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    ASTIN πŸ’• πŸ’•PROGRESS like this makes us get alllll the feels!! New skin coming through!! This is just the start of this babes journey. It’s been tough, not always pretty and at times BLOODY frustrating. These photos are only one month apart!! YASSSSSSSSS. Astin has followed a strict homecare routine, including working on her gut health, as well as a FULL home prescription. She has also been having weekly treatments. There is so much teamwork shown here. We have helped each other get this skin on the right track. We are STOKED with this improvement and cannot wait to bring you more progress shots. Thanks for letting us share your story @astinhope 😚😚 . . . . #reactiveskin #psoriasis #dermatitis #skinrevision #skinresults #skinclinicseries #results #beforeandafter #skinjourney #phrevision #skinisin #skinconfidence #guthealth #guthealing #gutright #regul8 #glowingfromwithin #noruish #yougottanourishtoflourish #skinfirstmakeupsecond #skincareblog

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    πŸ’šπŸ’šHAIR REMOVAL PSA! πŸ’šπŸ’šWe get uber excited about this treatmentπŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ Do you have that un wanted facial hair growth?? This is often stimulated by hormones and can leave us feeling a bit blah. Our SHR /IPL hair removal can be fab for other areas of the body, but when it comes to our face we revert to our @dmkinternational @dmkskin Alkaline Wash. Why? βž– With standard IPL and laser you must shave the area clean before the treatment. Shaving for women on their face can be a very unpleasant experience. βž– Alkaline Wash disolves the hair from within the follicle. βž– Alkaline Wash addresses inflammation of the follicle which often causes those hormonal breakouts or ingrown hairs. It does this by swelling and softening the inflammation around the follicle. This helps to lift any infection from inside whilst disolving the hair. ( uber cool!) βž– Alkaline Wash not only removes the unwanted hair but will improve the skin texture and colour at the same time. βž– Alkaline Wash will weaken the natural hair growth. TOLD YOU we get excited!! – Half Face $45 – Full face $99 per treatment. – To book in for a complimentary consultation please call 9039 5755. πŸ’š