💥Apprentice piece up for grabs💥60$ inbox me if you want our apprentice @azrielhewitt to tattoo you… look at his page and you will see the pieces he has done …. Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio Art & Merchandise is now open 7 days a week 10am-8pm 📲 CALL (647) 575-8629 to book an #appointment or #consultation 🖊 124 JARVIS STREET inkdigenoustattoos@gmail.com Miigwetch✌🏽 & #miigizi @toby_sicks @ve2444 @miigizi @ryanbesito @azrielhewitt #métis
Art is my heart and soul. It gives me pure joy, freedom of expression and allows me to intuitively process anything life throws at me. . . . Though I’ve always enjoyed art; it wansn’t until 2016 that I really began to understand the immense therapeutic power of art. The process of creating calmed my anxiety, focused my thoughts and allowed me to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back in life. When I invited friends over to share in this experience and teach them various art forms I re-discovered that which ignites my soul; witnessing personal growth, lifting spirits and inspiring others through art. . . My dream career at 18 had been to [...]
Sometimes you have situations in life that try to set you back…fighting night shifts, evening shifts, second year schedule only makes me fight harder. Whatever goal you want to accomplish, get that laser focus and attack! Happy Friday! Keep Fighting!! 💪 #art
Adding another to The Beast Collection 🦉 Can’t wait to get a studio space. • I woke up hella unmotivated. Paint. I just wanted to lounge around. Paint. Even considered skipping out on the gym. Paint! And just hang around until my performance tonight in New Haven. PAINT! When I started getting into the zone, it helped pull me out of that. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours, give time to your craft. It’s trying to help you. Now off to the gym 🏋🏻‍♀️ • #workinprogress
“Ecos de la Calle” Rexistencia en Denim • S/s • En esta Ciudad no hay que formarse, pero si demasiados medios para expresarse. Las paredes siempre seran un lienzo. Estas mismas plasmadas de ideas reales, un poco folcloricas y estupidas. . . Foto: @ramirorayoph Modelo: Andres Lopez @aeropirata Tshirt: @gia.cabezas Styling: Ruvem H . #r2denim
The Kybalion and the Hermetic Philosophy The Principle of MentalismEdit The Principle of Mentalism embodies the idea that “All is Mind.” Everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which precedes it. For anything to exist, thoughts had to form first, which then form physical reality or manifestation. “Your thoughts are seeds, plant positive seeds in your mind garden.” Principle of CorrespondenceEdit The Principle of Correspondence expresses the idea that there is always a correspondence between the laws of phenomena of the various “planes” of being and life.[1] As above, so below; as below, so above. This principle states that there is a harmony which can be made, agreement and correspondence between these planes, delineated as: The [...]
“Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.” The amount of love and support I receive from people yesterday was seriously heart warming. Friends, acquaintances, and strangers reached out to offer words of love and encouragement. Its things like that that keep my faith in humanity alive. There are more people out there willing to offer whatever help and support you need and it is absolutely beautiful. I love this little creative community and everything that we do to support each other on this beautifully epic journey. 📷:@mindseyemomentsnw
“There is a Fountain” *Retouched, swipe left to see original. Hymn written by: William Cowper : There is a fountain filled with blood, Drawn from Immanuel’s veins, And sinners plunged beneath that flood Lose all their guilty stains: Lose all their guilty stains, Lose all their guilty stains; And sinners plunged beneath that flood Lose all their guilty stains. The dying thief rejoiced to see That fountain in His day; And there have I, though vile as he, Washed all my sins away: Washed all my sins away, Washed all my sins away; And there have I, though vile as he, Washed all my sins away. Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious blood Shall never lose its pow’r, Till all the [...]
DOROTHY PARKER LEAVES EVERYONE FOR DUST.✍ (From BBC.com). . . “Excuse my dust”: these are the words that Dorothy Parker suggested for her own epitaph. They made it onto the plaque that marks the spot where her ashes rest – somewhat incongruously – in Baltimore. But though they encapsulate the pitchy humour that made her the feared darling of literary New York in her prime, on the 50th anniversary of her death, it’s another of her suggested epitaphs that is most revealing: “If you can read this, you’re standing too close”. […] Until they claimed them, her ashes spent some 15 years sitting in a lawyer’s filing cabinet – a melancholy but apt fate. . . . #goreyschoolofart #✍
Greatest lesson I have learnt in my adult life is, when we allow people’s opinions to dictate our decisions, we will never truly live to our full potential.The truth of the matter is that, people will judge you, but that should never hinder you from living out your life’s calling.@garyvee put it so well, “When people judge you, that’s on them, not you.”…Makeup by @lankara_brides 😘Beautiful Moments, Heavenly Inspired. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Souvenir de l’exposition Aloalo présentée à la Galerie Perrotin de Paris : sculptures en bois sacré où s’expriment traditions, éléments figuratifs et croyances. Désormais terminée, nous avons hâte de voir quelles surprises nous réserve la galerie pour la suite 😌💡 • • • • #heritage
There’s only a few weeks left of this summer’s weekly class series! Join Diana Monday morning at 10:30 for Nature All Around Us (ages 3 & up). All classes are FREE with paid admission or a studio membership. This summer class series ends August 20th, followed by a class break from August 27-August 30th. See you there! 🎨 a r t b e a s t s t u d i o . c o m 🎨 #sacramentobusiness
Dice la historia que el joven y talentoso compositor Rajmáninov, contando 27 años, al estrenar su 1a sinfonía fué un fracaso y le llevó a un bloqueo creativo, lleno de miedos y falta de confianza… tras 3 años y una buena terapia, compuso su segundo concierto para piano, siendo este uno de los conciertos más pasionales, enérgicos y bellos jamás compuestos. Figura de referencia y uno de los más grandes compositores románticos que nos ha dado obras maravillosas…
When you wrap your arms around me and hold me close, I feel like the luckiest ever lived rose. So soft and sweet, I again can feel my heart beat. So sad it all will be gone, When the sun rise at dawn. /LHS
There’s a sacred place that I’ve been missing lately. It is a place where I go to release the stress of the week and allow myself to be consumed in my own flow, my own art. Hoping to return again soon @laburnclub 📸: @itssurihere
Buongiorno! La dolcezza del primo sole annuncia una luminosa domenica di piena estate. Qui si sogna il mare, che per fortuna non è così lontano. Nel frattempo ci so gode una città un po’ più vuota, comunque caotica ma con tanto di bello da offrire 🌞 #piccoloèbello #labellezzaènellepiccolecose ì #italianwayoflife
Major Announcement! @openkanvas will be curating a section of @sooakland Day Fest coming up on August 5th including an #openmic, Educational Panel and #battleoftheelements Tips and donations will be accepted all day going towards starting the @journeythru100 organization as we come together to merge communities from all over in the heart of the #bayarea taking over the 16th Street Train Station. For bookings, contact us at OpenKanvas@gmail.com or text (818)282-3949 to be involved.
I have friend named Themba from school who’s taught me a lot about #crystals and the tremendous healing experience that comes with having them. Thought it would be cool to take a picture with his crystals and my art… VGH ❤ 😍 Love is the highest truth. I always #meditate when Im #baked i stay #stoned always #higher being my #420 #floweroflife 
One of Cao Yong’s Masterpiece Artworks Titled “THE BRIDGE” – From the EASTERN Series For and #availability please visit WWW.CAOYONG.US or near you. Also on #facebook and I am inviting you to like my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/CaoYongArtworks or https://www.facebook.com/CaoYongMasterpieces . …….Thank you. not
One of Cao Yong’s Masterpiece Artworks Titled “PEACE” – From the EASTERN Series For and #availability please visit WWW.CAOYONG.US or near you. Also on #facebook and I am inviting you to like my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/CaoYongArtworks or https://www.facebook.com/CaoYongMasterpieces . …….Thank you. not
🔴UnoCuatro Arte Soluciones Gráficas y diseño Publicitario ofrece 100 Tarjetas de Presentación/Visita a excelentes precios y diseños personalizados a su gusto. 🔳Promoción: 🔼100 unidades ◾Impresas en papel couché 300 Gr. 🔼Diseño Incluído 🔝Entregas en Metro Parque O’Higgins ó universidad de Chile. 🕐Tiempo a cortar con el cliente. 💵 10.000 #diseñografico ñopublicitario
Morning BGWP!! Happy Friday! Wow, this week really flew by! Any accomplishments (small AND big)?! List them below so we can celebrate you! We’ve seen some dope pieces and goals accomplished on our TL so we know for a fact that BGWP are out there killing it out there! ☺️ . . . . This week we did another round of the “Hey Sis!” theme this week! We’ve highlighted our favorite work from other BGWPs! Remember, we have to uplift eachother (that’s how sisterhood/community is formed and honestly, the whole point of BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT) so it’s been great giving other women their roses and letting them know why! You never know who needs to hear it sometimes so [...]
Если в жизни что-то не получается, просто возьмите дело в свои руки. Никто лучше вас его не разрешит! А если цель хорошая и вы всем сердцем желаете её достижения, то и сама Вселенная окажет свою неоценимую поддержку!✨ / If in life something does not work, you just must take matters into your own hands. No one better than you will not decide it! And if the goal is good and you want to achieve it with all your heart, then even the Universe will provide its invaluable support!✨ ~ 📸My amazing photographer is @sir_germi.🌺 #МозаичныйДворик #allegria
Haunted Villa paula Miami , First Cuban consulate located in little Haiti ! When I first went there I felt oppression a masculine figure larger than the house took over the whole place , angry and strong and very oppressive … also felt a feminine energy and a child energy … I didn’t feel paula When I was there ! Are you scared of haunted houses ? Have you had experiences with entities Spirits ? Share with me ! lived in a very haunted home and would like to know others experiences after #deathspells
Urge Garden Bros. Circus to End All Cruel Animal Acts! A former Garden Bros. employee recently described frequently seeing elephants with blood dripping from behind their ears and reported that the Carson & Barnes trainer who toured with this circus last year would “warm up” the elephants by jabbing them with a bullhook or shocking them with a Taser. The whistleblower also reported that a camel used by Garden Bros. was kicked and punched and that other camels were whipped. Another whistleblower reported earlier that Zachary Garden, the manager of Garden Bros., habitually beat animals, withheld food from them, and refused to provide injured and dying ones with adequate veterinary care. . The circus just launched an animal-free unit called [...]
The process of growth is messy. However, it’s through this chaos, pain and confusion that we truly begin to grow into a sense of self worth, self respect and self appreciation. When you love the process of your life, you open yourself up to blessings beyond belief. http://buff.ly/2LjtJ6G #allow
Peu importe sa forme ou sa couleur, la fleur, associez la toujours à un cœur. “SARRA” J’aime l’art dans sa généralité, mais je suis plus sensibilisée par la peinture sur toile, l’art plastique. I like art in its generality, but I am more sensitized by the painting on canvas, the plastic art. # picture #quote
So basically I have this plant in my room that hangs above my head perfectly, I never hit it with my head, but my brother always does and sometimes water spills from the pot onto him too XDD I feel so sorry, but it’s so funny because the plant became his enemy #oops #
“The first of these salvation pieces was the Guanyin. . . . . “My Guanyin is the Chinese version of an ancient Tibetan god, Bodhisattva, who chose not to go to Nirvana but to stay here to help mankind. Like Jesus, this is a Buddha of compassion, one that the Chinese especially love to portray in their own version. The Tibetans called him ‘Avalokitesvara,’ ‘the Lord who sees everything.’ But the Chinese wanted the god to be “the one who “hears” everything.’ “This is my Guanyin, the exquisite god of mercy whose omnipotent ears can hear even the ravishing coos of the infant trying to tell you something, or the sigh rising from dream of the lover sleeping beside you. [...]
. Evolve: . 1.Definition of evolve : to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state (of being): to develop by a process of evolution. . Latin: evolere – unroll (like the petals of a flower or leaves awaking to the morning sun…growth, rebirth, renew.) . Synonyms for Evolve: Exhale, Send Out, Radiate, Release, Transition. . ….This is what we are here to do…Evolve… . Evolve Spiritually, Metaphysically, Emotionally, Mentally, …. Grow and Transform into our highest Authentic Self. It’s a process and not always a comfortable one…patience is key. . Stay present….take your time….contemplate….consider…be honest….steer clear of judgement…judgement of Self and Others…you don’t know their story…nor do they know yours…do no harm…ask for [...]