▪️An indoor plant can act as a focal point, drawing people through the space and towards a specific destination ▪️A plant can act as a picture frame, drawing attention to an object or destination. ▪️Plants help to reduce the amount of noise without altering the overall design of the space ▪️Plants create Visual Depth and delineate spaces ▪️Plants visually lower ceiling ▪️Plants can add splashes and dashes of color to an otherwise monotone setting ▪️Plants improve economics and perceived values ▪️Plants enhance the design and create ambiance ▪️Plants clean the air and contribute to a healthy environment ▪️Plants increase well-being and productivity #decorationstyle
Glamming up for a custom video. Can’t wait to deliver it. I get taken to other realms when I create. ❤️🌹 Visit Http://www.carmenamara.com to see more. #amara360artflow #artflow #carmenamara #wonderwomandiana #alchemy #classylady Thank you very much for your continued support. 🌹❤. http://www.carmenamara.com/product/gratuities/
Eric Ravilious (1903 – 1942) saw himself as part of a long tradition of English landscape painters, and his use of flat watercolour recalls the work of John Sell Cotman. However, his pictures often challenge tradition as much as echo it. His depiction of the countryside in the rain is familiar, but the low viewpoint makes the image disconcerting and provides an unusual view of the White Horse cut into the chalk at Uffington in Berkshire, one of Britain’s most ancient sites.
🇫🇷 Lorsque je travaillais en galerie d’art, lors de la préparation du vernissage : ” Affinity “, j’ai découvert ces deux artistes street art @snikarts @martinwhatson, à Paris ❤❤❤ J’aime vraiment beaucoup cette collaboration 🤗 Vous devriez les découvrir ! 🇬🇧 When I was working in an art gallery, I discovered these both street art artists @snikarts @martinwhatson and their great work during the preparation of the opening : ” Affinity “, at Paris ❤❤❤ love this collaboration so much 🤗 You should discover it ! #gallery
small trip down memory lane… … when I did a project about plastic 🔮💊💸🎆🏝⛴🚨🤹🏼‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️🥂🍡🍕🍒✨ PLASTIC MAKES PERFECT 🌻🐩🐬🦋👓👙🕺🏽🤳🏼🙅🏼‍♂️🏆🚘📱💎🎀 Photography Christine Sattler Beautiful Model @mlt.bsn 💖 PLASTIC- the revolutionary, omnipotent material – out luxury cure for everything. A material which presents itself the size of Texas in our ocean or – much smaller – as implants for so called celebrities, who strive for becoming 100% plastic. While irrevocably destroying the planet we call home, we have finally found a way to conserve ourselves for ever. What a time to be alive 💥 🔫 #plasticart jacket #videoart @lolaalookingforlunicorns @udk_fashion
Hi there! I’ve placed an eye-pleasing pack for free on CGTrader! This pack is a part of future huge pack I’m preparing for you. Follow my profile and stay tuned! It is being uploaded to Asset Store in the meantime. Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Facebook: http://bit.ly/2tkpcqi Artstation: http://bit.ly/2tAeBb6 #art #3dart #3dartwork #3dmodeling #talentedfollower #2dart #2dartwork #2dmodeling
Feel like painting on my face today!👩🏻‍🎨🎨 I mentioned before in my IGTV video that I wanted to test out the new @diormakeup Diorshow On Stage Liners and mascara. Here I go. The formula is insanely good! So pigmented and it sets on the skin right away!!!!! I will take whatever colors they have just to collect.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for creating such amazing products, Dior. Now these are not the best pictures I could take since no one is around today to help me use my #sonya7ii ,I could only use the #canong7xmarkii for selfies. Not the sharpest photos I could get but hopefully you can still see enough details of this eye makeup. Drawing smooth fine lines is not [...]
It’s impossible to be #tasmanian and not to talk about #tasmania We are extremely #proud of our Land Down Under-er and would love to share our #favouriteplaces with everybody out there. This is the Cape Bruny Lighthouse and it is a #mustsee when you pop down for a visit. The credit for this photo goes to @mm_creativephotos
You are invited!!! Come to our art showing this Sunday in cole valley. Location: 220 alma street, CA 94117 Time: 10am-6pm Featured Artists- Rheanna LaRoche: Origami inspired leather purses & wallets and tramp art. Rina Marfatia: Linocut prints and magical pour art. Lou Gwerder: Renowned abstract artist of recycled materials on board & canvas. Also, A few select items of wearable art by Lularoe. Come appreciate some beautiful art and take some home with you. XX Rina #invited
We have some budding artists in our midst! This beautiful artwork was recently discovered by one of our supporters on a visit to Moivaro, School of St Jude’s primary boarding campus. Have you always dreamed of an African safari? Visit our website to find out more about visiting St Jude’s, we’d love to host you, and you may even have the chance to partake in an art lesson with the students who drew this! . . . . . .
A mirroring affect helps us realize that we can relate to everyone even if there actions (range of emotions or actions) are from a negative polarity. We find that in ourselves. Just ask were you can find that in yourself. In your past. Diviing🏊🏼‍♂️ deep 🕳 • • • • @wearegaia @tealspiritualcatalyst @spiritscienceofficial @la_passionate • • • • • ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🌀🦋🌀☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #truth #love
Nunca te enamores de una mujer que escribe. Enamórate de una mujer simple, esa que no te habla de amor, ella que no te dedica sus letras. Enamórate de una mujer que no sepa amarte más de lo que tú te amas, de aquella de la que no seas su pensamiento constante, la que no te eche de menos, aquella que ni siquiera te sueñe, porque si te enamoras de una mujer como yo, de ella jamas se regresa igual. Las mujeres como yo déjamos un vacío grande cuando nos dejan ir o decidimos irnos. Las mujeres como yo tocamos algo más que el cuerpo, acariciamos el alma y también podemos destrozarla. “Fragmentos de mi vida sin ti.” Texto por [...]
Open Collaboration Art Night at Unexpected Gallery!!! Come and enjoy some fine arts and dance grooves from your man 🎧DJ J-ZAR🎧 don’t be afraid to get down, that’s the point!!✊ 734 W Polk St Phx, AZ 85007 Open Cyphers in the main gallery from 5pm to 8pm 7/21/2018 $5.00 cover (kids 15 and under Free) #art #4elementsofhiphop #befree
The David is widely considered to be the epitome of male perfection. This one, in front of the Medici Palace, was specially made to resemble the original perfectly. The other one in the photo is a statue… . . . Follow us around the world @traveltartare . . . #statueofdavid
Our whole lives we go through different tapes at different periods. We haven’t filled our lives yet, there is still more too do until it all ends. Empty slots waiting to fill with growing and goodness. Fallbacks and sadness. It’s all going somewhere but where? Unknown questions??? Keep thinking good thoughts it rains before the rainbow. Breathe, relax do something you love and keep on doing it. If no one told you you are awesome and that you can, that you can achieve anything. ————
Undangan Adat Karo. @undanganmedan © TWENTY PhotoGraphis Contact & WhatsApp : +62813 6165 3632 Line : twentyphotographis www.twentyphotographis.wordpress.com www.twentymedancetak.wordpress.com Designed by : @twentyphotographis .. .. undangan adat karo – undangan karo – undangan medan – percetakan undangan medan – undangan adat karo 2018 – undangan adat karo terbaru – undangan adat karo jakarta – undangan karo medan – undangan karo bandung – undangan karo siantar – undangan karo kabanjahe – undangan karo berastagi – undangan karo binjai
My intention of sharing my uniqueness is to stimulate others souls their right hemispere portal to remember our uniqueness which already resides in each one of us If I can make someone go out of the monkeymind (mindshatter) by looking @ the art I create, even if it’s for just a split second: that is fulfillment to me Much Inner love tribe 🌌♥️ may all loving balanced soulintent manifest in wholesome synchronized alignment I feel honored & I would love to share some of what I’ve been creating in background that A dream has manifested into my reality 💭 Graphic painting 🌱another craft I am very fond/exited about I have been playing around with an ipad pro. pro create for [...]
It’s about that time again! CherishMe Collection will be featured in @rawartistswdc dc showcase on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at the Howard Theater. You can purchase tickets at www.rawartists.org/cherishmecollection. It’s going to be a movie!! You’ll see featured artists, as well as my collection. Hope to see y’all there! @cherishmecollection @rawartistswdc ———————— #losangeles #letswork
” Ora…Osserva Attentamente… ” Non Dirlo Mai A Nessuno. Ti Pregheranno Di Dire Il Segreto, Ma Appena Glielo Dirai, Non Conterai Più Niente. Sono Stato Chiaro? Niente. Il Segreto Non Fa Colpo Su Nessuno. Il Trucco Che C’è Dietro Invece È Ciò Che Conta. (Cit. Alfred Borden) Film: The Prestige Uno Dei Miei Film Preferiti Dal Quale Ho Imparato Tanto.
💎Some of the most beautiful things in life only come by way of adversity. My prayer for you today is that in the midst of adversity, you would find the strength to push through, because there is immense value waiting for you on the other side.💎
Sering kali kita merasa iri akan apa yang dipunya orang lain dan membiarkan diri tenggelam dalam sifat iri tersebut. Ingat !,…..kita haruslah qana’ah. Menerima apa adanya akan semua yang kita miliki. Jadi hadapi semua dengan senyuman dan jadikan itu sebagai penyemangat untuk bisa bangkit lebih baik lagi 🙂
Nature has always been an inspiration for me. Whether it’s the curvilinear forms of fruit or the human body, I’m in awe of the Universe’s design 💫💫💫 I’ve enjoyed painting everyday since the end of June. What brings your joy? 🎨🍐😁 Pear still life on canvas, Acrylic . . . #stilllife #30daychallenge #30dayartchallenge #30daypaintingchallenge #30daypaintchallenge #cantstopwontstop
I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change
Last week’s Spirit Art Class. The first portrait was done by our fabulous teacher Ryan Nordlund. We all believe it is a portrait of Mark’s Uncle when he was younger, unfortunately we do not have any photos to compare with. The Mediumship given to Ryan indicated that it was his Uncle. The next portrait was Mark’s, then my Mum’s and lastly, mine 😊. The three of them had a Scottish theme going (don’t know where I was going lol). I’m pretty happy with my portrait as I felt I connected with my Spirit Art Guide on a more deeper level. Roll on Friday night, can’t wait for another class 😊. #6.30pm 🙏❤️😊
I just did another , it’s a new type of art it’s new era art this one is called. “Which One” Hello everybody it’s me again, my name is James, I have had a and alot of it was removed for my epilepsy seizures , I have but I started #paintings I am a #artist and I really #everyone has done for me, I will help me to do more and more #art and i , #acrylic, @mozartsupplies #worldwatercolormonth love everybody, Thanks again my @imjfjohnson jfjohnsongallery@gmail.com
Just a dream chaser. I have two room murals I am doing soon! I have done a couple in the past. I always thought making income as an artist was a “pipe dream” but I need to shut down that negitave voice. Decided this could be at least a side hustle… Now I’m seeing things unfolding because I took a chance at a “silly creative dream”. I hope it could end up something more. I think I’ll build a little portfolio when I’m ready and actually step out of my comfort zone and maybe network a little… Maybe? I don’t know… Let’s see where this takes me!! Shall we!? No self pressure involved… Just following my heart and trusting the [...]
This is an ordinary cat. She carries a black scent. Its the scent of her death but not the only black scent. She also carries the black scent of the killer. A black joy of someone miserable and distressed. She doesnt smell but she wreaks of the blackness of the soul of one particular human that in everyone’s mind has a different image. Like satan and death.
Ingenio Posters. 6 of 18 ⠀⠀ 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbors of life : catch the trade winds in your sail and face your life, it’s pain it’s pleasure, leave no stone unturned. Explore . Dream . Discover . Project was titled by : @tagsays @intergrity.artbrand Art Direction : @vomedesign ⠀⠀
My persona ash; or as most of you know her by mushroom head. I actually have this picture with the mushrooms but my computer will not work so i cant upload the updated version. And as you can tell This has a deep meaning you could probably guess the first layer or too of it, but let me tell you, its like an onion. So let’s not cut it that way we don’t have to cry Kay? . . . Sorry for those of you that saw this when I first posted it . . . #art    #mushroom