After a crazy four days with back to back meetings my brain is fuzzy and I am exhausted!! This was my way of relaxing and bringing a sense of calm back to my life. A visit to my brother’s animal shelter in Goa. @welfare_for_animals_in_goa The first picture is Angel and me having a selfie! She was a tiny water buffalo calf when I came in February- look at her now! I am so proud of WAG for creating a space for animals to feel safe and loved. Atul, my brother, is building a shop and and education Centre as well as an operating and treatment centre for the animal they rescue. #family
Berghia rissodominguezi Muniain & Ortea, 1999. Family Aeolidiidae. . . One of my favorite species from the Caribbean, B. rissodominguezi is found under rocks in intertidal areas feeding on anemones. This aeolid can reach up to 5cm long and when disturbed it autotomizes the cerata. . . .
|| ♔ | Want more? Let me know! | ♔ || The Heart Locket is a clothing item worn around the neck. It was first released in June 2015 and left Jam Mart Clothing later that month. It returned to stores again in August 2015 and was removed the same month. || ✨Actual Worth – Bad Archer✨ || Colour by rarity (least to greatest) Yellow&Gray-Red&Pink-Lavender&Pink-Purple&Yellow-Green&Lime-Blue&Green ||
Caninana! SP, 2018. Uma das maiores cobras da Mata Atlântica, a caninana (Spilotes pullatus), descansa enquanto curte o sol do inverno no Butantan. Que a natureza sempre possa se expressar nos objetos e situações mais inanimadas, mas que nunca deixe de existir e inspirar.
Fun fact: Banoffee’s eyes are a beautiful, chocolatey shade of brown. •My past (and first) bunny Milkshake had ruby eyes, so lessened eyesight, so when I got a bun with proper eyesight, there were so many things I noticed that only REW bunnies do. 🐰 Pawtners: @shedpigs #banoffeesfunfacts
♡♡♡ Heute zeige ich euch ein Cover Up, was ich sehr Dunkel stechen musst, um das alte abzudecken. Denn gerade bei so dunklen Tattoos ist das abdecken ziemlich schwierig. Und nicht einfach mal auf die schnelle daher gezaubert. Denn ihr wollt ja nicht das, dass alte Tattoo nach ein paar Monaten Abheilzeit wieder zusehen ist. Ihr habt auch ein Tattoo was ihr gecovert bekommen wollt? Wollt euch deswegen mal ausführlich und ganz unverbindlich beraten lassen? Dann meldet euch in unserem Studio, 06985099966 Wünsche euch allen einen schönen entspannten Sonntag! ♡♡♡ Eure Jacky ♡
It’s amazing to witness the joy animals give an Alzheimer’s patient; They provide companionship and unconditional love, they are never critical or judge, and are always patient- a perfect partner for those with Alzheimer’s! Animal therapy can help reduce loneliness, depression and anxiety, lower stress levels and blood pressure while boosting levels of serotonin. A couple things to keep in mind when introducing your loved one to a therapy animal: 1. Consider the pets energy level; Excessive barking or jumping may agitate your loved one, causing stress or anxiety. 2. Be mindful of your loved one’s mood; they could become overstimulated or agitated, it’s best to keep the visit short in either the morning or early afternoon (especially those effected [...]
Many African cultures revere the African Elephant as a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty. South Africa, uses elephant tusks in their coat of arms to represent wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity. #africanelephant
Alice:“Da che parte devo andare?” Stregatto:“Dipende dove devi andare” Alice:“Non ha importanza dove vada” Stregatto:“Allora non ha importanza che strada prendi” Disponibile su Carta Fine Art o su Tela, scegli quella che preferisci. Tagga un amico al quale potrebbe piacere questa grafica!
You’ll either SUFFER from the pain of DISCIPLINE or the pain of REGRET! – One good ACTION is better than a thousand good INTENTIONS 💙 – We all know exactly what we need to do, if that’s losing weight, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, quitting associating with negative people, starting the gym, actually keeping the promises we make to ourselves and others, quit complaining, waking up on time, calling her back, calling him back, starting that business, going after our dream career. – We don’t need someone to tell us. Just make a decision and go all in. Quit waiting to win. Just. Go. WIN. . . . . .
Deserts may look inhospitable to many of us but they are teeming with life: from flowers and cacti to snakes and coyotes. And just like any other ecosystem, deserts can be harmed directly and indirectly by human activity (including by climate change). No matter where you are, always respect the environment and the animals you encounter. And consider how your daily activities can affect distant ecosystems, be them terrestrial or aquatic.
Glamming up for a custom video. Can’t wait to deliver it. I get taken to other realms when I create. ❤️🌹 Visit Http:// to see more. #amara360artflow #artflow #carmenamara #wonderwomandiana #alchemy #classylady Thank you very much for your continued support. 🌹❤.
This is an ordinary cat. She carries a black scent. Its the scent of her death but not the only black scent. She also carries the black scent of the killer. A black joy of someone miserable and distressed. She doesnt smell but she wreaks of the blackness of the soul of one particular human that in everyone’s mind has a different image. Like satan and death.
It’s easy to make snap judgements. Those who explore the lives of others have already or will have a heightened sense of empathy than others. This includes animals, who we share our planet with, and who have their own cultures and societies too. We live in a time where we have to learn and cooperate before it’s too late. What do you think? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below.