Last night we played the wedding of Gary & Sharon Fleming at Barony Castle. The venue has become famous in recent times for it’s large scale map of Scotland on it’s grounds but what always strikes me is the peculiar inscription above the main door. It reads “Prepare to meet thy God”. Apparently this was down to the original owner’s anti-witchcraft stance in the Middle Ages, him being under the impression it was regularly practiced in the nearby village. The castle still to this day has a Pagan place of worship inside. #love #40likes #30likes #picoftheday
Point South is a small universe, a self-contained microcosm, tucked between 61st and 71st streets and Harvard and Yale avenues. The 30-acre private community has 120 homes designed around 10 cul-de-sacs. The development was started in the 1970s by the late Ira D. Crews Jr. Point South stands out among Crews’ projects as an excellent example of good planning and design. Although there are no entrance gates per se in Point South, the planned development operates like a gated community, in that there is 24-hour security surveillance, and it has many recreational features, such as three sets of tennis courts, a huge private swimming pool complex, and jogging, walking and bicycle paths. Large common areas sweep the rolling hills of [...]
Fun fact: The Osireion is the only Egyptian structure ever built that has the universal known symbol “The Flower of Life” carved into it. For those who have never heard of it, The Flower of Life is literally the fundamental building blocks of Sacred Geometry. I mentioned in the previous post that I would explain why I believe this structure is Pre-Dynsatic instead of 18th Dynasty. I notice a common trend worldwide, the older the ancient structure, the larger the stones it was constructed with. The Megalithic stone blocks used to construct The Osireion are the largest blocks ever used in Upper Egypt, by the 18th Dynasty, much smaller blocks were being used in construction. Another reason I believe this [...]
Ürünlerimizle alakalı bilgi almak için internet sitemizi ziyaret edebilir veya bize mail gönderebilirsiniz If you want to get relevant information about any of our products, you can visit our website ( or send us an email. ( Если вы хотите получить соответствующую информацию о любом из наших продуктов, вы можете посетить наш веб-сайт ( или отправить нам электронное письмо. ( #tamerkalıp ıp ıp #kiralıkiskele #tünelkalıp ı #inşaat #mimarlık #mühendislik #inşaatmühendisliği şgüvenliği ürkiye #kabainşaat #dışcephe #column
Para todos os que estavam com saudade desses cantinhos que preenchem o coração! ♥️ . Vem recriar seu mundo, alinhando aquilo que você sonha com o espaço em que você vive? 🏡 . Vamos projetar, juntos, com tijolos ou com imagens, o seu novo espaço para uma vida mais feliz? 😙 . #soluçõespossíveis #inspiraçãodopinterest #decoração #iluminação
“The Gospel is not merely a communication of things that can be known – it is one that makes things happen and is life-changing. The dark door of time, of the future, has been thrown open. The one who has hope lives differently; the one who hopes has been granted the gift of a new life” – Pope Benedict XVI 5/4/18
E o rio continua lindo —— 🇧🇷 Meu objetivo aqui além de publicar o meu trabalho é te mostrar de angulos nunca explorados o quanto de beleza visual essa cidade pode ter. —— 🇱🇷 I wanna show u, how unique this city can be. . . . . . . #djimavic
Sábado, dia 28 de julho, é dia de visita temática sobre arquitetura – ‘Espaços Legíveis’ – com interpretação em Língua Gestual Portuguesa.Vamos desafiar e ser desafiados a entender a arquitetura enquanto diálogo de forma, função, espaço, luz e matéria. Participe! Insreva-se: / 911531627 . . . . #nowatmaat: Saturday, 28 July | Legible Spaces: Themed Achitecture Tour | with Portuguese Sign Language . #portugal
IT services for Non-Profit organizations and associations. @Jacmel_Enterprise has real experience working with Non-Profit organization. We’ve gain a vast amount of experience working with non-profits and trade associations, we can help you address the IT challenges associated with Fundraising, raiser’s edge and many more. When you’re looking for IT support services for nonprofit, look no further than @Jacmel_Enterprise . . #layer3 #point
Welcome to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 the sister of England, I wanted to visit this city particularly because it has such an ancient middle age vibe to it with historical architecture mixed with modern culture! Looming over the city from a very stratigic place stands Edinburgh’s Castle which once served as the Royal Family resident, later as a military base, today it tured into a must see Historic Museum that holds the famous Scotland’s crown jewels and Stone of Destiny! stay tuned for more… . . . . .
A subtle nod to a study that on a clear evening lays the the neighbourhood out before you as you relax. Subtle touches from Ironstone Homes you will not find in the basic plans presented by the other “custom builders”. . #damngoodhouses
Esos detalles que uno ve, sólo cuando observa. #watchthewatch . Este #reloj, indica los horarios de rezo. Si nos detenemos unos minutos a observarlo, vemos como modifica sus símbolos. Gracias @arabianadventures por esta increíble visita. . La entrada es gratuita. Recomendable entrar con guía (los horarios varían según época del año). . ☝Importante la vestimenta! •No se pueden mostrar hombros ni piernas.• Mujeres! Cabeza tapada! 🙆. . Sheikh Zayed 🕌🌙 . . @emirates @visitabudhabi
Mit Abstand einer der schönsten Momente und wohl der beste Ausblick den man auf Mauritius haben kann. Nach einem nicht ganz einfachen Aufstieg wird man mit dieser Hammer-Aussicht belohnt. Durch das glasklare Wasser sieht man die Korallenriffe bis zum Horizont 🌴🐠 #paradies . _____ Le Morne, Mauritius, Juni 2018 .
As we hurry about our lives our minds on next, we sometimes miss the beauty around us. The contrast of colors. The construction of a building seen beyond function. The stretch of sky. See beauty. Let it feed you. Lift you. #holiday
Last meeting of the day in checking out latest release of 3 bed + maid #townhouses, 2,000 sq ft in #meydan from AED 1.78m. . Really liking the location, finishes and uniqueness of these types of homes located so close to and #downtown . . For more details on these homes and #apartment from AED390k call me on +971 (0)56 115 9044. . Got to love ❤ Dubai 🇦🇪 and it’s architecture – never ceases to amaze! .
#paisajecultural 📷 La cultura, o mejor, lo cultural, es un espacio de confluencia: es vivencia, emoción y aprendizaje; es experimentación, riesgo y negocio; es sector, gestión y política; es vínculo y desarrollo social. Es confrontar, participar, compartir e imaginar. Se requiere un planteamiento holístico basado en un concepto de cultura fuerte, que considere todas las dimensiones que coexisten en lo cultural, y en este sentido proponer una valoración pública de la cultura. Llevamos al escenario ésta interrogante: Eres participe de la valoración pública de lo cultural? #patrimoniocultural #somoscultura #photography 📷 @gabyxtyart
⚫ #espaciopordia esta vez: #cocinas 🍳. ——— Apenas vieron la foto, sin entrar en detalle, seguro pensaron que arriba de la alacena de madera habría durlock, pero no! En esta cocina aprovecharon y sacaron ventaja del espacio aéreo que queda sobre la alacena, para generar mas espacio de guardado. El recurso que utilizaron para que no se vea super cargado el espacio, fue cambiar la profundidad de las dos alacenas, cambiar también la materialidad y los colores. . ¿Quiénes se están planteando sumar mas espacio con una pequeña reforma? 😂 〰 ——— ➕ Si querés ver más cocinas publicadas por mí, entrá acá: #cocinasepore ➕ y si querés ver más almacenamientos, usá este hashtag: #almacenamientosepore ❗ ⏺ ➖ ~ [...]
🐊CRUSH🐊 It is safe to say that green has always been my colour crush, all shades and all tones | Wondering why? 💁🏽‍♀️ | It has to be with growing up in the tropics 🌴 and seeing the abundance of it, not only in the rainforests but also in the waters which is why I also love turquoise green🏝🙌🏽 but who doesn’t? 😉| Happy Sunday | . . . @jefftrotterdesign . . . #designlovers ño #retro
It was a hard frost this morning at BBG. We even had ice on the river. I love these sparkling winter days. A great time to do some heavy jobs in the garden. We’ve been building drystone walls and creating new garden areas. Looking forward to the growing season! 💚 #berrimabridgegardens
Most folks in California don’t prefer the fast paced New York life…me on the other hand was looking forward to the tiny streets, the tall buildings that hide the sun and the sheer swiftness of the New Yorkers strutting their way to work. It’s a beautiful city and every corner has a history. Though I could do without the humidity in early July… I am definitely looking forward to spend more time here in fall! . . . . . #igers
Neste mesmo apartamento, o cantinho da TV, tinha que ser gostoso pois é um lugar muito usado, e também lindo pois afinal de contas ele está integrado com toda a área social da casa, e o interessante é que os ambientes se conversem 😘😘 Foto #architecture
🍃Ideias com LED @ideiascomled🍃 . . . 💡Luminárias de LED Personalizadas💡 . . . 🛒Faça já o seu pedido. 📲Direct ou Whatsapp ✔️(21)99172-8885 🚀 Resposta rápida🚀 . . . 😱😱😱 Não encontrou o tema preferido nas fotos, não tem problema, envia uma mensagem pra nós que vamos colocar suas Ideias com LED.😊😊® . . . Enviamos para todo Brasil e Exterior. 📦📦✈️✈️📦📦✈️✈️📦📦✈️✈️ Consulte valores. . . . . Diversas formas de pagamento disponíveis. 💵🖥🏦💳 . . . ária ção
When yields for long-term bonds drop lower than yields for short-term bonds, it’s what economists call an “inverted yield curve.” It indicates that investors are forecasting a weaker economy and inflation in coming years. An inverted yield curve has also preceded each recession of the last 60 years, sometimes by more than a year. #body
Around the beautiful city of St Petersburg, outside the iconic Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Lots of street vendors and small souvenir stands everywhere. The very famous and colourful Matroska dolls. They made NHL NBA NFL MLB and football figures. Pretty cool. As you can see my Montreal Canadiens #russia2018 7
Up to the next floor 👷🏼‍♀️🏡! • Nadat alle binnen- en buitenmuren van het gelijkvloers opgemetst waren, konden we aan de slag met het stutten van een tijdelijke constructie voor de vloerplaat. • Op mijn blog kunnen jullie een post terugvinden hoe we te werk zijn gegaan. Link in bio! Enjoy 😘! • # throwback
What every city should look like. Green. On every corner. I love how Singapore is combining green spaces even in the buildings. Every city should make an effort to create a better city climate. Shot from a taxi, so not perfect. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #climatechange # trees
We had the chance of paint the restaurant piazza D’Angelo and we really loved how the restaurant looks , just 3 day of paint work , almost 14 hours of work every day , it was a big challenge !! Thanks so much for the opportunity @piazzadangelo !! #realstate #decoration
Terreno espectacular a la venta de 1000 metros cuadrados. Excelente ubicación, a una cuadra del Centro Comercial Guarauno. Tiene oficina y baños. Muy buena seguridad. . Para mayor información . 📞¡Contáctanos! 🏢 Calle 14 entre carrera 20 y 21 número 20-39 Edificio Mi Vieja Taberna 📲 04247008727 y 04247035385 ✉ . . #apartamento
Une partie de l’équipe 🙌🏼vacances pour 2 semaines! Yeah! . . Merci à toute l’équipe pour le bon travail et reposez vous bien! 🍻 . Retour de l’équipe DYC le 6 août #congé 👷🏻‍♂️ . DYC c’est des employés impeccables qui contribuent au premier chef à la fierté de l’entreprise depuis 1982! Patrimoine #maçonnerie 🌆 #DYC #construction . . #restauration @levieuxmontreal #vieuxmontréal
Projetado para fornecer até 60m² de sombra, o #jumbo é o produto perfeito para terraços de grandes dimensões, tanto em residências quanto na área gastronômica.⠀ Sempre motorizado, o Jumbo apresenta elementos opcionais como os sensores de clima, os controles remotos e outras opções adicionais que agregam ainda mais conforto ao seu acionamento.⠀ Aproveite e faça o seu orçamento ou agende a sua visita pelo WhatsApp: (69) 99922-0610.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀