**Volajú sa po mne** Nemala som nikdy nič podpísané…že by som si potrpela na to, aby som mala na niečom svoje meno, alebo, že by sa mi také niečo pritrafilo…😃 Od dnes mám také veci hneď dve💗od milovanej nemeckej firmy Meinl, s ktorou spolupráca je pre mňa veľká odmena, a zároveň motivácia do ďalších sound healingových rokov🙏🏼 a keďže sa tie spešl veci volajú nápadne rovnako, už ich nikdy nestratím😃👏🏻🎊Thank you #meinlsonicenergy, thank you @tugba.kayaaslan and whole sonic energy team for all your surprises, care, and all your amazing instruments and power tools you producing&selling!🙌🏼Thank you!❤️
That one time I did a voiceover for IPR the Institute for Production and Recording!!! If you’re from #minnesota and you were watching Maury or Jerry Springer, anywhere between the times of 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock, chances are you saw this commercial😂😂 🎤 🎼 🎶 . . . #2011 #2018 #goalchaser
All I need in this life of sin… Is me and my Dyson 😇 @dysonhair this has got o be one of the best instruments I’ve owned. It’s quick, light and doesn’t burn my clients. I don’t #silkpress without it 😬 #notanad just my 2 cents🙌🏽 #thesilkpressgoddess
The Ocean drum is a staple of mine in groups and individuals. I rarely travel without it which can be a surprise when in the car you take the bend just right 😜. What I love is the many moods one can express from gentle surf to a turbulent storm, the ease with which one is able to add another layer in an improvisation experience, along with immediate positive reinforcement. Currently, I use the ocean drum most with clients in recovery from substance dependence and those in recovery of traumatic brain injuries. People either love it or hate it. Those who enjoy the sound engage in moments of being able to control the sound, express mood or simply distract themselves [...]
Flamenco – is a Spanish art form made up of three parts: guitar playing, song, and dance. Flamenco originated in the southern regions of Spain, but it’s thought to be influenced by many world cultures, including Latin American, Cuban, and Jewish traditions. Originally flamenco dancing was not set to music; it was only singing and clapping of hands called “toque de palmas.” Some flamenco dancing still follows ancient tradition, but the use of guitars and other musical instruments has become more popular in modern flamenco. @procreate
Feeling into the silence and space after the drum circle Birthed in sacred ceremony with my sisters eighteen months ago, my drum is still coming into her own, gathering her medicine. At home, communing with her fellow tribe of frame drums in the forest. Curious and excited to play with instruments of all kinds. This time it was mostly djembes; lively, fun loving spirits they are The dominant paradigm of the busy world has a tendency to fill space with sound. To fill time with doing. What speaks if we nurture the silence? What arises in the spaces between the beats? after the dance has finished? If we allow ourselves to be? How do sound and silence, movement and stillness [...]
Today’s #charlesmingusfactoid: Mingus was a staunch jazz traditionalist who had little interest in electronic instruments. His disdain for electricity was such that he rarely used an amplifier when performing live, choosing instead to amplify his #bass with a microphone…or, in smaller venues, not amplify it at all. Having said that, electric bass stud Chuck Rainey claimed in a 1976 interview that he witnessed Mingus jamming on a Fender Precision bass. Man, I wish I could’ve seen that. 🤔 #indiemusic
Resilient Wellness and Hella Positive Present Hella Positive Night! Hosted by @lakemerrittgoddess. Sounds provided by @jerrynicarao Sign up for the open mic and share your poetry, thoughts or lyrics. Enjoy local food, vendors and hella positive energy. $5 suggested donation at the door but no one will be turned away Registration for the open mic starts at 7:00 *DJ won’t be accepting music files, a cappella or instruments only! – DM if you have questions. VENDORS: Hella Positive @thecrystalchildren FOOD: @conchalibrebakery + + + 2la