthy with hints of vanilla, leather, maple, and sweet citrus. The flavor includes notes of spice, apple, brown sugar and toffee. The mouthfeel of this whiskey is thin compared to most bourbons but it finishes with a smooth, long, clean burn and just a touch of smoky caramel. Overall this bourbon comes off as pretty unique in the flavor profile. Its great to sip or use in a mixed drink. Come and try it [...]
I think I might wear this roller out today. I woke up this morning with Asher’s germs. Thanks baby boy! So I had to ditch the last day of Leadership which is a bit of a fuck off, but thats life! I do have an amazing team of women who have taken notes and videos so that we don’t miss out so thank you so much to Jessica Kim and Liz Bosworth Hooper. So Manuka Essential Oil is an amazing oil from New Zealand and has been used for centuries by the Maori’s for its never ending list of health benefits! I find it helps with this awful feeling of swallowing razor blades. I have been applying it every hour [...]
6 weeks recovery is up. Time to focus on my nutrition again and get back to intermittent fasting again as I really liked that way of eating the month prior to my tummy tuck. I’m not trying to lose any weight so eating may not be super strict or may be days I have breakfast plans before my 16 hour fast ends etc Most of this year my weight sat at 63-64kg. I was 62.2kg day before TT surgery and I’m currently 60.7kg…… I aim to keep my weight between 60-63kg. Time to meal plan to keep me focused. Sometimes I’ll plan the whole week. Other times I’ll plan each evening for the next day specially if Hubby is home [...]
Hope you’re having a truly excellent #weekend – This is one of the cards from my Postal Notes Greetings card collection over at my store KatMariacaStudio (dot com) and on #etsy at Kat Mariaca Studio. It’s the perfect all-around happy birthday or just have a great life #greeting
When you look for inspiration, you’ll find it! … Always scout new locations even when you have nothing to use them for and keep a record of where they are and when to visit. Then when you hit a roadblock, there’s a path waiting for you! … Explore the world and let it imposter you. Try new things and think how you can bring them into your work. Note down scenarios that locations could work for and flick through your notes to remind yourself of all the opportunities out there 🙂 …
Hi friends, here are my thankful Thursday notes of our last few days in Edinburgh and first days in Doncaster. Pretty big moments recorded here. Hard to say goodbye to so many friends, family and such a gorgeous city full of incredible memories 😢. Yet here we are in Yorkshire, very excited about this new chapter and have already fallen in love with the people of Doncaster and its surrounding villages.
7 more pieces of happy mail on the way out. Even stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to someone that I haven’t spoke to in over 6 years to ask for forgiveness. So thankful for the abundance of stationary that I have and for a God that’s really worked in my heart. Still have a few more notes to write. Praying each brings peace, love, and joy to its recipient. 📬💚 @thelittlehappybox
Am I the only #toddlermom that feels like naptime is a race against the clock!?! Do I nap (because, hello, I have a newborn), clean (because it looks like a tornado came through my house and #eatingfresh and #eatinghealthy means lots of dishes), Bible study, write thank you notes…and the list goes on…and on…and on… #2bmindset #2bunnies
Love notes from my client: “Rita brings a warm and positive energy that helped ground us during the preparation for and the actual birth. She asked great questions that led me and my partner to be more emotionally prepared as well as logistically. She prioritized my preferences and responded quickly in the moment during the birth. She also offered information postpartum that was incredibly helpful.” Follow link in bio to learn about how we can work together.
My SOTD: Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Bourbon. Notes: Vanilla, Oak, Tuberose. It’s raining and a cooler 73 degrees..perfect day to wear this scent. I only have the travel size, but will definitely be getting a full bottle. Layers really well with Jazz Club. . #sundayvibes
Are plastic straws really all that bad? Well, like anything else that a person uses once and then promptly throws in the garbage, they’re certainly not great — even if they look like an innocent, whimsical twisty straw. Because they’re made of relatively thin material, straws break down into smaller plastic particles known as microplastics more quickly. They’re also not easily recyclable in most facilities. According to EcoCycle, roughly 500 million disposable straws are used by Americans daily. (That figure has been criticized; presumably in response to this accusation, EcoCycle’s website notes in its FAQ, “Some environmental groups we talked to told us they believe this estimate to be low.”) Straws were ranked the seventh most common piece of trash collected in 2017 on global [...]
So you’ve got an idea. It’s something that’s been floating around your mind for a while now. It’s a good idea. It’s something you would LOVE to do! … In theory. … You haven’t committed. You’ve marked it as something for “One Day”. One day when the stars align. One day when you have more energy/time/money/motivation/experience. One day when the path is clearer. One day when it finally feels like it’s the “right time”. Well I’m here to tell you sister, there ain’t no such this as “One Day”. There is only now. The now is where we live. Our consciousness only exists in the present moment. The now is where our power lies. There is only now, and the [...]
Have you ever been to the Wisdom Tree in Los Angeles? Last week I was there! 💜 It’s a spot when people from far and wide come to leave notes of wisdom. If I had something to write, it would be CHOOSE LOVE. 🖤 When I choose the loving perspective, I am able to move through life with grace and ease. My mind feels free. 💜 What’s going on in your life right now? How can you choose love?
Cherry Cheesecake Nicecream so delicious @Founderofprojectveg Recipe: 2 cups cashews, soaked overnight 1 can coconut milk 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted or softened ½ cup coconut sugar 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp lemon juice ½ tsp sea salt 2 cups pitted cherries, fresh/ or frozen 5 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp coconut sugar 2 tbsp cornflour 2 tbsp water . How To Make: If using an ice cream maker, chill the base the night before. If you don’t have one, see notes below. Add cashews, coconut milk, oil, sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and salt to a blender and pulse on high until creamy, keep blending until it’s runny and smooth. Pour into a jug or bowl and set aside [...]
When you have the chance to listen to an award-winning motivational speaker and author, take pages full of notes and then by chance see him in the hallway…..of course you take a selfie! Here are a couple of the gems I wrote down from Jon Gordon’s speech: “When you live with passion and purpose, happiness is sure to find you” “Love, serve, and care-one person at a time” He encouraged us to choose a word of the year and a word for our lifetime legacy. Stay tuned for mine! #visionary