The day you have persevered through 30 weeks of physical and mental training for the best job in the world to help your community in the best city… THAT is a good day! #⚫️🔵⚫️ #🇺🇸 – – I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve all and blessed to have the best friends/mentors! #💙 – #😁 #police #2a @campbellsecurity @will.a.sarti @amengland1977
💡 LDC is currently working on the lighting master plan for @oaksprague 💡 ▪ ▪ It’s a high end residential development in a sustainable and smart environment with all the conveniences of modern life👌 ▪ ▪ We have the pleasure of working closely with a renowned team of International Architects to deliver this project, among them: ▪ ▪ @mcgarry_moon @johnpawson @richardmeierpartners @johnpardey_jpa @chapman_taylor_architects ▪ Visuals by the one and only @revr_studio 💯 ▪ I would stay there, and we think you would love it too? ▪ ▪ #development #smart #3d #virtualreality
A few years back there was some heavy days of work which ended in a night of dancing in a lounge room to @anthonycallea and it was the best fun! So @tray_e bought us tickets to see him in concert and it was fab! And gosh in the middle of the chaos of life these girlfriends keep me grounded and moving forward one day at a time. Love you two x @becgeb @tray_e . . . . . #gottheticketstray ?
Pollution is due to be incredibly high in London today. So much so that there are numerous health warnings and even on the bus they’re urging you to seek alternative travel. We need to sort this out! We are ruining our planet at an untold rate 😠😠 It may be hot and sunny, but it’s an incredibly bleak day here really. ◇ ◇
La plus belle des revanches que tu peux avoir sur toutes les personnes qui n’ont jamais cru en toi et qui t’ont toujours critiqué, et véritablement le succès. Ne traîne pas et bats-toi le plus possible pour l’atteindre le plus rapidement possibe! . . . Follow @succesfrancais Follow @iam_billionaire . . #hustle
Ich bin echt stolz wie Bolle auf mein kleines großes Mädchen *-* Sie wollte geschminkt werden und hat sich GANZ ALLEIN angestellt und in vollkommener Ruhe gewartet,bis die 5 Mädchen vor ihr fertig waren 😎🤗 Woher hat sie nur diese Geduld?? Mama durfte währenddessen rumlaufen,Cafe holen,Wiener holen,nochmal rumlaufen😂😂😂 Also von mir hat sie das nicht *-* ß
E o rio continua lindo —— 🇧🇷 Meu objetivo aqui além de publicar o meu trabalho é te mostrar de angulos nunca explorados o quanto de beleza visual essa cidade pode ter. —— 🇱🇷 I wanna show u, how unique this city can be. . . . . . . #djimavic
Passo dopo passo. Respiro dopo respiro. Pensiero dopo pensiero. Lungo la strada, in mezzo a case e alberi, una panchina vuota, baciata dall’ombra, aspetta qualcuno. Con fare tranquillo e lento mi godo il riposo. Ciò che mi circonda è tutto artificiale. Alzando lo sguardo al cielo le foglie degli alberi sembrano quasi stonare immerse nel mare azzurro. In quel momento i rumori che prima mi circondavano, mi abbandonano. Silenzio, solo il vento si permette di scuotere i miei capelli e le foglie sopra di me. Per un attimo mi ritrovo sopra un sasso, distese verdi mi circondano e gli uccelli volano spensierati. Solo una frazione di secondo, solo un’illusione passeggera. Lascio la panchina, lascio quella prospettiva, torno alla mia disillusione, [...]
WOW I still cannot believe it! I’ve finally been given the all clear to announce the AMAZING news! • What an honour it is being SHORTLISTED for YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR in just 7 months since the launch of Visdea! • Its not about winning, it’s just an amazing feeling being recognised for something you’ve put your all in! • I did NOT come from an academic background at all and I did NOT go UNI. But what I did have was passion, a dream which I chased and worked hard for. Now just 7 months in from launch I am shortlisted with 7 other amazing young entrepreneurs around the country for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award! [...]
DAVID. It’s awe-inspiring, truly. Up close you can see the viens on his hands. And there’s a lesson to be learned from him. Two master craftsman were commissioned to make this statue with an oddly shaped block of marble that was not the “quality” they were used to working with. Thr first gave up on the project, leaving scraps for the second craftsman who also found it too difficult. So what remained of the marble block was given to a young Michelangelo in Florence before it was to be cut up into tiles to use in the Duomo. Now, it’s a masterpiece the world over. …. Some feel like the statue. If you’re feeling incomplete, perhaps you’re not in the [...]
Around the beautiful city of St Petersburg, outside the iconic Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Lots of street vendors and small souvenir stands everywhere. The very famous and colourful Matroska dolls. They made NHL NBA NFL MLB and football figures. Pretty cool. As you can see my Montreal Canadiens #russia2018 7
Exploring Baščaršija, Sarajevo with the scooter Because my brain perceives all the noise and movement from environment at the same time in big cities I get tired quickly. I like to feel bigger cities. But being in big city it can be very stressful for me. If I become movement, I easier accept movement from environment. That does not mean it does not bother me anymore, but is definetely easier.
Muchos están en busca de la ciudad más hermosa del mundo cuando ni se daban cuenta de tu existencia. Bella CDMX, tu albergas los recuerdos más importantes de mi vida, pues me has visto crecer desde que nací, y lo seguirás haciendo. ña #photooftheday #mexicocity
What every city should look like. Green. On every corner. I love how Singapore is combining green spaces even in the buildings. Every city should make an effort to create a better city climate. Shot from a taxi, so not perfect. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #climatechange # trees
Greening vacant urban land significantly reduces feelings of depression and improves overall mental health for the surrounding residents, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions show in a new randomized, controlled study published in JAMA Network Open. The findings have implications for cities across the United States, where 15 percent of land is deemed “vacant” and often blighted or filled with trash and overgrown vegetation ……………………………………………. For the first time, the research team measured the mental health of Philadelphia residents before and after nearby vacant lots had been converted into green spaces, as well as residents living near untreated abandoned lots, and those that just [...]
Which way is up? ——— ——— A fun day yesterday exploring the streets of Rotterdam. A short train trip over, as apposed to a cycle, and a long walk around the city. I went to the Erasmus bridge which was awesome as well as the usual places to visit like the cube houses and the indoor market. I really enjoy exploring new places even if there is no particular agenda whilst walking around. Legs were feeling a little stiff today but the cycle two days again accompanied with many miles of walking yesterday probably don’t mesh particularly well. I hope you had a great Thursday and are looking forward to Friday! Almost at the weekend now! ——— ———
Hello la team! J’espère que vous allez bien et que vous profitez du beau temps que nous avons actuellement 😉✌️ Aujourd’hui je vous montre les appareils qui m’ont aidé au départ à trouver la motivation nécessaire à la perte de poids pour ensuite partir sur une pdm propre (hors cheatmeal 😝) Le vélo elliptique, qui me supportait pendant des heures et des heures, et… la télévision, qui m’aidait à tenir toutes ces heures dessus 😊💪 Les clés de la réussite sont très simples : – motivation – détermination – travail – assiduité Courage à vous, ne lâchez rien 💪😈🏆 _________________________________________________ #musculação #town
Love and relationship readings are available want to know if he/she is in love with you are you with your soulmate? When and where will you meet the person of your dreams i’m psychic Nancy and I am here to help you guide your way to your future and guiding you to your soulmate DM now for your 1 free reading Hi I’m Love specialist Nancy third-generation psychic what abilities to tell you the future my energy are sensitive and strong I can Guide you to your soulmateDM NOW!!! for your reading. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #april #2018
Panama myta, czy naturalna? Wiecie, że sposób obróbki ziaren ma wpływ na smak kawy? Wpadajcie do Kawałka przekonać się, która wam bardziej smakuje! Do końca tygodnia w Kawałku 2 panamskie dripy = 20pln. Ziarna od @javacoffeepoland można też kupić do domu. Pojedynczo lub w promocyjnym zestawie 🙂 #kawiarniakawałek 60 #addiction
El principio de todo es animarse. Salir de lo común, ir para adelante, subir escalón por escalón. Si vez luz ¿por qué no atravesar la oscuridad? No tengas miedo, nunca vas a estar solo/a, en el camino vas a encontrar a alguien que te agarre de la mano y te acompañe. Dale, animate, hay un mundo que te espera. —– Lugar: Scalinata dei Borgia. La imaginación popular sitúa muchas intrigas y asesinatos en esta escalinata. Cuentan que correspondía a la antigua “Vicus Sceleratus” (algo así como calle del sinvergüenza) donde según la leyenda, Tulia pasó con su carro sobre el cadáver de su padre, el rey Servio Tulio para favorecer el ascenso al trono de su amante, y esposo de su [...]
Last week we started a new topic investigating & exploring the beautiful #city of York! All the #children know they live in York so we looked in more detail at the different areas of the city. At circle time we had a discussion about how we all come from the same city but live in different areas or nearby. The children created a rough outlined map of York. Then they added labels to indicate the different areas of the city such as #strensall, #acomb, #huntington and along with other parts. Throughout the day each child drew a picture of themselves on a piece of paper. The children also wrote their names on the paper if they could, otherwise Naomi helped [...]
#faniforfulton This is LAST WEEK for EARLY VOTING!! If you voted on May 22nd, please know we need you to return to the polls…in this runoff, it’s important that we get the word out…WE NEED EVERYONE TO RETURN TO THE POLLS, ONE MORE TIME!! Fani Willis is the BEST CANDIDATE for the job of Fulton County Superior Court Judge. Her opponent is banking on her supporters not returning to the polls…Let’s prove him wrong!!! Remind everyone you know in Fulton County to get out and VOTE AGAIN!! #win
Olhar Espelhado __________________ A matéria tudo reflete, De Norte à Sul, de Leste à Oeste. No Universo tudo ressoa, Da carne à mente da pessoa. Falta é empatia pra enxergar, O que em nós mesmos podemos mudar. Porque o que te deixa perturbado, É o seu próprio reflexo embaçado, enevoado… Sendo então tudo espelhos, Que reflitam também os seus conselhos. Se algo no outro passa a incomodar, Talvez você é quem precise mudar. _______________________________
🍴 Käsekrainer Würstel gustato in uno dei tanti chioschi sparsi per la città. Il titolare, da Guinness World Record a detta sua, è di una simpatia impareggiabile. Ci ha guidato all’assaggio del più tipico dei Würstel viennesi…quello al formaggio. Servito a fette oppure all’interno di un panino super imbottito di salse. ~cinghialinoalwhiskey äsekrainerwithbread
Esattamente un anno fa ho realizzato il mio sogno nel cassetto. Ho fatto 1000 sacrifici per realizzarlo, ma n’è valsa la pena, 12 giorni più belli della mia vita! Non posso scordarmi le emozioni che mi ha dato questa città, perché in fondo New York è così come la vedete nei film o nelle riveste, ti colpisce come un bacio inaspettato..❤️ Ed ora avanti con i prossimi sogni e obbiettivi 💪🏻 2017
I kept thinking people were stepping into me at this show because I’m only 5’2” and short people problems, but then I realized it’s obviously because I wore camo overalls and no one could see me. Side note, Janelle Monàe puts on one heck of a show. •
#345 iAMZOE [FYI numbers aren’t Rankings] but it goes to show how many Artists in the City Getting my numbers up @orlandomediagroup ・・・ Here it is! Final Updated List of Orlando MCs!!! Thanks to everyone who participated in making this a major move for Orlando’s Hip Hop scene! Without y’all help we wouldn’t know 🤷🏾‍♂️ If we can pull together like this as a city, I don’t see why we can’t produce more successful artists and get the world to respect our city! If you don’t see your name on the list and you’ve sent in music we will be having a live showcase Friday night (7/20-7pm) at OMG Studio! 🚨THE CUTOFF DATE TO SEND IN YOUR TOP 3 TRACKS [...]
Livorno, Lungomare Mascagni. When a day off becomes the opportunity to grab a train and ho visit a city so near and yet never really visited before. It’s been a nice day! (And, I’ve met some amazing fishes too :D)